On a fresh morning, birds were chirping sitting around the window, making our hero stir in sleep. He so wanted to sleep but the noises from the outside irritating him to no end. “ABE MOTI, YEAH SHOR BAND KARDE…” He stretched his hand to hold HIS MOTI who was supposed to be sleeping beside him alas she was not there. He opened his eyes in a blink and looked beside him but there was no sign of SHEHNAAZ, making him restless. For a second he thought that whatever the time he spent with her was a dream. He stood up and checked the washroom to find but it was empty. He runs his hand in his hair frustratingly, “KAHA PAR HO TUM SANA…” Giving no time, he shouts her name at the top of his voice, “SHEHNAAZ… SANA!” His voice was so loud that the birds sitting on the window panel flew away in a blink. He didn’t get any reply so he shouted again, “SANA!… ABEY MOTI!…” He opens his cupboard and signs in relief seeing her stuff beside his. 

Soon his door bursts open and Preeti Di enters with a frustrated face and says, “CHILLA KYU RAHA HAI? PAGAL HO GAYA HAI KYA?” He ignored her and asked with a foul mood, “SHEHNAAZ KAHA HAI?” Preeti Di gives him a teasing glance and replies, “SANA, KITCHEN MAI HAI”

He nodded and walked towards the kitchen, asking her, “AUR TU ITNI SUBAH YAHA KYA KAR RAHI HAI?” Preeti Di rolls her eyes hearing his question and follows him while he asks further, “TUMHARA KYA KOI GHAR-BAAR NAHI HAI. JAB DEKHO YAHA PAR HI PADE RAHATE HOO…” He enters the living area and sees all the chaos happening. 

The entire dining area is filled with his family. The kids are running towards the kitchen and having breakfast while his Jijus is also enjoying the yummy breakfast on the table. His mother is also having her breakfast and a small smile emerges on his lips seeing her enjoying while his MOTI is cooking while laughing at the kids’. 

Instead of Preeti Di, he got a reply from Shehnaaz who heard them and scolded him, “KYA SIDHARTH, AISE KAISE BOL RAHA HAI TU.” His mother also supported her who also heard him giving remarks to Preeti. “HAA, SANA, SIKHA ISE KUCH MANNERS.” 

“YEH MUJHE SIKHAYEGI YA MAI ISKO SIKHAU MANNERS.” Sidharth said with twisted lips seeing how his mother supports her in front of him. 

“HUH! TU MUJHE KYA SIKHAYEGA…” Sana restores and puts another paratha on the pan for Aman Jiju. She continues while flipping her hair giving attitude to him, “MUJHE KHUDI KO INTI AKAL HAI.” 

Sidharth smiles sarcastically and joins everyone at the table while giving her sarcastic reply, “TOH USI AKAL KA ISTEMAL KARA KAR NA…” 

Shehnaaz whines like a kid and asks poutingly, “AAB MAINE KYA KARA?” Sidharth opens her mouth to reply but is cut off by his mother who scolds him as usual, “TU KYU SUBAH-SUBAH US SE LADH RAHA HAI.” He felt offended and yelled, “MAI LADH RAHA HU?” Rita Maa slapped his head lightly and said as a matter of fact, “AUR NI TOH KYA?”

Before he could say anything in his defense, Shehnaaz said while standing behind him, “PATA NAHI SUBAH-SUBAH HI APNA DIMAG SADA RAKHA HAI.” He shoots daggers at her because he is in a foul mood just because he didn’t find her beside him in the morning but here she is paired with his Mom.

“TERI TOH!…” He tried to get up from his seat to teach her a lesson for the morning but his mother pulled him back, making him wince, “MUMMA…” 

Rita Maa threatens him by showing her eyes, “OYE, KHABARDAR JO TUNE USE HATH BHI LAGAYA TOH.” Sidharth gasped after getting such rough behavior from his mother, “MOM, MAI HU AAPKA BETA. AAP BHOOL TOH NAHI GAYE.” Being the mother of the sarcastic king, Rita Maa also answers him in his tone, “MUJHE ACHE SE YAAD HAI KI TU HI MERA NALAYAK BETA HAI.” He whines again while his mother ignores his presence just like Shehnaaz. 

“MOM…” Sidharth tries to gain his mother’s attention but stops hearing the words of Nikhil, Neetu Di’s younger son. “MAMI, MUJHE EK AUR PARATHA CHAHIYE…” He turns around and sees Nikhil asking for another paratha from Sana who looks quite delighted hearing him, “HAYEE… TUMHE ACHA LAGA?” Sana asks excitedly and Nikhil replies with red cheeks which makes Sidharth jealous, “YEAH BAHUT TASTY HAI…” Nikhil praised his Mami’s cooking skills while licking his fingers.

It would be a lie if I said that Sidharth is not jealous at all. He is burning in jealousy seeing Sana laughing with another male species except him. No matter how young Nikhil is still, he can’t digest this fact. He signs frustratingly and says looking at the kids who are enjoying their meal, “MERE GHAR KO DHABA BANA RAKHA HAI… SAHI HAI, SAHI HAI…” Everyone ignores his comment knowing he is just in a bad mood right now. He yells to make Sana realize that he is hungry, “MUJHE BHI MILEGA KYA NASHTA?” 

