Navya:- Come, let’s go inside. You need a good sleep because tomorrow is your birthday party. 

Cabir:- You go, I will come after checking her once. She always gets a fever after her panic attack. 

Navya nods and lets him go without argument because she knows he won’t be satisfied until he sees her safe and secure. Cabir walks inside her room which is surprisingly unlocked and frowns seeing the almost darkness around him. He turned on the light and turned to face the bed but before his eyes caught sight, a cute muffin smashed on his face, filling his face with creme. 

Before he could understand anything a water balloon also hit him right across his chest, making him cry in pain. There is no doubt that everything is done by HIS TWO LITTLE NAUGHTY HEADS. 

Cabir:- ( Angrily ) Nandini!……… Pihu!………. 

Before he could pounce on them to teach them a lesson, they sang the birthday song along with Navya who giggles seeing her cartoon husband. He smiles beautifully but his smile soon turns into horror upon hearing their wishes. 

Nandini hugs him not caring about his dirty cloth and kisses his cheek while wishing him once again. 

Nandini:- Happy birthday, Bhai. ( Naughtily ) May god increase your blood production so that I can drink your blood day and night without caring about your health. 

Cabir:- I didn’t know that I have a blood-sucking sister. By the way, God gave me enough strength to bear three blood-sucking women, so you should worry about your husband who is going to bear Vampires’ Lady boss. 

Nandini:- ( Proudly ) Don’t take his tension. He learned how to handle me. I must say, he is a quick learner. 

Navya:- Did someone call me Vampire? 

Cabir smiles sheepishly and looks at his sister for support but his naughty sister always does the opposite of what he says. 

Nandini:- Yes Bhabhi, Bhai called you a blood-sucking vampire. 

Navya:- ( Giving glare to her husband ) I will see you later, Cabir. First, let’s cut the cake. 

Nandini:- ( Whispers in her brother’s ear ) I am sure that tonight is going to be too tough for you. Should me and Pihu use earplugs to avoid hearing your pleasurable moans? I mean, I am ok with this kind of stuff but Pihu… she is a little girl who doesn’t know how she comes into this world. 

Cabir’s eyes widened in shock hearing her naughty talk which made his ears pink because of shyness. Whereas the little Pihu heard her Bui and replied getting offended by her talks. 

Pihu:- Bui, don’t underestimate me. I know, I come into this world because Dad didn’t use a condom that night when he delivered me into Mom’s womb. 

Nandini looks at her with horror and palms her mouth while scolding her. 

Nandini:- I told you not to say this to anyone. 

Cabir stumbles when his daughter shoots that Condom arrow at him but his soul almost leaves his body when he hears Nandini. His sister taught Pihu all this. 

Cabir:- ( Timidly ) You taught her all this?

Nandini:- ( Trying to save herself from his scoldings ) No!… I just tried to give her sexual knowledge as nowadays it’s necessary. Everyone should know about it. ( Innocently ) I am giving her a lesson on good touch and bad touch but in flow-flow, I went overboard. 

Pihu:- ( Come forward to save her crime partner ) Dad, don’t scold my Bui. She is innocent. 

Cabir:- ( Sarcastically ) Haha… Innocent! My foot! ( Murmurs frustratingly gives a murderous look to his sister ) This girl opened a sex-education school in my home and I am not even aware of it. 

Their conversation comes to a halt as Navya bought cake and gestures to him to cut it. First, he makes a wish and blows out the candles before cutting a piece. The rest of the ladies sang the birthday song while he fed everyone one by one and kissed everyone’s forehead as a thank you. 

They decided to finally end their night and Cabir left Nandini’s room but not before checking her forehead and giving her instructions. 

Cabir:- Princess, if you feel uneasy then, call me immediately, ok? ( to Pihu ) And Pihu, tonight you will sleep with her and take care of your Bui and don’t you dare to trouble her. 

The girl nodded tiredly and huffed seeing his overprotectiveness for them. 

Pihu:- ( While palming her face ) Bui, I don’t know how I will handle him alone when you go away after marriage. 

Nandini:- Don’t worry, I will leave my handwritten book a THOUSAND WAY TO SUCK YOUR BROTHER’S BLOOD WITHOUT HIM KNOWING

Pihu giggles hearing the name of the book on which she is currently working. She snuggles in her Bui and kisses her cheek with love. 

Pihu:- I love you, Bui. 

Nandini:- Ahh… I wish I could say the same but I love my Shy boy, not you. 

