There is a hustle and bustle around them while Nandini and the rescuer are dealing with goons in their separate ways. She is amazed seeing how his aim is so accurate. She even noticed he can shoot anyone with his closed eyes. He can aim at anyone just hearing his footsteps which amused her and honestly, she got impressed with him. 

Whereas seeing their path empty, he again held her hand and dragged her out behind the factory, protectively. She is surprised at how her body is responding to him without questioning while he is showing his complete rights to her. 

He brought her into a room where a man is resting unaware of the chaos outside. Seeing him, the rescuer smiles and shoots a bullet in his leg bringing him back from his dreamland, making her confused. He gives innocent looks to her and says, “It’s my style to bring such bastards back on the earth.” 

“What… What are you doing here?” The man sat up on his bed and palmed his bleeding leg wincing in pain. He is trying his best to hide his fear of seeing a 6 feet tall man in front of him and he is very well aware of his identity. But to his dismay, the tension is visible on his sweaty face. 

“What will I do when you avoid answering my calls as if you forgot who I am?” The rescuer asked while sitting down beside him in his royal style. “You forced me to come here and now, see, I am here.” He smiles showing his victory smirk and leans back on the bed looking at confused Nandini. He gives her a flying kiss like a flirty boy and turns his attention on the man again, “But you did good work. Because of you, I met this fierce cop. So, as a reward, I will reduce your punishment.” 

The man smiles thinking that now, he is safe from him but he doesn’t know he is one heck of a monster who doesn’t show sympathy. “I will directly give you a death sentence without breaking your bones. So, bye… bye… Thank me later for saving your hospital expenses.” 

The man opens his mouth to say something in his defense but the moment he opens his mouth, he shoots a bullet directly in his mouth, making him die on the spot. Seeing his cruelty, Nandini pointed her gun at his forehead, making him chuckle. “Uff!… Miss Cop, you are already my death then, why are you wasting your bullet on me.” He flirts and looks into her fierce eyes seeing the confidence that he never saw in anyone. “You are different!… and I love that about you.” 

Nandini ignores his flirty talk and firmly holds her gun on his forehead while asking the question one last time, “Why did you kill him?” The rescuer signed tiredly and replied, obediently, “He is the one for whom you come here. Suleman… The brain behind the gang and human trafficking.” 

She freaked out and rushed to him while patting his cheeks to wake him. His blood boils when she touches the dead bodies’ cheeks. He curled his fingers, angrily and yelled, “Don’t touch him…” 

Nandini ignores him and asks the most genuine question, “How do you know him?” She stopped for a while and asked another question, “WHO ARE YOU?”

The rescuer looks into her eyes and smiles lovingly, “Do you want to know that, seriously?” Nandini didn’t say anything and angrily grabbed his hand while saying, “You are under arrest Mr. for committing a murder.” He chuckles and ends up laughing while she continues, “Suleman was not your target still you killed him so…”

He cuts her in mid and grins while biting his lower lip, “Who said that I killed him?” This time she smiles back and replies in her attitude, damn, he is dead seeing her this avatar, “I have proof, MR. Your gun will prove that you shot a bullet from this pistol and killed Suleman.” She says snatching his pistol. 

“Who says that it’s my gun?” He asks, making an innocent pout, and continues, “Just look at that gun” She frowns but still follows his order and after looking at the gun, her eyes pop out, “It’s my gun!… When did you get it?” 

He laughs wholeheartedly seeing her clueless expression, “So, you killed him in an encounter, Miss Cop. Now, you can’t arrest me for the murder that I never committed……… Let me elaborate once again, you can’t arrest me for the murder you can’t prove in court.” She grits her teeth in a rage and pulls his collar, making him surprised while asking her question once again, “WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?” 

Unknowingly, she pulled him closer giving rise to many unholy thoughts. He looked at her with desire and all of a sudden grabbed her waist, pulled her closer, and slammed his lips on hers, making her stick on the wall. He sucks her lips so aggressively that for a moment she blanked out. Soon she comes to her senses and tries to push him away from herself but he locks her hands on her back. He is having his first kiss ever and cherishing it with all his senses while she is struggling to come out from his hold. 

