Sidharth is roaming everywhere in the men’s section, following the lady in command. It would be a lie if I say that he didn’t faint seeing the price on the tags. But he is not able to take control over HIS FIERCE GIRL, Shehnaaz, who is picking every second item and throwing it at him while ignoring all his rants. 

Every time he tries to convince her not to buy that shirt or trousers giving random excuses but the girl becomes deaf. 

Sidharth:- Shehnaaz, I don’t like its color. I will not wear this. 

Shehnaaz replies with authority as if she is his wife. 

Shehnaaz:- Shy boy, you are going to wear this shirt if you want it or not. You have no choice. From now on you are going to wear what I chose for you. So, get used to this. 

Sidharth:- ( murmurs ) How can I get habitual of this? I am feeling puking seeing the prices. 

After emptying almost the entire current stock of the showroom Shehnaaz walks toward the trial room and threw the bomb at the innocent shy boy. 

Shehnaaz:- Shy boy, go, try all these outfits and show me then I will choose the best for you. 

Sidharth snapped his head at her immediately with wide eyes and yelled, gaining some unnecessary attention. 

Sidharth:- Are you serious? You emptied the whole shop and are saying to try all these outfits. 

Before fixing his gaze on her he looks at the heap of clothes that she chose for him. But how can Shehnaaz let him neglect her demand? She thrust the clothes in his hand and pushed him inside the trial room while saying excitedly. 


Sidharth:- ( hissed timidly ) Shehnaaz, is this a place to give you a show to cherish? ( pleadingly ) I will do Ramp walks, Champ walks, everything for you but at home. 

Shehnaaz goes all aww on his expressions and pulls his cheeks, making him blush again. It’s a fact that he never denied any of her orders and unknowingly she loves his nature. She knows that if she ever tells him to jump from that cliff then he would also do that without thinking once about his life. He trusts her all his life. But Shehnaaz is Shehnaaz who never backs out from her words. 

Shehnaaz:- Change your clothes and show me or else I won’t mind helping you in changing as I already witnessed your treasure in the morning. 

Sidharth’s cheeks heat up while his eyeballs come out of their sockets. Silently he walks inside and closes the door while looking at the floor to hide his blush. He is curious to know how every damn time she made him blush. The mere thought of taking her help in changing his clothes made him blushy king then god knows what he will do if it becomes reality. 

Outside Shehnaaz bites her lip and giggles seeing the blushy Sidharth who is her favorite site to witness. She can spend thousands of rupees just to see his blushy smile which always stirs something in her heart. She doesn’t know all these feelings but she wants to experience these feelings with him only. 

And from now, THE SIDHARTH SHUKLA’S RAMP SHOW STARTS. The shy boy comes out after changing his outfits one by one and shows her his look. But every time Shehnaaz utters a single word i.e. NO!

After an hour and trying out every dress, Sidharth comes out from the trial room tiredly and looks at Shehnaaz who is enjoying her beverage while having fun with the salesgirl. 

Sidharth:- ( tiredly ) Shehnaaz, How is this? Should we finalize this? This is the last! 

The sales girl looks at him from head to toe and bites her lips seductively which was noticed by Shehnaaz. 

Salesgirl:- Ya! Sir, this is looking good on you. I must say you are looking hot in this outfit. 

She purposely touches Sidharth’s chest who is tired to even notice that. She is giving him looks that convey that she is all ready to be laid down under him. But these actions are not understood by that little innocent shy boy who runs away with a girl’s single touch.  

Otherside, Shehnaaz narrowed her eyes after hearing her comment and seeing her actions. Don’t know why but she didn’t like the way she compliments him as according to her only she has a right to praise him. The girl’s acts give rise to her possessiveness. Her eyes are buried in the hand which is touching Sidharth’s front without his knowledge.

Much to Sidharth’s miseries, she noticed a little blush that appeared on his cheeks hearing the compliment from a stranger. She is feeling like turning his blush into the redness created by her hard punch. Whereas the Shy Boy is unaware of her violent thoughts. He simply slumped down on the stool and wiped his sweat while saying. 

Sidharth:- then we are finalizing this. ( to the sales girl ) Please, pack this for us. 

Shehnaaz:- ( while gritting her teeth ) Why pack this? She said that’s why?

