“BARTAN TU MAJEGA….” Shehnaaz orders Sidharth, making him annoyed whereas Rita Maa smiles brightly seeing how she handles her rude yet unromantic son. The rest of the people giggle, hiding from SIDNAAZ

“DONO MAJE GAI……TCH….. JAYO AAB CHAI BANAYO.” Sidharth agreed without argument giving another shock to his sisters who are witnessing a different Sidharth. The person who never entered the kitchen after coming out from the Bigg Boss house is ready to do utensils just for tea. Strange, isn’t it?  

Both sisters pat each other’s back to give themselves the courage to digest these changes while Shehnaaz quietly walks towards the kitchen to prepare the tea for HER KULLU.  

“WAIT! SHEHNAAZ, MAI BHI AATI HOO.” Neetu Di said after coming out from her shock and walked inside the kitchen with Shehnaaz. 

“WAH!…. SIDHARTH,… EK HI BAAR MAI MANGAYA BARTAN MAJNE KE LIYE. KYA BAAT HAI! MANNA PADEGA SHEHNAAZ KO…… SIRF WOH HI TUJSE KAAM KARWA SAKTI HAI.” Preeti Di teased her brother whose cheeks turned red in a second. Every damn time he blushes when it’s about HIS GADHI

“CHAL BE….. CHUP RAHE…” Sidharth dismissed her trying to keep his poker face. He knows that Sana affects him like no one else but he doesn’t want to confess it. He just wants to live his life with her like this without any problems. 

“YEAH SAMAAN KAHA RAKHE?” Sidharth’s Jiju Ashish and Aman enter with two big suitcases. They slumped down on the couches while breathing heavily.

“SIDHARTH, BATA TOH DETA KI BAGS GROUND FLOOR SE UPAR LANE HAI……” Ashish, Neetu Di’s husband, complains trying to gather his sweaty self. 


“AGAR BATA DETA TOH AAP LOG JATE KYA?” Sidharth asked while laughing hard at their condition and received a pillow in return from Aman.

“SIDHARTH, KYU TUM INHE PARESHAN KARTE HO?” Rita Maa tries to scold her son but ends up laughing at both of her sons-in-law, making them annoyed. 

Sidharth laughs more seeing her mother smile whereas Rita Maa’s smile gets broader seeing the happy faces of her children with just the entry of a single soul. She prays to keep them happy like this always. 

“ISE……. ( pointing at Shehnaaz’s suitcases ) MERE ROOM MAI RAKH DIJIYE…….” Sidharth ordered his Jijus after composing himself and stood up to go to use the restroom but stopped hearing the chorus of “oh…”. 

“OHOHOHOH……..” Preeti di, Ashish, and Aman said in chorus with a teasing smirk. 

“SHEHNAAZ TERE SATH RAHEGI? TERE ROOM MAI…… WAH!” Aman said with not so innocent look making him confused. 

“TOH AUR KAHAN RAHEGI?” Sidharth asked not getting their teasing. 

“NAHI…..PAR, KOI THA JO KAHATA THA KI ……..“ I DON’T LIKE SHARING MY BED WITH ANYONE. ”……… SO, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM NOW?” Preeti Di asked, making him realize what they are up to. 

“WOH….. HIM….. SID…… SE… SIDNAAZ HO GAYA HAI NA AB” Ashish teased, making him blush whereas Aman joined them in teasing him which happens in rare cases. 

“PREETI, DIDN’T YOU SAW HIM SHARING HIS BED WITH “HIS” ONE AND ONLY “PUNJABAN”. THEY EVEN SHARED THE SAME BLANKET AND PILLOW,” Aman continues whereas Sidharth rolls his tongue in his mouth with a bright smile. He is blushing like a new bride but he will not accept that. 

“YA… BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE THEY SHARED MORE?” Preet Di asked, keeping an innocent face, and continued, “COULD YOU PLEASE HIGHLIGHTEN US, SIDHARTH?” 

“ I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING…” Saying this Sidharth runs away from there to avoid further teasing while the trio laughs like crazy at his expense. He entered the washroom and locked the door while keeping his forehead on the frame. 

“HEY BHAGWAN……. SHEHNAAZ, SAB MUJHE TEASE KAR RAHE HAI SIRF TERI WAJAH SE.” Sidharth complained and cut the bill in SHEHNAAZ’s name. He looks at his reflection and bites his lip, noticing the red tint on his cheek which symbolizes HIS LOVE FOR HER. He greets his teeth out of love and continues, “MAI TUJHE CHODUGA NAHI MOTI. TERI WAJAH SE WOH SAB MERA MAZAK UDA RAHE THAI…” Keeping a determined face and a thought to teach a good lesson to HIS MOTI as everyone is laughing at his expense because of her. 

On the other side, Shehnaaz walks inside the kitchen and looks around for the ingredients till then Rita Maa and Neetu Di enter to help her. 

