Someone knocks on the door making Shehnaaz frown. She stood up from the bed slowly-slowly and again heard the knock. 

Shehnaaz:- ( yelled ) Wait!!! 

But the person who was at the door didn’t have the patience. That’s why he keeps knocking on the door, making her angry. Shehnaaz opens the door angrily and gets shocked seeing the person. 

Shehnaaz:- Sidharth…… What are you doing here? 

Without giving any reply, Sidharth pushed her inside and locked the door behind him. 

Shehnaaz:- ( seeing his moves ) What are you doing? 

Sidharth smirks and pulls her towards himself through her waist and leans on the door making her eyes wide. 

Shehnaaz:- wohhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ignoring her, Sidharth pulls her closer and tickles her with his nose making her giggle. 

Sidharth:- ( Lovingly while looking into her eyes ) I am here to love my JAAN. 

Shehnaaz:- ( scaredly ) What? Are you mad? If anyone sees you here then, you don’t know what Cabir will do. 

Sidharth cringes his face hearing Cabir’s name. 

Sidharth:- don’t take his ( Cabir ) name to spoil my mood. 

Shehnaaz:- but…… 

Sidharth:- no but-what!…………….. Let’s focus on your husband. 

Saying this he brought her to the center of the bedroom and made her climb on his foot while caging her waist tightly. 

Shehnaaz:- Sidharth, what are you doing? 

Sidharth:- fulfilling your wish to dance. 

Shehnaaz:- ( with sharp eyes ) Are you dancing or romancing?

Sidharth:- ( innocently ) Both…. Dancing in Sidharth Malhotra’s style. 

Saying this he pulls her closer. Otherside, seeing his innocence, Shehnaaz melts in his arms like ice and circles her arms around his neck, making him happy. While he pulls her closer and places a kiss on her cheek making his lips linger there for more than a minute. 

Shehnaaz’s cheeks turned a shade of red. She hides her face in his chest and Sidharth swiftly starts moving their body at a slow pace. 

After some time Shehnaaz breaks the hug and composes herself.

Shehnaaz:- Tell me one thing, Is this your excuse to spend time with me? 

Sidharth:- ( with a smirk ) Smart wifey!….. 

Shehnaaz:- You stupid! What will happen if someone sees you here? You know na….. That we are not allowed to stay together until the wedding. 

Sidharth:- I know everything, ( innocently ) but it’s too much for me to stay without you. It’s been a week since we haven’t spent time together. 

Shehnaaz:- ( with a duh face ) It’s just a week, Sidharth. 

Sidharth:- exactly, it’s A WEEK! 

Shehnaaz chuckles seeing his desperation to be with her. For a time being, she decided to forget everything and focus on him as she also missed him like hell. She snuggles in him like a cocoon and soaks his presence.  

Sidharth tightens his hold around her waist and keeps moving at a slow pace. With the passing time, his hormones are getting out of control. His hands are now roaming at her back, sensually giving her goosebumps. Seeing his moves, Shehnaaz asks. 

Shehnaaz:- Don’t tell me that you are planning to stay here tonight! 

Sidharth:- ( with a smirk ) Let’s answer your question in my way. 

Saying this he starts caressing her waist inside her top while nuzzling in her hair. Feeling his cold hands, Shehnaaz moans a little. 

Shehnaaz:- Sid…harth….

Sidharth:- ( Whisper in her ear ) Don’t moan, unless you want to proceed because I can’t control more. 

Shehnaaz blushes at his comment and locks her eyes with his with a charming smile. She knows that he will not cross his limit before marriage that’s why she submitted herself to him completely. 

Sidharth smiles too after reading her eyes and swiftly picks up her in bridal style. He walked towards the bed and made her lie on it, carefully. Shehnaaz didn’t leave his eyes for a second, and neither did he! 

After making her lie on the bed he removed his wallet and phone from the pocket and placed them on the side table, while his eyes were still looking at her in a daze. He broke their intense eye lock and dimmed the room’s light making her heart beat faster. 

With careful steps, he hovers over her and puts his weight on his arms which are resting beside her head.

First, he kissed her forehead while cupping her cheeks in an attempt to make her relax. Then, he starts leaving a trail of kisses from her forehead to her chest leaving her lips, making her desperate for himself. 

Shehnaaz groans in irritation because she wants to suck his lips but he is not letting her do that. 

