10. KASAM…

Shehnaaz giggles but also appreciates Preeti di for taking an effort to compliment her in Punjabi. All of a sudden she yells gaining their attention, “RUKO, MAI SIDHARTH KO DIKHA KE AATI HOO APNA SUIT.” The three ladies nod in agreement while Sana runs like a bullet train to show her suit to her Kullu. She enters Sidharth’s room which is now THEIR ROOM and stands in front of him with a broad smile “SIDHARTH, MAI KAISI LAG RAHI HOO?” She asks and twirls around showing her outfit to him. 

Sidharth looks at her and gets lost in her innocent beauty. Her milky white skin is complimenting the blue color. If he has a chance then he would show her how beautiful she is from outside and inside but to maintain his not-a-lover-boy image he replies, “EKDUM GADHI LAG RAHI HAI… AUR AISE UCHAL-UCHAL KE TOH MENDAK SE KAAM NAHI LAG RAHI HAI TU…” 

“HUH!… TU MERI TARIFF KYU NAHI KARTA, SIDHARTH.” The color of her face vanished upon hearing him. She cried dramatically and slumped down while whining, making him laugh at her antics. 

“TARIFF HI TOH KAR RAHA HOO, MOTI.” Sidharth defends himself, making her annoyed, hiding his smile. 

“RAHANE DE… MUJHE TUJHSE BAAT HI NAHI KARNI HAI. MAI TUJHSE HURT HOO.” Saying this she stood up immediately and without giving a chance to him she walked out with an angry pout. 

“SHEHNAAZ…. ARE SUN NA…” Sidharth yells seeing her retreating but his MOTI is a stubborn kid who doesn’t turn back. “YEAH ISKI DICTIONARY MAI “HURT” WORD KISNE DALA? AGAR WOH INSAAN MIL GAYA NA TOH MAI USKA KHOON PEE JAUNGA.” A sulking Sidharth murmurs and looks at the direction his moti went. “HO GAYI AB YEAH GUSSA… AAB MANANA PADEGA GADHI KO.” 

“KYA HUA TUJHE? ITNA MUH KYU UTRA HUA HAI?” Neetu Di asks as soon as she sees Shehnaaz walking toward them with a dull face. 

“ABHI TOH TU KITNI KUSH THI, AAB ACHANAK KYA HO GAYA HAI?” Preeti di asks, joining her sister. 

“SIDHARTH NE MUJHE PHIRSE HURT KARA HAI.” Shehnaaz replies with an upset face while sitting down beside Rita Maa who took her in her arms. In another second her dull face turned into an angry one while she took a pledge to never talk with him, “AAB MAI USSE BILKUL BAAT NAHI KARUGI, MUJHE KASAM LAGE, MAA.”

Rita Maa nods, hiding the giggles as she is aware of how Sana broke her KASAMS when it comes to Sidharth. She can never stay angry with him nor will stay without talking to him for more than an hour only if he didn’t hurt beyond the limits. And Sidharth knows the trick to pacify her in a second. Just take her in his arms and soon she will melt in his arms like ice. This is the quality that everyone loves about her, she won’t hold grudges against anyone. She believes in moving on after forgiving everyone. But sometimes, this is the quality Sidharth hates the most when she forgets what the other person did to harm her self-respect. That’s why they were termed as DO JISM EK JAAN because one believes in forgiveness while the other won’t forgive if he/she does any bad to him or his family. They were like a puzzle that fit perfectly. 

“SIDNAAZ KA PHIR SE JHAGDA HO GAYA HAI!……..SIDNAAZ KA JHAGDA” Aman and Ashish Jiju chirped in chorus earning a glare from the ladies. 

Shehnaaz pouts cutely and looks at Rita Maa and complains, “MAA, YEAH LOG MUJHE TEASE KAR RAHE HAI.” 

Before anyone could say anything to anyone they heard Sidharth’s voice which was calling for Shehnaaz. 



“DEKHA MAA, BULA BHI RAHA HAI AUR MOTI BHI BOL RAHA HAI…” Shehnaaz again complains but the Shukla ladies are on another planet right now. 


The ladies again have a heart attack after witnessing the impatient Sidharth for the first time whereas Shehnaaz smiles. Somewhere she is happy that her Kullu is taking her name to pacify her. It’s been only 10 minutes since she left him alone in the room and now he is calling her impatiently, how cute! She is gushing over her cute and angry Sidharth Shukla but she also remembered her KASAM which makes her cry. Just a moment ago she took an oath to not talk to him but right now she wants to run into his arms and kiss his heart like she always does. Everyone looks at her with a teasing smile knowing what is running in Sana’s little brain including Rita Maa. 

