Sidharth stopped the car on the lonely road, making Shehnaaz confused. She looked around to see any living figure but there was none. And being the innocent girl, she says, “HAYEE… TU MUJHE ITNE SUNSAN ( Secluded ) ROAD PAR CHODH KAR TOH NAHI BHAG JAYEGA NA?” He looks at her in a swift which sprained his neck but who cares? “SIDHARTHHHH, IDHAR BHOOT-WOOT TOH NAHI HAI NA?” She asks looking outside scaredly while he answers her in one line, “HOGA BHI TOH TUJHE KYA? BHOOT INSANO KO BUS ( Possess ) MAI KARTE HAI GADHI KO NAHI…” 

“HAYEE… MUJHE TOH YEAH PATA HI NAHI THA.” Innocent Shehnaaz said keeping her nose on the window like a kid while he laughed wholeheartedly and said, “HAA, KYUKI TU GADHI HAI.” She looked at him and punched his stomach for calling her GADHI again. “ACHA SORRY AAB NAHI BOLUGA. CHAL AB…” He comes out from his car followed by Sana who squeals like a kid hearing the sound of the waves, “SIDHARTH, KYA HUM BEACH PAR AAYE HAI?” 

“HAA, MERI JAAN,” Sidharth said lovingly, seeing the biggest smile on her face just because of him. “CHAL MAI TUJHE GHUMATA HOO.” She jumped on him, kissed his chest, and started walking holding his left hand with her both. Her shoulders were covered with a shawl while her head was on his bicep providing him the peace he had been missing for the last two days. “AGAR HUM BEACH PAR HI AARAHE THAI TOH HUM SABKE SATH AATE NA… DIDI, JIJU AUR MAAJI KITNA KHUSH HOTE.” 

The innocent Shehnaaz doesn’t know he wants to spend their unexpected beach date alone with her. He doesn’t have any issue with anyone but he is a possessive man even much more possessive than Shehnaaz herself but he doesn’t show it. He only lets his cards down when he is angry. 

Both of them walk towards the seashore and seeing them anyone can tell how madly they are in love. She left his hand as soon as she saw the beach and ran towards it like a kid. “BEBU, YEAH KITNA BADA HAI…” She stood in front of the vast sea and looked at the moon shining above it and felt the cool breeze. At night the sea looks extra magnificent and she loves all of it while her man is gawking at her from the back. She is enjoying the sea view while he enjoys his view with a bright smile. 

She dipped her hand in the water and screamed, feeling the coldness. “HAYEE… YEAH TOH BAHUT THANDA HAI.” She ran back to him and hugged him immediately, keeping her head on his chest while he kept his chin on her head. “RAAT KO TOH PANI THANDA HI HOTA HAI NA, SANA.” He scolds her like always while she pouts and complains, “MUJHE NAHI PATA THA NA.” 

Soon she smirked and touched his neck with her cold hands, making him run back because of coldness. “PAGAL, DUR HAAT.” He moves back, seeing her approaching him again, “MAI TUJHE CHODUNGA NAHI, MOTI…” He runs while she follows him keeping her hands in front, scaring him. 

Both of them ran like small kids. One is laughing whereas the other one is shouting to stop. “RUK JA NA SIDHARTH… PLEASE… PAKKA, MAI KUCH NAHI KARUGI.” He restored instantly, “MAI GADHA NAHI HO TERI TARAH.” 

She stops while huffing badly, making him turn back to look at her. He gets worried seeing her bending down, he approaches her and in a second she stands up and throws the cold water on him, making him shocked. She laughs holding her stomach when she feels pull giving her terror because he is pulling her in the sea. “TUJHE BAHUT SHOK HAI NA PANI SE KHELNE KA TOH… AAJA DONO KHELTE HAI ABHI.” 

“NAHI!… NO!… PLEASE SIDHARTH NAHI!… NO PLEASE… BAHUT THANDA HAI PANI.” Shehnaaz shouts at the top of her voice but no one except him will save her from himself. “NAHI, AAJA NAHATE HAI ABHI IDHAR HI.” 