Pihu pouts knowing she is teasing her, making her giggle. 

Nandini:- I love you… Now, sleep. Tomorrow we have lots of things to do. 

The next morning, as planned by Nandini, she went to Shy Boy’s house giving a task to Pihu after wishing her brother once again. Pihu hands over a paper to her father and instructs him as Bui told her. 

Cabir:- ( Looking at the paper ) What is this? 

Pihu:- ( Authoritatively ) This is your script for today’s drama. You have to learn each dialogue by heart and it’s Bui’s strict order that your acting should be real or else you know Bui can do anything. 

Cabir:- Are you trying to threaten me? 

Pihu:- No!… I am warning you because Bui said her name is enough to make you dance on our fingers. 

Cabir coughed while Navya giggled seeing her husband’s expressions. 

Cabir:- ( Sternly ) I am not participating in any drama. So, why am I learning this script?

Pihu:- You are a very bad actor and Bui wants perfection in her love story. And you have to act like professionals. 

Cabir:- ( While making an awful face seeing the script ) Don’t know what this girl will make me do? 

On the other hand, Nandini reached Shy Boy’s house and directly went into his room after greeting her favorite aunty. 

Nandini:- ( Going aww on his sleeping figure ) Aww… My Shy Boy looks so cute while sleeping. Don’t know when I will get the chance to sleep beside him. ( Slapping her forehead with red cheeks ) Shy Boy’s Fireball, keep your naughty thoughts aside for a day and focus on your plan. 

She smiles naughtily and takes a deep breath before sitting down beside him on the bed. She caresses his hair, making him smile in his sleep, and kisses his forehead, unable to control the urge to feel his skin but the kiss disturbed his sleep. He opened his eyes slowly and the first thing he saw was her and damn, a sweet smile adored his lips. 

Nandini:- ( Huskily, hiding her naughty grin ) Good Morning, My love. 

Manik:- ( blushingly ) Good…

Before he could continue, he saw her bandage and immediately got up and took her in his arms while squeezing her tightly. 

Manik:- ( Worriedly ) How are you? Why did you come here? Don’t you know that you are not well? Why are you not saying anything?

Nandini:- If you give me time then only I can update you about my health. 

Manik:- ( Cutely ) Sorry!…

Nandini:- It’s ok, and let me tell you there is not a single hospital that will keep me as a patient for more than 24 hours. 

Manik:- Do you fight with the doctor too? Why do you always do that? ( Dragging her out, urgently ) Come… You need doctor’s care and I will admit you again in the hospital as you are not well. 

Nandini looks at him with a wide open mouth and pulls him harshly onto the bed while hovering over him, making him shocked. 

Nandini:- So, you want to go somewhere, Shy Boy? Am I not looking fit? 

Manik is not in a state to respond as her body is sticking with him at every wrong point. She caresses his jawline, making it more difficult for him to control his moans. Out of nowhere, she confesses her love again, snatching his breath. 

Nandini:- I love you, Shy Boy. I love you so much… Please, don’t ever leave me. 

Saying this she wants to make him realize that there is no place for insecurities in their relationship but he is not ready to see that side. Whereas hearing her confession again all the events that happened last night come back in front of his eyes. He looked down not meeting her eyes and a tear unknowingly fell from his eyes which she noticed but didn’t say anything about as this is an expected reaction from him. She is waiting for him to start and provoking him more. 

Nandini:- Won’t you say anything about your feelings? 

Manik put a stone on his heart and pushed her aside and got up while turning his face to avoid looking at her sad expressions but to his dismay, Nandini is laughing silently and dancing seeing her plan working. 

Manik:- Fireball, I can never love you. I DON’T HAVE ANY FEELINGS FOR YOU. 

For a moment, she felt hurt but she is aware of his inner turmoil that’s why she stuck to her plan. She messed up her hair to show her disheveling state while choking her voice to sound like she will cry at any time. 

Nandini:- What are you saying, Shy Boy? 

He heard her and the guilt overpowered his senses. He swiftly turns around and her state crunches something in his heart. He can’t see tears in her eyes at the same time he can’t let her life ruin because of himself. But he has to be rude to push her away. 

Manik:- I CAN NEVER LOVE YOU… ( Gulping his tears ) BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT MY TYPE. 

Nandini never thought that the situation would be so hard for her. She is trying to act according to her plan but his words are aching her more than she expected. No one can hear such words from the person he/she loves but here she is standing strong only for THEIR LOVE. 

To be continued…

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