In a car, three or four men are sitting and discussing their next target. One of the men says, “According to my sources, CM’s daughter studies in that college, and today she wore a short kurta with blue jeans.” He stopped for a moment and looked at his watch to check the time and went on, “Now, she must be waiting for her car but as per our plan the driver won’t reach to pick her up.” 

Another man smirks and says, “That CM always comes in between our work. Today, we will kidnap his daughter and see how he will open his mouth to abuse us.” The rest of the men smirked devilishly and planned a party at night after the completion of their task. 


Outside of a college gate near a lesser crowd, Nandini is standing all alone typing something on her mobile while her full concentration is on her surroundings. The rest of her team is nearby in their casual clothes to look after her. One of the officers asked Cabir, “Sir, are you sure that Nandini can complete this task? She is a new joiner and you gave her such an important and difficult task.” Cabir smiles and doesn’t even remove his eyes from her and replies, “She is the best in her work. I read her file and I am confident that she won’t disappoint us.” 

It’s been 2 hours and there is no clue about the gang but it didn’t lower Nandini’s spirit even a bit while the rest of the team is now lazing around. 

Soon a car came near the college gate but no one noticed it. A man inside the car informed his subordinate while pointing at Nandini who was standing a little far from them, “Sir, look, she is wearing a short kurta and blue jeans. She must be CM’s daughter.” Others nod their head but their chief stops them from doing anything in a rush, “Just notice her for a while before doing anything. We have to be very careful with her because she is special.” 

Nandini yawned tiredly and dials Cabir’s number who answered it on the first ring, “Sir, I need to use the washroom so, can I go…” Cabir replied positively and she went inside the college premises to use the restroom. The gang noticed it and they also took their car towards the back door while one or two men walked behind Nandini, secretly. 

After a moment, Nandini is in their clutches and they are dragging her to sit in the car while she is trying every possible attempt to free herself. She tried yelling to inform her colleagues to inform them about the situation but they tied her mouth and slapped her hard to take control over her. One of the men threw her phone away and laughed seeing her struggle to get it. Now, she understands that everything is going wrong with her and she is in a complete mess. She tried to fight them with all her courage but they were around five and she was alone in it. 

Within five minutes, Nandini is being dragged out from the college premises where her team has no clue about what happened to her. She keeps banging the window to get attention from someone but all her attempts are stopped by them. The car stopped at a signal and she looked out of the window and her eyes locked with one brown pair. She gazed into his brown orbs which were looking at her with adoration. For him, it seems like everything stopped. Whereas she looks at him with hopeful eyes and a tear slips from her eyes, giving him a different feeling all of a sudden. She murmurs a simple HELP and he understands her in a fraction. 


“Follow that car, right now,” Manik yelled, pointing at a black Innova. Kaushal leaves the bike handle and turns to face him only to hear another thunderous roar of his, “Can’t you hear?… FOLLOW THAT CAR, RIGHT NOW.” 

Kaushal looks at the front and follows the car while Manik is not able to forget THOSE HOPEFUL EYES. In a single glance, he understood that those eyes were going to be his death. “We have to reach Sona’s factory to kill Suleman. Did you forget?” Kaushal asked after a brief moment but didn’t wait for his reply because he saw the same car entering Sona’s factory. “You knew that this car was his?” He asked but Manik didn’t wait and ran inside, making him confused. “What the hell is happening?” He yelled but now there was no one to answer him. 


Nandini was dragged out by one of the men and he also threw her into a room where the other girls were also present who are going to Dubai for the next assignment. For a moment, she forgot her pain and looked at the girls who were weeping. “Hey, don’t cry. I am from the Police department and trust me, I and my team will rescue you guys from here.” Nandini tried to give courage to all of them who all looked at her with hope. “Are you sure, ma’am?” A little girl asked which made her emotional but she replied positively, “Yes!… Keep faith in us.” 