Her eyes widened and she complained with a pout, “GHAR PAR TOH TUJHSE NAHAYA NAHI JATA AUR TU YAHA NAHAYEGA?” Hearing her taunt, he left her hand and said, sternly, “BAKWAS NA KAR…”

“TOH KYA KARU?” She asks innocently going closer to him while he wraps his arms around her waist pulling her even closer and saying huskily, “PYAAR KAR MUJHE!” 

“YEAH BHI KOI BOLNE KI BAAT HAI. WOH TOH MAI KARTI HI HOO.” She says and chuckles while locking her hands around his neck, making him fall for her all over again. She pulls his cheeks seeing his cute smile, “HAYEE… MERA KULLU, KITNA CUTIPIE HAI.” He made a bad face and corrected her, “MAI CUTIPIE NAHI, HANDSOME HOO.” His stubborn Moti denied it and again said, “NAHI, TU MERA CUTIPIE HI HAI AUR AAB ZYADA BOLA NA TOH MAI TERA MUH TODH DUGI.” 

He accepted his defeat having no other choice and both stood there in each other arms feeling the cold breeze, enjoying the comfortable silence. After 15 minutes, when he finds that the temperature is decreasing further, he asks, “AAB GHAR CHALE?” 

Shehnaaz pouted cutely because she had no heart to leave the place. “HAA, LEKIN PAHALE MUJHE YAHA KISS KAR.” She points at her forehead, making him smile. He bent down to her level and kissed her forehead delicately while cupping both cheeks. She closed her eyes and again commanded, “AUR MERI PYARI NOSE PAR BHI.” He followed her order like a love-sick puppy and also kissed her cute button-like nose. Then, she points at her both cheeks, making him laugh seeing the cute goofball, “AUR YAHA BHI, YAHA PAR BHI.” He kissed her both cheeks while making a “MUAHH” sound. She giggles feeling wet on her cheeks and laughs. 

After the kiss, she corrected her shawl around her shoulder and said, “AAB CHAL!” This time he stops her and rubs his thumb on her lower lip, giving her goosebumps. He whispers huskily just a meter away from her lips, “AUR YAHAN PAR KAUN KAREGA?” 

Hearing him, she was lost for words, still whispering in the same tone, “MUJHE LAGA CAMERA CONSCIENCE SHUKLI NAHI KAREGA.” 

“YAHA PAR KOI NAHI HAI TOH….” Leaving his sentence in the middle, he captured her lips for the slowest yet romantic kiss that she ever had. There was no rush, just love, ONLY LOVE. Behind them, the beautiful sound of the waves was the cherry on top. After a few seconds, he left her lips and rubbed the saliva from his lips giving her a deadly stare, making her feel shy. 

She hides her red face in his chest, “MUJHE SHARAM AARAHI HAI TUJHSE.” He laughs and asks, “JAB KAR RAHI THI TAB TOH NAHI SHARMAYI TU.” She whines hearing him and looks at his face with a pout, making him surrender. He asks, “AAB CHALE?” 

She nodded but ran towards a tree and demanded, “HAA, PAR MERI EK PHOTO KHICH DE YAHA PAR.” Sidharth looks around and frowns seeing that she wants to click a photo just in her Pyjamas. “MUJHSE YEAH KAAM NAHI HOTA!” He denied it while she cried dramatically and blackmailed him, “KASAM LAGE TUJHE MERI… EK PHOTO KHICH DE NA….” 

Now, he has no other choice. He clicked her photo with an angry face while she said, “SIDHARTH, SAY CHEEZE…” He restored with a foul mood, “CHEEZE NAHI CHEESE HOTA HAI, MOTI.” 


He clicked her decent photo which she posted on her Instagram story while they were driving towards their home. “SIDHARTH, APNA PHONE DE.” She asks his phone which he passed without investigation. She opened his Instagram and posted a short video of the waves which she recorded herself. 

She doesn’t know that she fulfilled the unsaid wishes of millions of SIDNAAZ’S Fanclub, giving them the DELULU. Within minutes, the fans concluded that their SIDNAAZ was enjoying their romantic beach date and the same news came on trending with the hashtag “SIDNAAZ ON BEACH.” 

They reached home within 20 minutes and slept in each other’s arms waiting for another eventful day. From tomorrow they are officially going to work. 

To be continued…

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