“HAYEE, TUJHE ITNA BHI NAHI AATA!” Shehnaaz palms her face and sits in his lap making him happy. He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her closer while she makes herself comfortable in his lap. 

“AGAR AATA TOH TUJHE KYU BULATA?” Sidharth replied after calming his hormones which are high because of her. Her smell and her touch are enough to set his soul on fire which never happened before. But still, he has no intentions of getting physical with her because with her he is in love not because of lust. He wants to cherish her and not take advantage of her. 

“DEKH…. PHELE PICTURE SELECT KARTE HAI…….” Shehnaaz taught him how to post pictures on Instagram and even taught him some basic things about the app. The first thing Sidharth did was to follow his Moti on Instagram giving a reason for their fans to celebrate the day as a festival. Then he posts a picture with his trophy while captioning it with a beautiful caption as a thank you note for his SIDHEARTS.  

He also shared Shehnaaz’s post which she shared on her feed wishing him for winning BIGG BOSS 13. He wrote a sweet thank-you note for her as well giving another reason to SIDNAAZIANS to dance.

After teaching him everything, Shehnaaz kept his phone aside and snuggled in his arms with her back touching his front. Sidharth too relaxes, feeling her this close to himself, and tightens his arms around her waist. He is quiet whereas she is talking about some random things. 

Although he is listening to her, his eyes are stuck on her facial expressions. Suddenly he feels so lucky to hold this selfless girl in his arms. Sometimes he is scared for her because of his past experiences. He is a guy who is damn possessive and protective of his loved ones and because of his extreme possessiveness, the girls left him. Till now he feels bad about not getting his share of love but now he is happy getting Shehnaaz as his. She is the only girl in his life after his mother who pampered him like a kid and handled his anger effortlessly. 

“SHEHNAAZ TU MUJHE KABHI CHOD KE TOH NAHI JAYEGI NA?” Sidharth asked with insecurity. He never got scared like this before but as he said Shehnaaz always brings the best out in him. So, this is also a shade of him. 

“YEAH TU KYU PUCH RAHA HAI, SIDHARTH?” Shehnaaz took a back with his question and recognized the insecurities in his tone. She turns and faces him, still caged in his arms. 

“MUJHE JAWAB DE…” Sidharth asked impatiently as he won’t be at peace before he heard her answer.  

“MAI KAHA JAYUGI TUJHE CHOD KAR? TUJHE TOH MAINE APNA HUSBAND MAAN LIYA HAI….. TOH MAI TUJHE CHODH KAR KAHI NAHI JAUNGI.” Shehnaaz replied while caressing his little stubble, making him relax a bit. 

“AGAR MAI TUJH PAR GUSSA KARU YA KUCH BHI BOLDU GUSSE MAI TOH…. MUJHE PYAR SE SAMJHANA AUR TU MUJHE THAPAD BHI MAR SAKTI HAI….. PAR MUJHE CHOD KE KABHI MAT JAIYO.” Sidharth again put his insecurities in front of her without caring about anything. He knows his anger very well. He becomes uncontrollable when he gets angry and doesn’t even know what blunder he creates in his aggression.

“TU PAGAL HO GAYA HAI? MAINE KAHA NA KI MAI KAHI NAHI JAUNGI TUJHE CHOD KAR…..” Shehnaaz said and kissed his cheek to change his mood which worked instantly. Suddenly something stuck in her mind which made her cringe her face, “TU BHI MUJHE PROMISE KAR KI TU KISI BHI CHUDEIL KE SAATH NAHI CHIPKE GA…”

Instead of replying, Sidharth laughs like a madman and says, “MAIN TOH CHIPKUGA… TU KARLE JO TUJHE KARNA HAI.” Hearing him, her jaw dropped to the floor which increased his laughter. But he forgets that he is dealing with THE SHEHNAAZ KAUR GILL who knows these tactics very well and has the potential to shut his mouth. 

“THIK HAI TOH MAI BHI ASIM OR PARAS SE CHIPKU GI… AUR VISHAL KO KISS BHI KARUGI.” Shehnaaz gathers herself and gives a rebellious reply which stops his laugh in a second and makes him angry. 

“ZYADA NA BOL, SAMJHI? TERE VISHAL OR ASIM KA RAINBOW BANADUGA.” Sidharth said possessively clutching her waist sacred to lose her. 

“ASIM AUR VISHAL MERE KABSE HO GAYE? KYA MAINE UNHE GODH (adopt) LIYA HAI KYA?” Shehnaaz asks with a bad face. 

“KYA PATA…” Sidharth said while shrugging his shoulder making her scoff in anger. 

“SIDHARTH…….. TU KYU AISA KARTA HA?” Shehnaaz cribs and lies down in his arms keeping her head on his chest. Her eyes flicker tiredly and he understands that she is sleepy. 

“TUJHE NEEND AA RAHI HAI KYA?” Sidharth asked and kissed her head with affection while caressing her cheeks. 

