Sidharth is so scared that’s why he caged Shehnaaz in his arms making her snuggle in himself. Knowing his emotions and care for herself, Shehnaaz too relaxes in his hold. She rubs his chest and placed a kiss wherever possible making him a little happy. 

Arjun takes a deep breath to compose himself whereas Sidharth closes his eyes to relax and tries to give him strength. 

Sidharth:- Don’t lose hope, Bhai. You will meet your princess soon. Shehnaaz hamesha kehti hai ki Waheguru jo bhi karte hai, ache ke liye hi karte hai. Aap apne bhagwan par bharosa rakho, woh ant mai sab thik kar dete hai. { Shehnaaz always says that whatever Waheguru does, he does it for good. Keep belief in god, in the end, he will do everything alright } 

Arjun just hummed so, Sidharth said further to make him understand. 

Sidharth:- Bhai looks at the positive side too. What if Shehnaaz would stay with you and in rage, Avantika Bua { aunt } would try to do something else? What if instead of kidnapping her she would try to kill her? Right now, you have hope that she is alive or maybe living her life. 

Arjun understood whatever he was trying to say. And indeed he is right at his place because the anger that Avantika holds for them is beyond measure. She won’t hesitate in murdering anyone for her profit. Right now he knows that his sister is alive and he will find her soon. Strange happiness and determination engulf him instantly. He chooses to stay positive instead of mourning over the past. 

On the other hand, Shehnaaz gives Sidharth impressive looks making him confused. 

Sidharth:- ( raising his eyebrows ) What? 

Shehnaaz:- I can’t expect so many serious talks from you. What got into you? 

Shehnaaz asks in a teasing manner while whispering because the call is still on. Sidharth makes a bad face and pinches her waist making her yell loudly which gains Arjun’s attention. 

Arjun:- ( with frowns ) Sidharth, Where are you? 

Sidharth answered him whereas Shehnaaz slaps his chest to take her sweet revenge earning a glare from him. 

Sidharth:- I am at home, Bhai. 

Arjun understood that maybe he is with his girl. Suddenly he remembered why he called him. 

Arjun:- by the way, why did you try to contact me? Everything all right? 

Listening to his question Sidharth realized that he needed to inform him about his wedding. 

Sidharth:- nothing serious…… I just want to invite you and Bhabhi. 

Arjun:- Invite us, for what? 

Sidharth:- ( smilingly ) After two days, I am getting married. Will you come and make it memorable for me? 

Arjun:- ( happily ) wohh…… thank god that finally my brother decided to get married. I am so happy for you. Me and Asha will definitely attend your wedding. ( excitedly ) I want to meet the girl who agreed to marry you.

Sidharth yelled at him in annoyance, making him chuckle. 

Sidharth:- ( with a bad face ) Bhai…….. 

Arjun giggles and asks the next question which pops into his mind suddenly. 

Arjun:- Why are you getting married within two days? 

Sidharth:- Bhai, the date was fixed by Kaku two months before. And from that day I am trying to contact you but you were busy with something else. 

Arjun:- Sorry, Sidharth, My bad luck! 

Sidharth:- ( fake anger ) You should be sorry because you missed my Mehendi function. 

Arjun:- sorry na….. Baba! I promise I will attend your Haldi ceremony and wedding. 

Sidharth:- ( authoritatively ) ok…ok…. I want you here anyhow. Book your and Bhabhi’s (sister-in-law) ticket right now. 

Arjun:- ( while giggling ) ok, boss!………….. By the way, tell me what is your would-be’s name? 

Sidharth smiles beautifully before pronouncing her name, lovingly. 


For a second, Arjun zoned out hearing the name because this is the only name that gave him chills and nightmares at the same time. But soon composed himself. 

Arjun:- ( in a daze ) nice name!….. She must be so beautiful because she took the heartthrob of many girls. 

Sidharth smiled upon hearing the compliment and kissed Shehnaaz’s temple making her smile in bliss. Arjun heard the sound and smiles seeing the romantic side of him. 

Sidharth:- yup!…… ( while looking at her smiling face ) She is beautiful from the outside as well as inside. 

Shehnaaz moans lightly because of his effects which is enough to grab Arjun’s attention. 

Arjun:- Is Shehnaaz with you right now? 

