Sidharth opened his mouth to tell his side of the story to Shehnaaz but abruptly stopped by her. 

Shehnaaz:- Before you start let me tell you that I TRUST YOU!…… I don’t trust those who call you a cheater because…….

She stops in between but Sidharth asks hopefully. Somewhere he is satisfied that she TRUSTS HIM rather than those culprits. 

Sidharth:- Because…? 

Shehnaaz:- ( Lovingly ) I know you can never cheat anyone. You have a pure heart that is made up of rare diamonds just like you. ( Looking into his eyes with pure love ) I know you would die but can never hurt anyone’s sentiments just for selfish reasons. 

It would be a lie if I say that a tear slipped down from Sidharth’s eyes which was noticed by his Fireball. She so wants to wipe his tears away but at the same time, she wants him to cry as much as he wants so that he can feel light from within. 

Sidharth closed his eyes and gulped his remaining tears feeling content at the end. The care in her eyes for him is evident which is making him weak on his knees. A tune and lyrics come into his mind but for now, he kept those aside and focused on his Fierce Fireball who is JUST HIS! Most probably this is the first time that he claimed her as HIS!

He closed his eyes again and looked in front while his hold on her hand didn’t even loosen a bit. Shehnaaz can easily read his inner turmoil which is crunching her heart. She doesn’t want to see him like that. 

Sidharth:- I was a very bright student in school and college who always got 90+ marks… 

Shehnaaz:- ( To lighten his mood ) I knew that already said something new… 

Sidharth:- How did you know? 

Shehnaaz just looked at him from head to toe and he understood her unsaid words. He is an introvert and anyone can find out that he is brilliant in his studies just by seeing his knowledge. 

He chuckles and a small smile breaks on his lips as Shehnaaz expected. She can do anything just to bring his smile back which makes her feel out of the world. While on the other side, he looks at their intertwined hands and continues. 

Sidharth:- I want to be a singer, a playback singer more precisely because I hate interacting with new people, I hate cameras……….as you already know. But my father’s condition is not that great. So, I couldn’t take any professional training. My parents want me to settle down in my life with a suitable job… ( Chuckles ) A typical middle-class family’s dream is to see their child doing a decent job, nothing more or less. So, I focused on my studies and gained good marks to make them proud of me. 

He paused and kept quiet for a minute. Still, he has self-doubts which Shehnaaz understands. She knows that he is having an emotional breakdown so she tries to motivate him. 

Shehnaaz:- You don’t need any professional training to sing because you are best at it on your own. ( Calmly ) Shy Boy, you have a naturally soothing voice which is so rare. ( Cupping his face ) Aur rahi baat tumhare parents ki toh… woh tum par bahut proud hai. ( And as far as your parents are concerned, they are proud of you. ) 

Sidharth looked at her with hesitation which she read in a second and palmed her face dramatically. She raised her hand and hit his head slightly while murmuring. 

Shehnaaz:- Tum Gadhe ho… ( You are stupid! ) 

Sidharth nods while pouting as if agrees with her and again intertwines their hands. Don’t know why but suddenly their touch feels heaven to him. He wants his palm to stick with her soft ones so that no one can ever try to snatch her away from him. 

After feeling peaceful after having her hand in his again, he continues. 

Sidharth:- I accepted Dad’s wish and joined Space after clearing the scholarship exam but I always had music in the back of my mind. That’s why I started a part-time job in a bar as a singer just to stay close to my music and the job gives me a pretty cool amount too. Everything was sorted… until Mahi came into my life during my first year of college. 

Hearing Mahi’s name from her Shy Boy’s mouth Shehnaaz felt a knife snap at her. All the blood rushed to her brain, making her furious. After a moment, she remembered that Mahi was his EX but still it hurts her. 

Otherside, unaware of her rising temper, Sidharth continues. 

Sidharth:- ( with slightly red cheeks ) She was pretty and like any other guy I also had a crush on her but I never dared to look at her because she was out of my range. I am very focused on my career and music. 

Seeing his red cheeks Shehnaaz felt like just smacking him hard and making his cheeks scarlet. She doesn’t know that it’s her jealousy which is coming out in the form of anger. She is hell possessive of her loved ones and HE IS HER FIRST OR MOST PROBABLY THE LAST LOVE TOO. So, how can she hear the praises of another girl from him? 

Shehnaaz:- ( while flaring her nose ) Are you blushing at the mere thought of her? 

Sidharth looks at her in a reflex hearing her cold voice and the look on her face dried his blood. 

Sidharth:- ( Panicking ) No…. No!… It was ….. I… I was embarrassed about my behavior…. I feel ashamed that I ever liked her, Trust me. 

Shehnaaz calms down a bit but her narrowed eyes stuck at his face much to Sidharth’s discomfort. He doesn’t know why but he is scared of her. The last thing that he wanted to face was her anger and silent treatment. He can never spend a day without hearing the name Shy Boy from hers’. 

Sidharth:- At first, she ignores me like I am trash but out of nowhere she starts noticing me and starts passing a smile. 

Shehnaaz fumes when he compares himself with trash but his last few words caught her attention and the ANGRY FIREBALL IS BACK IN HER FOAM. 

Shehnaaz:- ( with narrowed eyes ) Did you return her smile? 

Sidharth gulped and nodded positively while whispering in the lowest tone that it is difficult for her to understand but their closeness helps her this time. 

Sidharth:- ( whisper ) Yes!… ( looking into her eyes ) Sorry! 

Shehnaaz passed him deadly glares. It didn’t go well with her that her Shy boy passed the smile to another girl. While Sidharth so wants the earth to split and gallop him. He wants to run away from HIS SEETHING FIREBALL. Keeping his eyes away from her, he continues and prepares himself for a punch or a kick when she will hear another half of the story. 

Sidharth:- ( nervously ) I am happy that she is noticing me and I felt out of the world because that was the first time any girl was taking interest in me. To be honest, Mahi was the diva of the college at that time and slowly yet steadily I fell for her beauty without knowing about her inner self. ( Shehnaaz’s hand is just a millimeter away from his cheek but keeping his brave heart at mercy he continues ) Much to my surprise, she proposed to me, and I… I…….. Said…

Shehnaaz:- ( angrily ) Yes? 

Sidharth didn’t answer, just apologized while making a pout like a toddler. 

Sidharth:- Sorry!……. I am sorry… I will not do that again…

He doesn’t know why he is apologizing or what he is even saying but what matters is HIS FIREBALL is ready to murder him whereas Shehnaaz freaked out and yelled on top. 

Shehnaaz:- Did you say yes to that SKELETON? ( Sidharth looks at her with wide eyes ) How could you? 

Sidharth:- (Panicking) No… I didn’t say Ye… Yes… but nod my head slightly and she took it… my yes. 

Saying this he even nods his head vigorously giving her a practical answer but his act only increases her anger. 

Shehnaaz:- ( in a sharp tone ) Did this nod mean yes? 

Sidharth:- ( smiles sheepishly ) It’s kind of… YES!

Shehnaaz shoots daggers at him and if possible she can strangle him till dead but her poor heart loves this innocent Shy Boy who is sitting in front of her. 

Shehnaaz:- ( while gritting her teeth ) Your choice of girls was so bad I never knew. I can’t even digest that you date a WALKING SKELETON BITCH.

To be continued…

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