4. HOME…

Sidharth flared his nose hearing Rashmi’s name from Shehnaaz’s mouth and pulled her ear making her hiss while saying, “BOL….. AAB LEGI USKA NAAM?…..” 

Shehnaaz just yelled, “KUTTE… CHODH!” ( Leave me! ) But before She could do anything or say something more, both heard a woman’s voice behind their back. 


“MAA….” Sidharth recognizes his mother’s tone and immediately leaves Shehnaaz’s ear seeing Rita Ji’s red eyes.

Shehnaaz too turns around and looks at everyone whom she doesn’t know except his mother. 

“YEAH KYA KAR RAHA THA TU?” Rita maa asked seeing Shehnaaz’s ear which turned red because of his pull. 

“MAI NAHI YEAH KAR RAHI THI….. ( pointing at Shehnaaz ) MUJHE PARESHAN KAR RAHI THI YEAH.” Sidharth complained to save himself from his mother’s scolding like an innocent kid.

“PAR LAG TOH KUCH AUR HI RAHA THA….. SIDHARTH.” Preeti, his elder sister chirped with a teasing look making him annoyed, and continued, “TUJHE SHARAM NAHI AATI EK CHOTI SI BACHI KO PARESHAN KAR RAHA HAI…” 

“CHOTI BACHI?…. TUJHE KAHA SE YEAH BACHI LAG RAHI HAI?” Sidharth asked annoyingly pointing at Shehnaaz whose attention is on his mother Rita maa. 

Otherside, seeing Rita maa, Shehnaaz becomes excited and bends down to take her blessing impressing Rita Ji with her manners and values. Before she could touch her feet Rita Maa pulled her into her embrace, making her giggle whereas Sidharth witnessed the whole scene with a broad smile, and the burden just slipped from his head.

He was nervous from the morning while thinking about whether his family will accept Shehnaaz or not but he forgot that his Shehnaaz has a different charm that works every time and on everyone. 

“BETIYA PAIR NAHI CHUTI GALE MILTI HAI…” Rita maa said with her usual warm smile taking her in her motherly embrace. The rest of the people just admired their moment with their broad smiles. 

“NAMASTE AUNTY JI” Shehnaaz greets Rita Ji with a giggle after coming out from her embrace. 

“NAMASTE!…… KAISI HO SHEHNAAZ?” Rita Ji replied to her greeting with a huge smile and asked a question while caressing her chubby cheeks giving her motherly vibes. 

“BAHUT KHOOB-SURAT HOO, AAP BATAO?” The ever-so-bold and chirpy Shehnaaz replied winning everyone’s heart and making them laugh out loud. 

“MAI BHI SUNDAR HOO PAR TUMSE THODA KAM…..” Rita Ji too played along while caressing her soft-soft fluffy cheeks. Seeing them like that Sidharth is the happiest person on earth. 

“AREY….. NAHI-NAHI AAP TOH MUJHSE BHI BHUT ZYADA PREETY HO. AUR APKE BAAL TOH MERE FAVORITE HAI. AAP MUJHE APNE HAIR KA SECRET BATANA PLEASE…….” Saying this Shehnaaz kisses her cheek making her smile broaden with the love she is showering on her in the first meet itself. Although they met in the Bigg Boss house, practically this is their first interaction where both are talking freely. 

“ABEY……AEE MOTI!!! MERI MAA KO NAZAR MAT LAGA.” Sidharth exclaimed and acted like placing a black kohl behind his mother’s ear to keep the evil eye away from her. 

“NAHI SIDHARTH, APNO KI NAZAR NAHI LAGTI.” Rita Ji said making Shehnaaz happy who showed her tongue to Sidharth, teasing him. Whereas Sidharth is happy knowing that his family accepted Shehnaaz wholeheartedly. But Shukla Ji is unaware of the fact that his family is going to be hers’ super soon leaving the poor Shukla Ji at god’s mercy. 

“AAB ANDAR CHALE?” Neetu, Sidharth’s second elder sister, asked and unlocked the door for them to walk inside. 

Sidharth nods and intertwines Shehnaaz’s fingers with his while stepping inside the house together, making his family admire them from the back. 

“MAA, MUJHE AISA KYU LAG RAHA HAI KI AAPKI BAHU AAGAYI HAI…” Neetu di said seeing the way Sidharth took Shehnaaz inside the home. 

“BAHU NAHI TEESRI BETI AAYI HAI JO ISS NALAYAK KO SEEDHA KARNA JANTI HAI…” Preeti di says while admiring the lovely couple in front of them. For the first time, she noticed their cute height difference and their closeness which can be felt by any blind person.

“CHUP!… NAZAR MAT LAGAO MERE BACHO KO. YEAH NAZAR BHUT GANDI HOTI HAI…” Rita maa scolds her daughters and silently prays to keep evil eyes away from them and bless them with a happy loving life. She is seeing her son so happy and careless don’t know after how many years. And now, she can’t let anyone snatch this happiness from him. 