“SHEHNAAZ. TUMHE KYA-KYA CHAHIYE MUJHE BATA DO MAI NIKAL DETI HOO…” Rita Maa asks politely with all her motherly love, making her smile beautifully. 

“AUNTY JI, WOH MUJHE EK DUPATTA CHAHIYE BUS… BAKI KA MAI KAR LUGI…” Shehnaaz replies in the softest tone possible covered with respect for Rita Ji. 

Rita maa smiles knowing very well why she is asking for a dupatta. She loves her ethics and this behavior differentiates her from other exes of Sidharth. “MIL JAYEGA PAR EK CONDITION HAI….” She continues with a touch of childishness. 

Shehnaaz’s reply comes in an instant with confusing frowns, “KYA?”

“MAI AUNTY NAHI HOON. MUJHE MUMMY, MOM, MAJI, JO CHAHO WOH BULAYO…” Rita Maa told her while cupping her cheeks, making her pout adorably whereas Neetu Di is watching the bond between the two ladies. She is amazed seeing the way Shehnaaz gelled up with her mother in a few hours. 

“TOH MAAJI CHALEGA?” Shehnaaz asks cutely while Rita Maa nods positively and replies, “DODEGA…”.

After almost 15 minutes, Shehnaaz’s tea is ready with lots of conversation and happiness in the kitchen. She makes them laugh and effortlessly entertains everyone. She pours the tea into cups for everyone and takes them out in the living room. Seeing her, the rest of the crowd couldn’t wait to taste the tea prepared by her as Sidharth had already told them that she is an awesome cook and prepares the world’s best tea. 

MUJHE AISA LAG RAHA HAI KI HUM AAJ SHEHNAAZ KO DEKHNE AAYE HAI SHADI KE LIYE…” Ashish comments seeing the way Shehnaaz comes with tea just like the scene of the typical Indian movie. 

“SHH!… AGAR SIDHARTH NE SUN LIYA NA TOH RAINBOW BANA DEGA HAMARA…” Aman whispers back knowing the consequences if Sidharth heard about Sana’s marriage. 

Shehnaaz keeps the tray on the table and passes cups to everyone while settling down with her cup. Everyone looks at her innocent and caring nature because she looks like a new bride who is serving tea to her new family. 

“SIDHARTH KAHA HAI?” Shenaaz asked after not finding HER KULLU around. 

“HE IS IN THE WASHROOM……. AATA HI HOGA.” Aman replied and moaned after taking his first sip of tea. “WAH!!!….. SANA, KYA CHAI BANAYI HAI. MAZA AAGAYA! AABSE MAI ROZ AAYUGA TUMHARE HATH KI CHAI PEENE….” and took another sip. 

“MAINE KAHA THA NA KI YEAH CHAI BHUT ACHI BANATI HAI. MAIN TOH KAHATA HU SANA TU ACTING CHODH AUR CHAI KI DUKAN KHOL LE…” Sidharth arrived and advised Sana after hearing her praise from his Jiju. 

Shehnaaz shoots daggers at him who doesn’t even care and replies angrily, “AAB TUJHE CHAI NAHI MILEGI…… AAB BINA CHAI KE HI RAH.” The rest supports her. 

“ACHA…..SORRY!…..SORRY!…..” Sidharth apologized immediately and kissed her cheek tightly while encircling his hand around her neck trying to shoo her anger which worked. 

“KARIB EK SAAL PAHALE TUNE MERA PHONE TODA THA…… PAR AAJ TAK MUJHSE KABHI MAAFI NAHI MANGI. AUR ABHI EK HI BAARI MAI, SORRY!” Neetu di said with a stern face while others hid their giggles behind their tea cups.

Sidharth narrowed her eyes at Shehnaaz who was also giggling with everyone. “HAA…. TOH TUJHE AGLE HI DIN NEW PHONE GIFT TOH KIYA THA NA…” He defends himself and shoots daggers at Shehnaaz who is laughing showing her bunny teeth. He always has a problem when she supports others except him. No matter if they are his family, he hates that. He wants her only for himself.  

“PAR SORRY TOH NAHI KAHA NA……” Neetu di again restored, making him annoyed. 

“ABEY CHAL…… TERI WAJAH SE MERI CHAI THANDI HO RAHI HAI.” Sidharth replied with a bad face and picked up his cup and savored the taste of tea which was exclusively prepared by HIS PUNJABAN. He missed the tea prepared by her in these two days. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t like tea prepared by his mom but he got habitual of having tea made by her in the Bigg Boss house. 

“AGAR TUJHE PHIR BHI SORRY CHAHIYE TOH MERA GIFT KIYA HUA PHONE WAPAS KAR.” Sidharth said to Neetu who rolled her eyes at his comment and focused on her tea. Others chuckle knowing that he will not apologize to anyone except HIS SANA. 

To be continued…

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