Sidharth:- ( innocently ) What happened? 

Shehnaaz:- ( with a bad face ) YOU HAPPENED! 

Sidharth giggles seeing her face and pecks her lips before capturing it for the most passionate kiss of theirs. He sucks her upper lip with urgency and at the same time creates havoc in her body while caressing her lower thighs. This is not the first time he is touching her there but today his desires are on another tangent. 

Shehnaaz felt a sudden jolt as soon as his rough lips met her soft ones, making her numb. His hands are just doing nothing except making her turn on. She also wanted to respond to the kiss but his passion is out of her control today. 

With all her might she snakes her hands in his hair and pulls it in passion giving the much-needed strength to him. He groans in desperation and leaves her lips for a second before capturing them again from another direction. 

Today, both are high on their desires not because of their sexual hormones but because they are this close after a hectic week. During that whole week, they missed each other’s touch, smell, and talk and this is the outcome of their little separation. 

Wanting to explore her more, he cups her left bulge making her gasp which gives him the right opportunity to dominate her. The temperature in the room is increasing rapidly making them sweat but who cares!

Sidharth leaves her and removes his shirt in an urge giving enough time to her to gather her conscious mind. He hovers over her again and rubs the saliva from her lips with his thumb. She closes her eyes in bliss while murmuring. 

Shehnaaz:- kiss me….. ag…again. 

Sidharth:- huh? 

Shehnaaz:- ( in a demanding tone ) Kiss me again! 

Giving in to her demand with a smile he captures her lips again but this time he makes sure to make her insane with his love. Although it’s not easy for him to tell her how much he loves her because he himself doesn’t know that. 

His lips are working with her lips so perfectly and to make this kiss a perfect memory he again cups her left bulge and pressed it a little too hard. Shehnaaz intakes a deep breath and tries to keep sane which is next to impossible. 

Out of nowhere and much to Sidharth’s bad luck their little cozy time halted in the middle because of a phone ring. Shehnaaz gets alert hearing the ringtone and breaks the kiss, making him groan in frustration. 

Shehnaaz:- ( while breathing uncontrollably ) You….r pho….n…e! 

Sidharth understood her words and heard the ringtone too but chose to ignore it once it stopped ringing. 

Sidharth:- Fuc* 

The phone rings again making Sidharth angry and seeing his expression Shehnaaz pushes him aside making him surprised. She picks up the phone and reads the name. 

Shehnaaz:- It’s from INDIA. 

Sidharth pouts cutely and ignores her because she pushed him for a phone. Seeing his behavior she shakes her head in disbelief. 

Shehnaaz:- First, attend the call then I will do something to pacify you. It must be urgent and important because it’s from India. 

Sidharth snatches the phone from her hold while glaring at her and captures her lips again for a short kiss. With another hand, he picks up the call and “hummed”

Otherside, the caller hears some wet sound and then hums. 


Sidharth recognized the voice and left her lips while moving back scaredly. Seeing his movements Shehnaaz chuckles as he covers his chest with the quilt to hide his body from any intruder.

Sidharth:- BHAI……? 

Shehnaaz frowns hearing BHAI from his mouth. Seeing her expression Sidharth murmurs “ARJUN BHAI”. 

Yes, ARJUN DIXIT is on the call. 

Arjun:- Hello, Sidharth. How are you? 

Sidharth:- I am fine, Bhai. ( taking Shehnaaz in a side hug ) Where were you? I was trying to contact you for the last two weeks. 

Arjun:- ( sadly ) ya… The situation wasn’t good for the last few days. 

Sidharth reads the sadness behind his answer. That’s why he asks. 

Sidharth:- Why, what happened? 

Arjun narrated everything to him about the conspiracy and his efforts to find his sister. At last, his tone became gloomy and Sidharth, Shehnaaz felt bad for him. 

Shehnaaz too heard the conversation as the call was on speaker mode. 

Sidharth felt bad for the girl as she had to go through all this at a very small age. The girl must live a life as an orphan. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind that Shehnaaz also doesn’t have her parents but at least she has Kaku ( uncle ) who brought her up like a princess. He mentally thanked the almighty and her Kaku. He pulls her closer. 

Understanding his fear for her, Shehnaaz rubs his heart while passing a smile to make him relax. 

To be continued…

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