Rita Maa raises an eyebrow and waits for a question that she knows already. And as expected Sana looks at her with an adorable pout and says, “KASAM TOD DU?” 

Rita Maa shrugged her shoulders hiding her chuckles. She is well aware of their equation in the Bigg Boss that’s why she didn’t want to interfere between them. Whereas Shehnaaz continues, “BAAT NA KARNE KI KASAM KHAI THI PAR… MAI USKI BAAT TOH SUN HI SAKTI HOON NA?” 

“HAA… HAA… KYU NAHI! WOH TUMHARA HAI AUR TUM USKI… TOH BAAT TOH SUNNI HI CHAHIYE.” Aman Jiju says in his chirpy tone and everyone again hears Sidharth another shout. 


“JAO… JAO… WARNA BECHARA PAGAL HO JAYEGA.” Ashish Jiju joins everyone in teasing the innocent Shehnaaz who is not getting what is happening around her. 

“TODD HI DETI HOO… KYUKI MAI USSE BAAT KIYE BINA NAHI RAHE SAKTI NA…” Finally, Shehnaaz stood up and said determinedly, gaining hooting from everyone. Hearing the chaos, her cheeks turn red, making her shy. She gathers herself and runs into THEIR ROOM to be in her Kullu’s arms. 

The rest of the audience in the living room nod their head in disbelief seeing the two people who are madly in love with each other but are not ready to name it except FRIENDSHIP. They are not aware of the fact that SIDNAAZ forwarded a step ahead in their relationship without even confessing their true feelings. 

“KYA HAI? ITNA KYU CHEEKH RAHA THA?” Shehnaaz asked as soon as she saw Sidharth sitting on the couch with his legs placed on the table in front of him. 

“AB KYU AAI HAI… JAA……… BHAV KHA…” Sidharth ignores her royally and indulged himself in his phone.

“SIDHARTHHHHHHH….” As usual, she stretches his name in her cute tone to gain his attention while she settles beside him on the couch. 

“MAINE AARTI KO PHONE KAR DIYA HAI WOH BATA DEGI…” Sidharth said to make her jealous not knowing the result of his joke which will put him in danger. And the next second, he yells on top of his tone when Shehnaaz pulls his hair angrily for taking Aarti’s name. 

“AH… MOTI… CHODH!…” Sidharth tries to come out from her hold but her grip is much stronger than anything. He forgets that she becomes a lady DABANG when she gets jealous or angry. Like an innocent boy, he shouts for mercy, “PAGAL!…. GADHI… LEAVE ME…” 

Shehnaaz leaves his hair giving him a relaxing breath but after another second, beats him with a pillow. “NAHI TU LE US FUNGUS KA NAAM….” A giggle left his mouth hearing the word “FUNGUS” while she continued her work of beating him with pillows. She continues, angrily, “AUR LE USKA NAAM.” 

Sidharth grips her hand and pulls her in his lap, making her struggle to come out. She yells, “CHODH MUJHE SIDHARTH!…” 

All of a sudden, Sidharth replies in the utmost genuine tone, hitching her breath, “KABHI NAHI!…” She leaves her struggles and turns to face him while sitting in his lap like she owns the place and she does, undoubtedly. He continues looking into her eyes with love, “KABHI NAHI CHODUNGA…” 

“KYU?” The simple question Shehnaaz asked with thousands of butterflies erupting in the pit of her stomach. 

“YEAH JO TERE SATH HAI NA… LIFETIME RAHE GA…” Sidharth effortlessly replies winning her heart all over again. Without a delay, she bends down and kisses his forehead sealing their moment. Both of them felt content with their little romantic moment and came back to their usual form. 

“KYU BULA RAHA THA TU MUJHE?” Shehnaaz asks and sits beside him while snuggling in him like a cocoon. 

“YEAH INSTAGRAM PAR POST KAISE KARTE HAI?” Sidharth replies while rubbing the back of his neck adorably. He is not a social person but now he has to learn how to use Instagram just because of his fans. And this is also an excuse to stay near his Moti. 

“HAYEE, TUJHE ITNA BHI NAHI AATA!” Shehnaaz palms her face and he wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her closer while she makes herself comfortable. 

“AGAR AATA TOH TUJHE KYU BULATA?” Sidharth replied after calming his hormones which are high because of her. Her smell and her touch are enough to set his soul on fire which never happened before. But still, he has no intentions of getting physical with her because with her he is in love not because of lust. He wants to cherish her and not take advantage of her. 

To be continued…

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