In the next second, he heard Sana’s scream saying, “LAA RAHI HOO… WAIT KAR.” He nods and bends down to his left where both Jijus are sitting and asks, “YEAH YAHA… MAMI-MAMI KYA CHAL RAHA HAI?” 

Getting the perfect opportunity to tease THE SIDHARTH SHUKLA, Aman Jiju winked at Ashish Jiju without Sid’s knowledge and makes an innocent face, “TUJHE ACHA NAHI LAGA TOH MAI BOL DETA HU BACHO KO KI SANA KO MASI BULAYE MAMI NAHI…” Sid nods without saying anything but Ashish Jiju continues, “WAISE BHI NEETU AUR PREETI TOH SANA KO APNI CHOTI BHEN HI MANTE HAI….”

After a pause, Aman Jiju says, having his last bite of paratha, “AUR ISI TARAH WOH TERI BHI BHEN….” But before he could say further, Sidharth pushed another bite of paratha in his mouth, making him shut, and said, “CHUP-CHAP KAHANA KHAO” Then, he looked at Ashish Jiju and said, “KOI ZAROORAT NAHI HAI BHEN BANANE KI, MAMI HI ACHA HAI.” 

“ACHA?” Ashish Jiju asks with a smirk, making him roll his eyes. Sidharth murmurs, “Pata nahi sabka kya bhoot chada hai mujhe tease karne ka.” He looks at his Jijus who are giving him a sinister smile. His mind almost burst to see his Moti serving his Jiju and not him, “MOTI, MUJHE BHI DEDE…” He showed her his empty dish and gave a sarcastic comment, “MAI KYA IDHAR SABKA CHEHRA DEKHNE KE LIYE BAITHA HOON?” 

Seeing his cute expressions, Shehnaaz served him and also sat beside him to have her breakfast with him. He had his first bite of his paratha and cherished it till his heart’s content but didn’t praise her. After a moment he looks at his sisters and asks, “TUM LOGO KE YAHA KYA RASHAN ( Grocery ) KI KAMI HO GAYI HAI JO KAL SE YAHA HO?” 

Preeti Di rolls her eyes and says while making her younger daughter eat her food, “HUME SANA NE YAHA BULAYA HAI BREAKFAST KE LIYE.” Sid looks at Sana with dangerous eyes who didn’t even give him a damn and smiles while saying, “HAA, KYUKI SAB KE SATH KHANE KA MAZA HI KUCH AUR HAI…” 

“TOH SIRF INHI KO KYU BULAYA? NICHE SHARMA FAMILY, AUR HAMARE UPAR JO SINHA’S RAHATE HAI UNHE BHI BULA LETI.” Sidharth restores sarcastically but His Moti doesn’t get his sarcasm. “HAYYE… BULA TOH LETI PAR MAI UNHE JANTI NAHI HOON NA.” He palmed his head and murmured, “GADHI” 

Nikhil scoffed at Sid’s remark and said cutely, supporting his Sana Mami, “MAMA, MERI MAMI KO GADHI MAT BOLO. YEH TOH KITNI ACHHI HAI AUR PRETTY BHI HAI…” Shehnaaz goes all aww on him and pulls his cheeks, making someone jealous, “HAYEE… SIDHARTH, YEAH KITNA NONA BACHA HAI…” 

“HAI…?” Sidharth says with fake cuteness and continues irritatingly, “TOH ISI KO CHIPKA LE…” Shehnaaz makes a bad face hearing his tone while Preeti di asks, “AAJ KISKA CHEHRA DEKHA THA SUBAH? JAB SE UTHA HAI TAB SE HI CHID-CHID KAR RAHA HAI…” Before him, Sana replies, “APNA HI DEKHA HOGA…” 

“TU CHUP RAH…” Sidharth shuts up Sana and then, looks at Preeti Di and says, “AUR MAINE SABSE PAHALE, TERA HI CHEHRA DEKHA THA.” Preeti Di opens her mouth to fight back but they are interrupted by Adith who walks towards them in a jolly mood and greets everyone. “GOOD MORNING EVERYONE.” 

Everyone greets him back and Rita Maa asks him to join them at the breakfast table. He sat beside Sana much to Sid’s annoyance and asked, “BAHUT ACHI KHUSHBOO AARAHI HAI. KYA BANA HAI?” Shehnaaz smiles and replies, “PARANTHE HAI, AAP KHAYOGAI?” Adith nodded and Preeti Di served him. 

After a short pause, Sidharth asks Adith, “TUJHE JO KAAM BOLA THA HO GAYA?” Adith replies obediently, “JI BHAI…WOH LOG BUS AATE HI HOGE…” Sidharth nodded and looked at Sana who was going to pick up another paratha while he stopped her, “AYE MOTI, THODA KAM KHA… DEKH KITNI MOTI HO GAYI HAI…” Instead of Sana, he got a reply from his mother, “SIDHARTH, TU KHANE DE USKO.” 

Sidharth whines and almost cries like a kid seeing his mother treating him like a TV serial Bahu, “ARE… AAP KYA BHOOL GAYI HO. AAP MERI MAA HOO. MERI SIDE LO YR…” 

To be continued…

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