“HAA…. CHAL SOTE HAI HUG KARKE.” Shehnaaz said, looking at him and pulling him onto their bed for sleep. Sidharth lies down followed by her who kept her head on his arm while he caged her in his embrace. She is on the verge of sleeping but his phone beeps with the continuous notifications, making her annoyed. “SIDHARTH!…. TERA PHONE KITNA BAAJ RAHA HAI.” 

“RUKJA, GADHI, MAI DEKHTA HO…” Sidharth picks his phone up with his right arm while his left arm is under her head. He opens the notifications and was shocked to see HIS JULOOS on every social media platform. 

Shehnaaz posted a picture in his mother’s suit on her story which went viral. Their fans find out Rita Maa’s photo in the same suit and share it with different-different captions. Within 20 minutes this news is trending all over India. 

“GADHI…. TU HAMESHA ULTE KAAM HI KYU KARTI HAI?” Sidharth asked while gritting his teeth. 

“KYUKI TUJHE SIDHE KAAM SAMAJH NAHI AATE.” Shehnaaz murmurs in a sleepy tone, making him roll his eyes in annoyance. “AANKHE KHOL, GADHI. AUR DEKH TUNE KYA KARA HAI…” Sidharth shook her to wake her up.

Shehnaaz rubs her eyes cutely and opens her sleepy eyes. For a second, Sidharth was lost in her cuteness while she read out some tweets and understood the matter. She makes a bad face and continues, “YEAH MERI GALTI NAHI, TERI HAI.” 

“MERI KAISE?” Sidharth exclaimed with wide eyes because she always blames him for such things. 

“TOH MERI GALTI BHI KAISE HAI? MUJHE THODI NA PATA THA KI HAMARE FANS ITNE KAMINE HAI.” She used her wittiness and shut his mouth, making him realize that she is right in her place. He locked his phone and snuggled in her to have his beauty sleep by having her in his arms. 

After an hour or so they are in the kitchen preparing dinner for their family. Yup, Sidharth is also in the kitchen, washing dishes with a bad face as he promised Shehnaaz. Whereas his family is looking at the changes he had just a day after Sana’s arrival. 

“WAH!… SANA, TUMHARE HAATH MAI TOH JAADU HAI.” Aman Jiju praised Sana’s cooking skills after having a bite while everyone agreed except Sidharth. 

“KYA PARANTE BANAYE HAI TUMNE… MAZA AAGAYA!” Ashish Jiju also joined him in praising their Sana and gave her a flying kiss, making Shukla Ji jealous. 

“PAR… YEAH PARANTE MAINE NAHI… SIDHARTH NE BANAYE HAI.” Shehnaaz giggles hearing their praises and clears their misunderstanding, snatching everyone’s breath. 

Everyone choked at the same time whereas Sidharth gives them a devilish smirk. “JI YES, YEAH PARANTE MAINE BANAYE HAI.” He said looking at Ashish, possessively, “TOH FLYING KISS MUJHE DIJIYE… USE NAHI.” 

Preeti Di looks at her plate and says with a grumpy face, “MUJHE TOH AAB DAR LAG RAHA HAI KI… KAHI ISNE (Sidharth) ZEHER TOH NAHI MILA DIYA KHANE MAI.” 

Sidharth makes the most innocent caught face and replies sadly, “AWW… YOU GOT IT!” Shehnaaz laughs hearing their conversation joined by Rita Maa. He gives her his death stare and scolds her, “CHUP-CHAP KHANA KHA USKE BAAD HUME JANA BHI HAI.”

Shehnaaz murmurs harmless curses to him as he scolds her and she says further to annoy him, “JI PAPA!…” Sidharth looks at her instantly while everyone laughs once again, making her giggle. Whereas Sidharth murmurs under his breath, “Tera papa nahi!… Tere hone wale bachho ka Papa.” 

After having the fun-filled dinner, Sidharth drags Sana out and makes her sit in his car while she is continuously asking him the reason. Getting annoyed by her continuous questions, he asked, “CHUP RAHEGI THODI DER?”


“SHAYAD?” Sidharth asked, raising his eyebrow and changing the topic and he got successful too. It’s so easy for him to divert her mind from something. He learned this art long ago in the Bigg Boss house. 

“HAA…. KYUKI MAI CHUP NAHI RAH SAKTI NA TERE AAGE.” Shehnaaz cribs forgetting about her questions. 

“HAI BHAGWAN, MAI KAHA PHAS GAYA…” Sidharth palmed his face, making a fake irritating face. 

“SHEHNAAZ GILL KE SATH PHAS GAYA HAI TU AUR AAB KAHI NAHI JAA SAKTA HAI TU MUJHE CHOD KAR.” Shehnaaz said lovingly keeping her head on his shoulder and he kissed her hair bringing a broad smile to her face. He further added with honesty, “JANA BHI KAUN CHAHTA HAI…” 

To be continued…

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