Sidharth:- ( blushingly, knowing he heard the kiss’s sound ) Yes….. 

Arjun:- Why are you with her, Sidharth? You guys aren’t supposed to be with each other before the wedding. 

Sidharth:- Bhai, please don’t start it again. Cabir is already on a mission to not let us meet. Somehow I ditched him and came here to spend some time with her. ( cribs like a kid ) I can’t stay away from her, please understand na….. 

Arjun:- ok…ok…

Arjun speaks mischievously which goes unnoticed by Sidharth. Whereas Sidharth realized something and spoke hesitantly. 

Sidharth:- Bhai, will you do me a favor?  

Arjun:- Sidharth, don’t ask just command without any hesitation. 

Sidharth:- Bhai, please don’t inform anyone about my wedding. Not to your parents and not even to my family. 

Arjun:- Why Sidharth? It’s your special day and the wedding happens only once in a lifetime. 

Sidharth:- that’s why I didn’t want them on my special day because it’s going to be Shehnaaz’s special day too. You don’t know how my family behaved with Shehnaaz that day. It pierced my heart to see how my family rejects my choice, and my love without giving me any explanation.

Arjun:- I understand! And don’t worry Sidharth, I won’t tell anyone about your wedding. 

Sidharth:- thanks! Bhai. 

Arjun:- not needed, My brother……. So, I will meet you soon, bye and have fun. 

Sidharth:- bye, Bhai, and I will message you my address.  

Saying this he cut the call and pounced on Shehnaaz making her shocked. 

Sidharth:- ( mischievously ) Let’s continue from where we left off. 

Shehnaaz pushed him back and kept pushing until they reached the door. She gives him the last push and closes the door on his face after douching his all efforts. 

Shehnaaz:- Now, it’s too late. Go home! We will meet tomorrow in the Sangeet. 

Sidharth:- ( in a babyish tone ) This is not fair!

Shehnaaz:- ( giggles )  Good night, Mr. Malhotra. 

Otherside, Arjun told Asha about Sidharth’s wedding invitation. Asha becomes happy hearing him because Sidharth is a very good friend of hers. They both decided to leave for California tonight and they have only 15 hours to pack their belongings as the next flight is at 1:30 pm which will land them in California the next day around 9 or 10 in the evening. According to their planning, they can attend Sidharth’s Haldi ceremony in the morning and the wedding on the same day. They gave an excuse to their family that they are going on a vacation for peace and without a second thought all permitted them to go owing to the current situation.  

Kiran:- Arjun, we have no problem but promise me that you will take care of Asha. 

Arjun:- I promise, dadi. ( grandmother ) 

Ajay:- go and have fun. Your mind will get refreshed after that hectic day. 

Arjun nods without saying a word to his father and goes to his room to help his wife in packing who is fighting over her clothes. 

In the Malhotra House, the house is turning more gloomy day by day. Yashoda is keeping her distance from her husband because he is the sole reason behind Sidharth’s decision about leaving the house. She always waits for Sidharth’s calls anxiously but he never calls her. She is trying hard to find out Sidharth’s whereabouts and at least finds a way to contact him but he didn’t leave any loophole. 

Among everyone, Varsha is still against Shehnaaz and in favor of Innaya. She doesn’t have any issue with whatever her parents did for money.  

Yes, Malhotras too got to know about everything. They also felt bad for the baby who had borne all this at such a tender age. 

Currently, Yashoda is sitting in the garden area and having her tea under the clear sky. Vishember comes and sits beside her. She ignores him royally and concentrates on her tea until he takes the initiative to start the conversation. 

Vishember:- I know that I was wrong. 

Yashoda looks at him with cringed eyebrows. Seeing her expression he takes a long breath before elaborating himself. 

Vishember:- I know that I did wrong with Sidharth and Shehnaaz. I didn’t give them a chance to prove their love and just announced my decision but I didn’t have any choice. One side is my promise and another side is his love….. 

Yashoda:- ( while gritting her teeth ) And you choose YOUR PROMISE ABOVE LOVE

Vishember:- ( dejectedly ) Yes!…… I CHOOSE MY PROMISE ABOVE LOVE FOR Sidharth’S GOOD. 

Yashoda gets shocked and waits for his explanation. 

To be continued…

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