He leaves her lips making her gasp for oxygen and chuckles seeing her red eyes which are digging a hole in him. His breath is heavy too because of the kiss but he still says while huffing for air, “Manik… MY NAME IS MANIK MALHOTRA… Rest you will get to know soon.” 

Nandini struggles with his hold, making it difficult for him to keep her in place. “Uff… I have never met a girl as fiery as you. You are making me insane.” She kicked his thighs, making him wince a little, and yelled, “I can arrest you for kissing an on-duty officer.” He laughs seeing her anger and caresses her cheek with his thumb only to realize something which wakes the monster in him. He saw a handprint on her cheek which turned red, “Did someone hit you?” She didn’t reply, making him annoyed, “I asked, did someone slap you?” 

Unknowingly, Nandini nods and this is it for him. He asked authoritatively, “Who dared to slap you?” She tries harder to think about the man who slapped her while kidnapping her but soon she composes herself and asks, “Why do you care?”

He restated angrily, “I hate repeating my question. So, tell me, who slapped you?” Nandini didn’t answer, showing her stubborn self to him. He sighs and confesses while looking into her eyes, “I thought, I can’t fall in love with anyone but you… You proved me wrong. I AM FALLING FOR YOU HARD, MADAM JI. AND THIS IS A BAD ONE!” 

She looks at him with wide eyes and struggles again to come out from his hold but fails miserably. He pressed his body to hers and said, “This kiss will remind you of me until we meet again.” He eyed her lips while saying this and again locked his eyes with hers, “I don’t think that I will dream anything apart from the kiss WE SHARED.” He heard some footsteps approaching so, he pecked her lips again, making her angrier, and ran away taking his gun while murmuring, “Last hello to you too, Madam Ji.”

Before Nandini could get hold of him, he ran away at jet speed leaving her frustrated. 


“Nandini, how can you just kill him?” Cabir shouts at Nandini who is looking at the floor not having enough courage to say anything to her commanding officer. “We need to get him alive to know about the complete human trafficking racket.” 

“Sorry sir!” Nandini can’t say anything other than that. 

“Was anyone here with you?” He asks suspiciously to which she nods negatively while he continues, “Ok, now send all the bodies for forensics and search all the area to find any proof through which we can prove him guilty.” 

Giving a salute to him, she starts working as ordered by him but in the back of her mind, Manik is running. She is adamant to teach him a lesson to mess with her unknown about his true identity. 


Whereas, outside of the factory, Manik walks out with a smile giving a shock to Kaushal who is waiting for him on his bike. He asks, Curiously, “What happened, Brother?” 

Manik smiles wholeheartedly and thinks about his MISS COP, “Pyaar ho gaya hai tere bhai ko.” ( Your brother fell in love.) Kaushal’s eyes popped out, “When did this happen?” In reply to his question, Manik replies, “Just now!” 

“Who is the girl?” Kaushal asks but doesn’t wait for his reply and assumes on his own, “Did you fall in love with Suleman’s sister?” 

Manik rolls his eyes at his question, “I didn’t even know that he has a sister till now.” On his answer, Kaushal asked again, “Then, who is the girl?” He closed his eyes and her face came in front of him, making him smile like a love-sick puppy. With an adorable smile, he says, “I don’t know her name but she is a cop.” 

Kaushal exclaimed in terror, “Tujhe police wali se pyaar hua hai?” Otherside, he is impressed with him too as he dared to love a police officer knowing that she will never love a GANGSTER. 

“Mujhe kya lena ki woh police wali ho ya koi heroine. Waise maa kasam kya solid bandi hai… Firing toh aise karti hai jaise bachpan se chala rahi ho gun.” ( I don’t care whether she is a police officer or a heroine. By the way, she is an item… I mean, seriously, she shoots a bullet like she is well trained since childhood. ) Manik says again, getting lost in her dreamland but continues after a small pause, “Par thodi si bholi bhi hai.” ( But she is innocent. )

“Police wali or woh bhi bholi?” ( The policewoman that too innocent? ) Kaushal asks sarcastically and continues, “Boss ko kya bolega ki mujhe ek police wali se pyaar ho gaya hai…?” ( What will you say to Boss that you fell in love with a Police-cop? ) 

“No one is going to tell anything about this to the Boss. Am I clear?” Manik comes back in his ruthless character and gives a glare to Kaushal, making him nod. 


To be continued…

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