“HELLO, BHABHI JI…” Adith greets Shehnaaz with a charming smile making Sidharth jealous.

Shehnaaz looks at him and frowns, she looks around to find any Bhabhi to whom he is calling but to her dismay, there is no one except these three. Adith giggles seeing her looking around confusingly like a goofball. He just goes all Aww on her and seeing his admiring session Sidharth immediately starts hating him. 

Not wanting to stress her more, Adith points at her and murmurs BHABHI, giving a little heart attack to that innocent soul. 

“HAYEEE… KASAM LAGE! MERA TOH YAHA KOI BHAI HI NAHI HAI TOH MAI BHABHI KAISE HO GAYI?” Shehnaaz asks innocently not knowing the meaning of her words. Whereas Adith understood the fact that HIS BHABHI is very bad in Hindi. 

Otherside, Sidharth is burning with jealousy and looks at Adith’s smile which he is giving to Shehnaaz, making him annoyed. 


In his jealousy, he forgets that Adith called his moti “BHABHI”. 

Instead of feeling bad, Adith smirks and asks innocently, “KYA MAINE AAP KI BANDI SE FLIRT KIYA?”

“NAHI PADOS KI BANDI SE… AAB GADI CHALA DIMAG NAHI.” Sidharth spoke while flaring his nose in anger. Whereas Shehnaaz is enjoying the free show. Ignoring teasing smirks of Adith, he opens the back door for Shehnaaz and locks it properly after making sure that she is safe. He settled down beside Adith on the passenger seat which is the worst decision he ever took because Adith is acting like his crazy fangirl who is giving him a sheepish grin and why not, HE FINALLY GOT HIS SIDNAAZ DELULU. 

“OH…OH… BACK DOOR KHOLA BHABHI KE LIYE. AISA TOH KABHI NAHI KARA MERE LIYE…” Adith says in a whispering tone that is only audible to Sidharth. 

Sidharth rolls his eyes and hissed timidly, “KYU, TU MERI AURAT HAI? JO MAI TERE LIYE GATE KHOLU GA…” 

On his remark and seeing his expressions, Adith laughs like hell and says, “BHAI AURAT ABHI BHABHI BHI NAHI HAI AAPKI…”. 

Sidharth looks at him with narrowed eyes because he somewhere triggered his possessiveness. What did he mean by SHE IS NOT HIS? Damn! SHEHNAAZ KAUR GILL IS ONLY HIS! He roams his hand in his hair to calm his raging nerves and says loud and clear emphasizing each word, “YEAH MERI HI AURAT HAI!”

Adith looks at him with a gasp as he never claimed his rights on any of the girls whom he dated. But now he is claiming his rights on Shehnaaz without even confessing his feelings for her. The possession, love, desire, and possessiveness he felt today in his behavior he never felt before. With this, he got a clear view of what she meant to him!

“TOH AAPNE YEAH SHEHNAAZ KO BATAYA KI AAP USSE KITNA PYAAR KARTE HAI?” Adith asks the most important question, making sure that Shehnaaz didn’t hear anything. 

“ISMAI BATANE KI KYA ZAROORAT HAI? MERE ACTIONS SE KYA USKO DHIKHTA NAHI HAI…” Sidharth spoke in his casual tone while looking at Shehnaaz from the rearview mirror whereas Adith palmed his face. 

“HAYE BHAGWAAN, INHE THODI BHUDDHI ( Brain ) DO… BHAI, AAPKO PYAAR KI TUITION LENI CHACHIYE BECAUSE YOU ARE VERY BAD IN THIS SUBJECT.” Adith said while making a sour face and noted to find a good teacher who will teach him how to be expressive in love. 

“SIDHARTH, YEAH KAUN HAI?” Shehnaaz asks pointing at Adith who is in the mood to tease Sidharth, breaking their trance. 

Both the gentlemen sit straight and focused on her while Adith comes back into his teasing zone. 

“BHAI, BATAIYE BABY JI KO, KI MAI KOUN HU.” Adith said while looking at them from the corner of his eyes. The teasing smirk is still plastered on his lips. 

“HE IS ADITH SHEKHAWAT, MY YOUNGER BROTHER AND A MANAGER WHO IS A PAIN IN MY AS* SOMETIMES,” Sidharth said while digging a hole in Adith’s body with his piercing gaze. 

“WHAT IS A PAIN IN MY AS* MEAN?” Shehnaaz asks chirpily, making both the boys shocked. 