Sidharth looked at her with astonishment and gulped hard, seeing her in a pissed-off mood. He is confused seeing her split personality because just a moment ago she was having a gala time with the sales girl but now she is glaring at her as if she committed a crime. 

Shehnaaz comes closer to him, giving him sweat beds and pushing that sales girl, making him realize that she was way too close to him. The girl ran away seeing the situation while Sidharth looked at her, blankly. 

Shehnaaz:- Don’t you dare to forget that you came shopping with me, MR. OPPORTUNIST SHY BOY. 

Sidharth gasped after getting a new name from her which is the exact opposite of his personality. Opportunist, and he? She must be kidding, right? 

Sidharth:- OPPORTUNIST? ME? 

Shehnaaz:- Yes! 

Shehnaaz turns her head to another side because she is forgetting her anger seeing his expression which is so cute just like him. Whereas Sidharth is not liking her ignorance.

Sidharth:- ( with a cute pout ) What have I done, Shehnaaz? 

Shehnaaz hides her smile and tries to focus on her anger. 

Shehnaaz:- ( in a pissed-off mood ) No! You did nothing. I am the one who agreed with her choice, didn’t I? 

Sidharth:- ( innocently ) When did I agree with her choice? 

Shehnaaz:- Oh… So, Am I getting angry because of no reason? 

Sidharth nods his head in denial seeing her red eyes and immediately apologizes. 

Sidharth:- I am sorry, Shehnaaz. I didn’t have any intention to hurt you. 

Hearing him, Shehnaaz realizes that she is getting angry at him because of that girl. Many questions are arising in her mind like, Is she getting possessive of him? But the main question is, WHY SHE IS GETTING POSSESSIVE FOR HIM? HE IS HER JUST FRIEND! 

Otherside, Sidharth is feeling like killing himself because HIS FIERCE GIRL is angry. He didn’t know the reason for her anger, but he is ready to do anything to get her forgiveness. If getting possessive is new for Shehnaaz then it is also new for him. Never in his life had he felt someone getting possessive of him. 

Sidharth:- trust me Shehnaaz, I will buy whatever you will choose. 

He tried to dismiss the topic here only because he didn’t want to fight with her. Shehnaaz nods with a blank expression as she wants to get the answers to her questions first before coming to any conclusion. 

Sidharth:- ( innocently ) By the way, Am I not looking good in these outfits? 

Shehnaaz looks at him from head to toe. He is looking like a perfect rockstar just the way she wants him to look. The trousers and his jacket are just perfect, almost opposite of his daily attire. His eyes are shining like a star without the hindrance of his specs that can make any girl fall in his orbs which she doesn’t want. In short, he is looking like a Greek god in this new makeover. But she is not liking these changes in him. 

She likes him the same way he is. His check shirts and normal pants with his big square glasses made him, HER INNOCENT SHY BOY. If she has an option then she would never try to change the way he is as SHE LOVES HIS REAL INNOCENT SELF WHICH IS RARE LIKE DIAMONDS. Don’t know why but she is not happy with these changes. 

Shehnaaz:- ya…. It’s good but for me, your old clothes are better than this. In this attire, you are looking like a rockstar, THE SIDHARTH SHUKLA…. Not my Shy boy! ( huffs ) Let it go….. We are taking this home. 

Sidharth smiles hearing her, as till now, no one loves him the way he is. They always try to change him but here Shehnaaz has an opportunity to change him but still she chose his usual self above rich clothing. It’s a fact that wearing expensive trousers and Jackets is not his style. He loves to stay grounded but now he has a dream to be a rockstar and for that, he has to bring some changes in himself. 

At the same time, he understood that Shehnaaz was not happy with these changes. And only for her, he pledges to never change himself no matter how big a rockstar he will become, the reason is still unknown to him. With this thought, he again walks inside the trial room and changes his clothes. 

As soon as he comes out, Shehnaaz comes forward and cleans his specs with her t-shirt before making him wear it. During the whole time, Sidharth is looking at her actions innocently. 

Shehnaaz:- ( looking at him from head to toe ) Now, you are looking like MY SHY BOY! 

Saying this, she silently walks out leaving a smile on Sidharth’s lips. His cheeks are getting redder with the way she claims him as her’s shy boy. 

Sidharth:- ( grinned ) My shy boy!…… SHEHNAAZ’S SHY BOY! 

To be continued…

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