“Manik, why don’t you look for another girl? Many girls are ready to shower love on you then, why are you still waiting for the soul who is dead?” Aditya said without caring about his words. 

Manik’s eyes turned red hearing him. If looks can kill then Aditya would be in heaven till now. He turned and grabbed his neck while making him stand against the wall. 

“Just don’t! Don’t you dare to mention her with your flirty mouth or else I will forget about the relationship which we share…” Manik put each word in his mind while giving stress to every word. While Kaushal is trying his level best to save Aditya from the monster’s clutches. 

“Manik!… leave him. He will die… just look at his state. He is having difficulty breathing, leave him… please!” Kaushal pleads and tries to push Manik away from Aditya but his strength and power are nothing in front of him. 

They were disturbed by a man who barged inside in full attitude, making them annoyed. “Boss is calling you three at his house right now.” His eyes fell on Manik who is killing Aditya with his bloodshot red eyes which makes him smirk and he continues, “ Manik, Boss wants to meet you all three alive but I won’t mind if you kill him”. 

Igniting Manik more, he left the room, and as soon as he exited Manik left Aditya’s neck. Aditya slummed down on the floor and whimpered in pain. His neck hurts and his breathing is also not in his control whereas Kaushal pushed the raging Manik back and bought water for the injured soul.  

Kaushal is panicking seeing Aditya’s condition that’s why Manik says ruthlessly, “Jyada bhav mat de use, zinda hai mara nahi hai…”. ( Don’t give him more importance, he is not dead yet )

“Saale! Ek baari aane de teri mehbooba ko phir mai tujhe dhikhata hoo.” ( Let your girlfriend come then I will show you who I am. ) Aditya hissed and stood up while rubbing his neck which pains like hell. He wants to punch Manik’s not-so-handsome face but his fear is more than his urges that’s why he left the gallery while just threatening him. 

Manik looked at his retreating figure and warned him, “ If you ever try to talk about HER then, that day will be your last day, mark my words”. Aditya heard him but chose to ignore him as for him first aid is more important right now. 

Here, Manik is raging like a bull. His anger is his weakness which he can’t keep in control. He can hear anything but can’t hear a word against HER even when HE HATES HER. He is huffing like a bull and now knows how to control his anger. Without a tinge of fear and hesitation, he punched the iron railing of the gallery, making his hand injured.

Right now, any normal person would feel pain but he is satisfied. The blood rolling down from his knuckles gives him relaxation that he is deprived of for years. 

Seeing his bleeding hand, Aditya and Kaushal just roll their eyes. “I hope that you didn’t harm our railing again or did you?” Kaushal asked while rubbing a pain-relieving gel on Aditya’s neck. 

Manik ignores them like they are not even in the room and lies down on his bed without caring about his bleeding hand. “Maan karta hai kisi din iska murder karke bhag jau..” ( I want to run away after murdering him. ) He heard Aditya murmur and replied arrogantly, “Give it a try then see what I will do to your dead body.” 

“Saale ke kaan toh billi se bhi tez hai.” ( His hearing power is stronger than the cat. ) Kaushal whispers and throws the first aid kit on Manik’s face while continuing, “Do your first aid yourself.” 

Manik nods and picks up the box while staring at both the boys who are looking at him curiously. “What? Don’t tell me you guys are thinking of changing your gender and ruining my dignity”. He takes out the cotton from the box and just wipes his blood not caring about applying an ointment on his wound. 

“Maa kasam agar tu ladki bhi hota na toh bhi mai tere saath soone ke baare mai nahi sochta. Lekin abhi toh tu phir bhi ladka hai.” ( I swear on my mom, I will never ever dreamt of sleeping with you if by chance you would be a girl. ) Kaushal said while making a bad face. 

“Bhai, don’t you feel any pain? Your hand swelled up while it turned deep red.” Aditya asked concernedly seeing the condition of his injured hand. 

Manik ignored his statement and stood up while saying, “I am going to bring the car till then come outside. We have to go, Boss is calling us for work.” Now both the boys realized that their Boss wants to meet them. 

“Yr, Manik, can’t we just delay this meeting? I want to go somewhere and it’s urgent.” Kaushal tried to cancel their late-night meeting knowing very well that it was only Manik who could deny their Boss’s order. 

“And why so?” Manik asks while crossing his hands around his chest. Although he has an idea about his urgent work. 

“Woh… Rajani ke pass jana hai. Apun ne usko waada kiya hai ki usko aaj raat jannat dikhaye ga…” ( Woh… I promised Rajani that tonight I will show her heaven. ) Kaushal spoke with a tinge of a blush, making Manik Malhotra frustrated because he hates the feeling called LOVE and LUST. If someone would ask him about love some years back then he would give them a lecture for a whole day. But now he hates those words. The reason is the same, LOVE is not permanent in your life. It makes you weak and tarnishes your existence according to him. 

“Haa, haa kyu nahi. Jannat ke saath-saath usko jhandum ( hell ) bhi dhikhana kyuki Boss tujhe waha par bhej dege jaldi hi.” ( Yes, Yes, why not? Show her heaven as well as hell too because Boss will send you there soon. ) Manik says with a smirk spoiling his mood. 

“Saale, ko bada maza aata hai do aashiqon ko tadpane mai… Kya tu nahi dekh sakta kisi ko pyaar karte hue?” ( Bloody moron, enjoys when two lovers suffer because of him. Can’t you see anyone in love? ) Kaushal asks while making a bad face only to get speechless with his reply. 

“Pyaar-Vyaar jaisi koi cheez nahi hoti hai. Hota hai toh sirf DARD… or sirf DARD.” ( There are no such things called love only Pain is our friend. ) Manik replied, sharing his experience. Although he shows his monstrous and careless side to everyone but, deep down he still loves the same girl who stole his heart 18 years back. And somewhere he is still waiting to see her once before he leaves this world.

18 years back he was ready to suicide just to be with HER but here he is living to fulfill HER PROMISE

Otherside, his two best friends look at his Devdas ‘ side and nod their heads in disbelief but stay quiet knowing the consequences of talking about HER. Having no other options they settle down in the car whereas Manik calms himself and plasters his face with arrogance before driving towards their destination. 

After driving the car for 40 minutes, they reached their Boss’s house, and Manik parked the car. The house is lavish with the touch of modern interiors. Anyone can think that this house is of some celebrity or politician but this is the house of Mumbai’s famous Don, AMIR RAHEJA. Almost 100 guards were guarding the boundaries of the house. 

Manik walks inside the house after going through a security check. No matter who you are, you can’t enter the building without passing through a security check. He settles down on the couch which is just in front of his Boss’s chair, royally. 

Aditya and Kaushal too settle down behind him while keeping their guns at the table present in front of them. Just then they all heard the sound of heels and the sexiest lady wearing the thinnest fabric which barely reaches her thighs descends the stairs giving seducing looks to the most charming bachelor in the gang i.e. Manik Malhotra. 

“Iss Aarti ki aaj toh AARTI hi ho jaye gi…” ( Today, Aarti is going to be dead. ) Kaushal whispers in Aditya’s ear seeing the looks which she is passing to the monster. 



Aarti walks down and instantly settles down in Manik’s lap while touching his face seductively. Her fingers move down from his face to his neck, his chest, and then finally stop just above his crotch. She gives a slight push and then BOOM…. 



To be continued…

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