Sidharth is finding the correct explanation to give without corrupting her mind while Adith is enjoying his miseries. 

“AH… IT MEANS… I MEAN, WE SAY THIS WHEN SOMEONE IS VERY ANNOYING AND IRRITATING….. UMM… YES…” Sidharth somehow handles the situation and Adith too announces giving relaxation to him. 


Adith parked the car and everyone got down with different emotions. Shehnaaz is nervous as well as excited to meet Sidharth’s family whereas Sidharth felt like today he is actually at his true home with a girl who is meant to be his. 

“INDEED!… WE ARE AT HOME.” Sidharth murmurs while looking at his moti who is busy talking with Adith. Within an hour she gelled up with Adith and had a funny conversation with him, ignoring Sidharth unintentionally. 

“OH MATTE, CHALNA HAI YA MAI UTHA KE LEKE JAU?” Sidharth asks from Shehnaaz with a flared nose seeing her ignorance. 

“BHAI, BHABHI MUST BE TIRED. SO, WHY DON’T YOU TAKE HER IN YOUR ARMS?” Adith suggests while keeping his head on the knife. He is aware that Sidharth would murder him after hearing his statement but still, he chooses to tease him. 

“YEAH MUJHE KABHI GODH MAI NA BITHAYE TOH GODH MAI UTHANE KI TOH DUR KI BAAT HAI…” Shehnaaz said while rolling her eyes making Adith giggle and Sidharth felt offended. 


“SIDHARTHHHH……..” Shehnaaz cribs like a kid seeing his foul mood and hugs him wrapping her hands around his waist while as usual Sidharth is resisting half-heartedly. She snuggles her nose in his chest line giving him goosebumps and he felt like all his anger and irritation drained out into thin air. He too wraps his arms around her waist tightening the hug while placing his lips on her temple not caring about the place. 

Adith watched the whole scene like a movie scene and prepares himself to witness such scenes daily. Two lovers are madly and irrevocably in love with each other but still didn’t confess. He coughs to gain their attention, and Sidharth comes out of the hug with a heavy heart. 

Sidharth looks around with a blush to hide it from everyone and again made a poker face, as usual, THE TYPICAL SIDHARTH SHUKLA. 

“AAB CHALEGI YA TERA TENT YAHI PAR LAGWA DO?” Sidharth asked Shehnaaz with a lip-tight smile and hearing him Shenaaz runs inside the building like an obedient kid. 

“BHABHI BHI PURI ITEM HAI.” Adith said with a chuckle and earned a glare from his brother who is damn possessive of his loved ones.  

“WOH MERI ITEM HAI… ( Pointing at Shehnaaz ) AAP NIKALIYE APNI ITEM KE PASS.” Sidharth hissed, keeping his possessiveness and jealousy aside. 

Hearing him, Adith too runs out keeping Shehnaaz’s luggage there. Seeing his expressions Sidharth had a great laugh. 

Otherside Shehnaaz reached Sidharth’s flat following his instructions and pressed the bell of his flat while waiting for someone to open the door. After a minute Sidharth too comes from her back and rolls his eyes. 

“KYA ITEM HAI BE TU?………. TUJHE BAHAR LOCK NAHI DHIKH RAHA KYA?…… BELL BAJAYE JA RAHI HAI.” Sidharth said with a bored tone seeing Shehnaaz ringing the bell when the door was locked from outside. 

“OH!… MAINE DEKHA NAHI. MUJHE LAGA KI AUNTY JI HOGI ANDAR TOH ISILIYE BAJA RAHI THI.” Shehnaaz justifies herself with a pout making him lose his battle with his hormones. “CHAL CHABI (keys) DE….” She asked while forwarding her right hand to take the keys, making him come out of his dirty land. 

“CHABI NAHI HAI MERE PASS.” Sidharth shrugged his shoulders, making her confused. 

“TERE PAAS NAHI HAI TOH KISKE PASS HAI?” Shehnaaz asks with a confused face but soon smirks devilishly and asks with an innocent face. “KAHI…… TUNE CHABI RASHMI KO TOH NAHI DE DI!”

Sidharth flared his nose hearing Rashmi’s name from her mouth. He pulled her ear making her hiss and asked. “BOL….. AAB LEGI USKA NAAM?…..” 

Before Shehnaaz could do anything or say something. Both heard a woman’s voice behind their back. 

To be continued…

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