“YEAH KIS ANGLE SE BACHE LAGTE HAI? KUDH KE BACHE KARNE KI UMAR HAI INKI.” Neetu di again chirped in between and said while making a bad face seeing the slow growth of Sidharth’s love life. 

Before anyone could comment more on the couple, Sidharth called his sisters and Jijus ( Brothers-in-law ) inside with his famous sarcasm, “O… JUNGLE WASIYO, TUMHE NAHI AANA ANDAR? WAHI PAR KHADE RAHENA HAI KYA?” 

“AGAR TUJHE PRIVACY CHAHIYE TOH THIK HAI HUM YAHI PAR KHADE HAI…” Neetu di said with a naughty grin, annoying her brother. 

Sidharth ignored her comment as usual and ordered both his Jijus, “JIJU…… SHEHNAAZ KA LUGGAGE LE AANA.” 

Both the Jijus look at him with wide eyes hearing his order. Ashish, Neetu di’s husband murmurs while shooting daggers at Sidharth, “LOGO KE PATI DEV TOH SHAADI KE BAAD BADALTE HAI PAR HAMARA SAALA ( Brother-in-law ) TOH BINA SHAADI KE HI BADAL GAYA HAI…” 

“SIDHARTH….. WOH KAISE LAYE GAI? RUK MAI LEKE AATI HOO.” Shehnaaz said and tried to take her hand back from his stronghold whose hold got even tighter. She is feeling bad that some others will do her work when she is capable of doing her work. 

“REHNE DO SHEHNAAZ WOH LE AAYEGAI. TUM CHALO ANDAR.” Preeti di said with a giggle seeing her husband who scoffed in irritation but they have to bring Shehnaaz’s bags inside. 

“SIDHARTH, SHEHNAAZ KO GHAR TOH DHIKA DE.” Neetu di suggests seeing Shehnaaz who is admiring the living area with her big eyes. The excitement is dripping from her face making them chuckle at this goofball. 

“HAA…… SHEHNAAZ WOH KITCHEN HAI. TU JAA AUR MERE LIYE EK CUP CHAI BANADE JAB TAK MAI FRESH HOKE AATA HOO” Sidharth said while pointing in the kitchen’s direction and ordering her to make tea for him like his usual nature. He didn’t like the formality of showing her…….HER OWN HOUSE.  

“KUTTE!……. KAM SE KAM PANI KA TOH PUCHLE MUJH SE.” Shehnaaz palmed her face after hearing him. She is not shocked by his behavior because she loves his carefree and informal nature. This proves that he is his real self with her. 

“NAHI MUJHE NAHI PEENA PANI. AUR TU PANI PEE KE KYA KAREGI? CHAI PEE LE AUR TU MERE LIYE BHI CHAI HI BANADE” Sidharth states with his usual attitude. Whereas his family is like “when will he show his loverboy side?”. They are waiting to see his loverboy’s side which they never witnessed till now. 


“SHEHNAAZ……. TUM BHI FRESH HO JAO…… JAB TAK MAI CHAI BANA DETI HO.” Rita maa said with a disbelief look seeing her son’s behavior. 


“DI, MAI KAISE THAKUGI? MAI CAR MAI BAITH KAR AAYI HOO CAR UTHA KE THORI NA LAAYI HOO…” Shehnaaz said with a chuckle as she is not tired at all. And above all, she has no problem preparing tea for HER SIDHARTH or the family.  

“SHEHNAAZ, TUM JAO MAI BANATI HO CHAI.” Rita maa tries to convince Shehnaaz but fails miserably in front of her down-to-earth nature. 

“NAHI….. NAHI….. AUNTY JI KOI PROBLEM NAHI HAI. MAI BANA LUGI CHAI BUS AAP MUJHE BATA DIJIYE KI SAMAN KAHA HAI.” Shehnaaz denied Rita maa’s offer as she doesn’t have any problem doing such kinds of stuff and that too for Sidharth. She loves doing such work for her family. 

This is the quality that Sidharth loves about Shehnaaz. She never says no to any work. No matter how and what the job is, she is ready to do anything. 

“AUR CHAI EKDUM KADAK BANAEYO…” Sidharth said when Shehnaaz walked towards the kitchen with his mother. 

“OK!….. PAR EK SHART PAR.” hearing his demand, Shehnaaz stops in mid and puts her condition making him annoyed. 

“BHOKO…….” Sidharth said annoyingly, giving a heart attack to his sisters because Sidharth is the person who never accepts anyone’s conditions except their mother but here he is doing the opposite of his nature. He gets ready to hear her condition without showing any tantrums which are breaking news. 

“PATTHAR ( Stone ) PIGHAL RAHA HAI…” Neetu di whispered in her sister’s ear with a shocked expression.

“UH…HUH!” Preeti di denied it with a bright smile and continued, “SID PIGHAL RAHA HAI APNI NAAZ KE LIYE.” Both the ladies shared a knowing look and winked at each other. 



To be continued…

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