All of a sudden, the door broke into two and a man is standing on the other side of the door as if his life is at stake. His hair is all messy while his veins are popping out from his hand, and his heartbeat is on an accelerator. The surrounding air is filled with dust giving some thriller feel while he enters inside like some action hero and seeing him Nandini can’t even blink her eyes. His handsome face is all she is gawking at from the start and as soon as their eyes meet, THE WORLD STOPPED FOR THEM. 

She looks deep into his eyes and remembers those brown orbs which she noticed at the traffic signal in the crowd. “You…” Before she could say anything more, a man enters with a big iron rod and was ready to hit the RESCUER but she pushed him aside and held the rod while twisting the man’s hand and turning his neck to another side, making him fall on the floor like a corpse in a blink of an eye.

Seeing the scene, the Rescuer’s eyes came out of its socket while his jaw touched the floor seeing THE IRON LADY IN ACTION. He can’t believe his eyes that a girl saved his life when he is busily drooling over her. 

Otherside Nandini checked the pockets of the man she just killed and took out his pistol. “Let’s go!… Follow me in a line and don’t make a noise, understand?” Nandini commands, looking at all of them and waits for their approval. No girl is sure about leaving the room because they know if they get caught then there is no tomorrow for them but the RESCUER nods with his cheeky smile and follows her innocently. The rest of the girls follow them, having no other option. 



Nandini again shot a man right across his forehead, not giving him a single chance to live a second more while the girls closed their ears hearing the gun sound. Whereas the RESCUER smiles in bliss and murmurs, “FIVE!”

“Are you counting the kills?” Nandini asked the man who is clinging to her like she is his koala bear. The man nods, passing another cute smile to her, and says, “I never thought that the pistol would look so hot in any girl’s hands before I met you.” She grits her teeth and replies, arrogantly, “It will look hottest when I shoot a bullet in your heart with this.” He goes all aww on her expressions and flirts freely, “I would love to have that bullet if you give it to me with all YOUR LOVE.”

Nandini looks at him with wide eyes while one of the girls whispers in Manik’s ear, “Bhaiya, You are flirting with the wrong girl. She is a police officer.” Now, it’s his time to get surprised but soon he has a very cheeky smile, “You are the police… Oh my god!… I have had a very good bond with the police since childhood. Now, I understand why the police always roam around me.”

Nandini rolls her eyes and soon hears a ringtone. “Oh!… My phone…” He says and pulls out his phone from his jeans pocket and receives the call unknown to her gaze. She is looking at him with those red eyes and snatched his phone before he could converse. “You had a phone… Why didn’t you tell me this before?… IDIOT!” She yelled and dials her senior’s number.

 “Did you ask?” The rescuer asked back while looking at her with narrowed eyes. Nandini informed her team about her location who was finding her for half an hour and called them here in an emergency. After cutting the call she hands his phone back to him who smirks and says, “Nice way to get a handsome man’s number without asking him.” 

Nandini pushed him a little away and asked while gritting her teeth in rage, “WHO ARE YOU?” He smiles and replies not caring about her anger, “You are cute but in anger, you look hot.” She narrowed her eyes on him and he continued, “Ok!… You look the hottest in anger, ok?” She raised her hand to punch him but they noticed that they were at gunpoint and the gang surrounded them. 


“Kyu chore?… Tujhe laga ki tu un ladkiyo ko le jayenge yaha se aur hum kuch nahi karegi?” ( Do you think that you will take those girls away from here and we won’t do anything?) A man asked while holding his collar while Nandini just witnessed the scene standing beside him but she didn’t notice a single frown on HER RESCUER’s face. He chuckles and says, “Seems like you don’t know me. ( Smirks ) Ok, soon you will get to know about me and unfortunately, that would be your last day.” Not giving a chance to the man to reply, he twists his wrist and shoots at his forehead with the gun the man pointed at him. 

The audience gasps while Nandini looks at him with frowns but she didn’t have enough time because the place became a fish market. Her team also reached the location while everyone was fighting and shooting bullets. The rescuer palmed her hand and pulled her into a corner, “IT’S SHOWTIME, MADAM JI.” She looks at him with curiosity while he just loves her expressions. 


To be continued…

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