32. KARMA!

Every member of the family is stunned and speechless after knowing about the person who is behind the destruction of their family. Manish angrily marched toward Avantika and slapped her hard across her cheek, making her shocked. 

Manish:- why….! Why? ………….. ( while crying ) why did you do all this, Avantu? why? ………………. We loved you and treated you as our daughter but you played with our emotions. 

Kiran:- ( whipping ) we didn’t leave anything to make you believe that you are not a part of our family. But…………. ( dejectedly ) why do you do this with us? 

Ajay:- ( emotionally ) I….. I treated you as my sister. I gave you the place of a real sister in my heart but you chose to play with that. Why? 

Divya:- why did you snatch my daughter from me? Don’t you know about the mother’s pain of being a mother herself? How can you do that with us? 

Everyone is heartbroken knowing the person who stabbed them from behind is none other than the lady to whom they shower love immensely. They all are in shock and still trying to digest this hard reality but there is a question in everyone’s mind “Why did she do all this?”. 

Manish:- ( sternly ) why did you do that? Where do we lack in giving you the love that you choose this path?……………… We gave you everything…. Love….. Respect…

Avantika furiously stopped him and spoke with pure hatred. 

Avantika:- you lack in giving me THE MONEY!…… You guys earned so much but you never thought about me. You named all your properties in that unborn baby’s name forgetting about me. You throw me away like trash by naming just a random company in my name. So, tell me then, what were you expecting from me? I ……. I snatched that baby from you all because she is the reason behind my miseries. 

Arjun:- ( furiously ) my sister was never a misery for anyone. What you did is only because of your greed for money. 

Avantika:- no…. No…. I was never greedy for money but you guys made me. My parents lost their life because of you guys and instead of giving me compensation, you made me a servant of your house. 

Kiran:- ( surprisingly ) what?…… a servant! ……….. We accepted you as our daughter. We gave you our surname. If we didn’t give you a place to live then you would be living in an orphanage.  

Avantika:- ( smiling evilly ) ya… that is the place where I want to send your granddaughter but ( angrily ) she comes in between and ruins our whole plan.

Ajay:- ( pure hatred ) you don’t deserve a family, that’s why God took your parents away before they could see your real face. 

Divya:- Arjun, make sure that they will have very hard punishment for their sins. They snatched my daughter from me. Now I will snatch everything from them. 

Innaya is crying silently seeing her real parents in this situation but she is not able to do anything because of her mother’s swear. Her mother swore to her not to come in between them. 

Whereas Avantika is all ready to play her last card through Innaya. She is a greedy woman that’s why in this situation she is also trying to settle her daughter’s future. Although she is not wrong in doing that, her way of getting her things done is wrong. And the same thing she is teaching her daughter. 

Before the police could take the culprits, Arjun stops them furiously and grabs Prakash’s collar. 

Arjun:- yo..you…. Blo*dy gold-digger! How can you even think about killing my sister? 

With the same rage, he threw him down making his head bleed which banged with one of the corners. This is Prakash’s KARMA. He also pushed the lady in the same way. She also felt the same pain that he is feeling right now. She also begged for his mercy like he is begging right now. 

Prakash:- please….. Leave me! It’s all her plan. ( pointing at Avantika ) She manipulated me and in my greed for money, I came into her plan.

Ignoring his pleas Arjun kicks him hard making her choke. Before he could punch him again, Prakash spoke something which shook the Dixit’s world once again. 

Prakash:- ( crying hard because of pain ) please….. Leave me! I did all that on her instruction. Please leave me! She is the one who killed your baby, not me! 

Although his words are just a slip of tongue, this shocks everyone present there. 

Avantika:- ( scaredly ) shut up!……. Just shut up, Prakash! 

Arjun:- ( grabbing his cheeks furiously ) what!……. My baby!……… what you just said? Repeat! 

Prakash nods negatively knowing the consequences. Arjun grabbed his collar again and angrily lashed out. 

Arjun:- I said repeat!!!  

Prakash:- ( in a meek tone ) Asha didn’t have a miscarriage. Avantika is behind all that. 

Asha is numb hearing this and why not, through all these years she held herself guilty for killing her baby, and all of a sudden someone is telling them everything was a conspiracy. 

Manish:- ( authoritatively ) we want the whole truth, Prakash. Don’t stop in mid. 

Avantika:- don’t talk rubbish!…. Prakash. 

Prakash:- ( furiously ) shut up, Avantika! For how long you will hide the truth? All this is happening because of you. You are the main sinner. You want the whole property in your name that’s why you planned to kill NANDINI and then, you plot the drama to kill Arjun’s, unborn baby. 

Asha:- ( in a meek voice ) what? 

Prakash:- yes! Asha, she pushed you from the stairs to kill your baby and you. She was there behind you but didn’t come in front of you to help you because she wanted to kill the future generation of Dixits. She even tried to kill Arjun but all her plans failed by god’s grace. 

The floor beneath everyone’s feet slips out. They are just thinking that “how can someone stoop so low for a property?” 

Asha slumped down while crying hard. Kiran gives her support and tries to control her because crying is not good for her and the baby’s health. 

Arjun:- chi…. Chi….. I am ashamed that I called you BUA ( father’s sister ). I am ashamed that I respect you till now. You are worse than animals. Even animals were loyal to their owners who gave them shelter and food but you….. You are worse than them. You are a devil in the form of a human. Chi………. Why am I even talking to you? ( to the officer ) Officer, please take them away from my side. I had enough! 

Avantika:- ( crying ) no…. Please, pardon me! I know, I committed a sin but that was my immature behavior. I am ashamed of my actions but please don’t send me to jail for that. I will have any punishment but please stop them…. 

This time no one melts on her act. They all turn their gazes not even wanting to look at her. 

Arjun:- we are not going to come in your plan, again. But before going tell us, Where is my sister? Who took her from the ICU? 

Avantika:- I know you won’t believe my words but take it as my apology. KRISHNA MURTHY IS THE LADY WHO TOOK NANDINI WITH HER THAT DAY. ( after a pause ) All that is my fault so please, don’t punish my daughter for the sins which her parents committed. ( join her hands together ) She is a pure-hearted girl. Please take care of her and I promise I won’t come in between you guys. 

Before she could do some more drama, the officer took her and her husband away but still, she had a big grin on her face which she hides effortlessly. 

On the other hand, the situation for the Dixits is not good. Today, they got shocks aftershocks. Among everyone, Arjun and Asha are more hurt. First, they lost their baby only because of someone’s greed for property, and second, the lady who is not just a nanny for Arjun is behind Nandini’s disappearance. 


Kiran:- why do we trust Avantika? After whatever she did with us. I can’t trust her now. No…. Krishna wasn’t like that. 

Divya:- seeing her, I felt that she was telling the truth. Krishna was also missing after that day. 

Arjun:- ( angrily ) No….. I can’t believe that. ( pushed the table making it shatter on the floor ) why…… Why do my loved ones hurt me? Why?………… Don’t I deserve happiness? 

Asha:- ( controlling him ) Arjun, I trust you. I know Daijaaan won’t do anything which hurts you or anyone in the family or most importantly she can’t snatch the love which Nandini deserves. You told me na…. That how much she loves Nandini more than you then, why would she do that? There must be something which is unknown to us. You have to find out. You can’t back out at this last moment. 

Arjun:- ( cupping her cheeks lovingly ) right now, I should be controlling you and giving you support but see you are doing that for me. 

Asha:- ( chuckles ) yup!…… because we are enough for each other. 

To be continued…

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