Aarti walks down and instantly settles down in Manik’s lap while touching his face seductively. Her fingers move down from his face to his neck, his chest, and then finally stop just above his crotch. She gives a slight push and then BOOM…. 

Manik pushed her so hard that she fell on her bum a few centimeters away, making others giggle. He placed his right leg on his other knee like a boss and said, “This is your real place, Miss Aarti. You look great at my feet.” Saying this he dusts his pants to remove her touch and smell while insulting her indirectly. He is all calm and peaceful as it’s his routine to shoo off the girls. 

It’s been 18 years, he never let anyone touch him as only SHE has the right to touch him although he hates her. But the fact is, he hates seeing how his heart beats for her till now, he hates seeing the way his eyes are anxiously waiting for her one glimpse, his nose is dying to smell her aroma, his lips want to cherish her lips, and his arms wants to embrace her in it before dead consume him. 

Otherside, Aarti fumes in anger but after a second smirk like an sl*t giving naughty looks to him, making him annoyed. Not caring about anything or anyone, she opens her legs wide showing her white lacy pant* to him. She bites her lower lip trying to be seductive but she doesn’t know that it is not easy to melt the monster. Her thinnest dress is raised upwards till her waist shows her toned legs. She traced her vertical lips down there with her sharp nails in front of twenty-plus men just to get Manik’s attention.  

Seeing her getting wet, most of the men fell into the trap of her charm but Manik is the only one who didn’t even look at her any body part except her face. His eyes are stuck to her face with the only thought “How much will she stoop low to get him on her bed?” She is trying her two hundred percent to get his attention but his eyes are denying to get a glimpse of anything other than her face. 

Aarti looks around and finds out that almost all the men’ are saluting her through their pants except the one whose hardness she wants. Even Aditya and Kaushal stir on their seats uncomfortably making her smirk broader. The bulge in everyone’s pants is quite visible after watching her show but no one dares to do anything except warming their eyes. 

Among everyone, only Manik is the one who is not hard or not even at the corner of getting his hardness. He is sitting there calmly and watching Aarti’s drama while rolling his eyeballs. 

“These tricks won’t work on me, Miss Sl*t. You won’t get me, not in this birth or not in another seven births.” Manik states calmly while maintaining his rough tone. He so wants to put all the six bullets in her head but alas, his Boss wants her every day on his bed. 

“Why? Where am I lacking, baby?” Aarti asks in her seductive tone while using sweet endearments as no one till now dared to ignore her like he always does. 

“You are not what my heart wants! You don’t have the features that I want. You are not my type, Aarti. So please, maintain the gap from me because the result won’t be good for you.” Manik tries his level best to make her understand and not to shoot her right here. 

“Not my type! Bhai, iski type hai kya? Pichle 18 saalo se toh kisi ladki ki taraf dekha nahi aur hai yeah aab 42 ka.” ( Not my type! Bhai, What is his type? He turned 42 this year and for the last 18 years, he didn’t even look at any girl. ) Aditya said hearing his statement “not my type!”

“Haa… yeah itne saalo se apne aap ko control kaise kar raha hai? Mai bhi toh 44 ka hoo aur is umar mai mujhe roj Rajani chachiye hoti hai.” ( Yaa, I am also turning 44 this year and I can’t even spend a night without having Rajani in my arms. But here, how is he controlling himself? ) Kaushal said confusingly while rubbing his hardness which is poking him through his pants with the mere thought of his Rajani. 

Aditya gave this a thought and after a second yelled with wide eyes in Kaushal’s ear, making him deaf.“Kahi ise….. Ladko mai toh interest nahi hai?” ( Is he interested in boys? ) 

“Sahi keh raha hai, Bhai. Isse bach kar rehna padega…” ( You are right, brother! We have to keep distance from him. ) Kaushal replied with fear dripping from his tongue and looked at Manik sacredly. 

“What is your type, Manik?” Aarti asks furiously after getting rejected by him for the hundredth time. 

Manik rolls his eyes irritatingly as he hates when someone asks questions from him. He is sure that if she utters a word more then, he will bang her head on the wall until it starts bleeding. 

At the same time, a man who is around 60 descends the stairs in his royal black suit while all the other goons stood up to give him respect. Aarti too stood up and dusted her dress glaring at Manik who doesn’t care about her. 

The man is none other than their BOSS, AMIR RAHEJA. 



Amir sits on Boss’s chair while others too settle down after him. “How are you, boys?” He asks the three boys who are sitting in front of them. 

“Fine!…” Manik replied with a cut short answer and looked at his boss who put the six bundles of notes on the table. 

“Your reward for completing one more task effortlessly.” He said with a smile and gestured for them to take the money. Although he is a rough and tough man but with Manik, he acts all cool for two reasons. First, he knows him from his childhood, and second, he loves how he completes all his tasks without making a fuss. He is the only man in his gang who gives his 100% to his work and doesn’t care about anyone except his money. 

Manik gestures to Aditya who packs all the money in his bag while he continues, “Why did you call us here all of a sudden?” 

“I like this quality, Manik. Directly on point!…. By the way, I have one more job for you guys.” Amir looked at them smilingly and lit up his cigarette. Manik nods as a gesture to continue, “You have to kidnap a girl.” 

“We are not doing this. You know kidnapping is not our work, give this to any other junior. If you want to kill that girl then I am up for it but for kidnapping we are unavailable.” Manik declared as soon as the words hit his ears. He doesn’t believe in kidnapping and all. He just knows to kill a boy or a girl on the spot without delay. 

Aditya and Kaushal support him while nodding their heads. 

“I know but this work is very special for us and I can’t trust anyone except you. Above all, you guys will get a triple payment. So, think wisely…” Amir pressurizes them to take on this task. For him, this work is very special and important that’s why he chose his most trusted man for it. 

Manik discussed this with his friends and they agreed as they will get triple payment for this minor kidnapping. Manik too agreed with them not knowing that this one kidnapping will change his life upside down. 

“We are ready for this work……. Say, “What do we have to do and when?” Manik asked while concentrating on the conversation as his heart suddenly started beating faster. The restlessness corrupted his heart, making him crazy.

“You have to kidnap this girl tomorrow itself before her wedding and keep her safe until my next order,” Amir ordered and kept a paper on the table which just contains the address of the house from where they have to kidnap the girl.

“You mean to say that we have to kidnap the bride!” Aditya asks to clear his confusion while Amir nods in affirmation. “Means we had such a bad time that now we have to kidnap a bride! What about the groom?”

Manik rolls his eyes hearing Aditya and ignores him totally while asking the question which is troubling him, “Why do we have to keep her safe? Who is behind all this?” 

“You have to keep her safe because Harshad wants that girl for himself. She is going to be Harshad’s possession and you already know he is our financier so we can’t deny his order.” Amir said with seriousness knowing how Harshad is important to their business and continued, “So, we have to keep her safe until he comes back from Dubai.”

“But he is married, isn’t he?” Kaushal asks as he just remembered that he met Harshad’s wife at one of the parties. 

“Ya… but who wouldn’t like a beautiful mistress only for himself?” Amir says while looking at his own mistress Aarti who gives him a seductive smile and seeing her smile Manik just wants to wipe it with his revolver. 

To be continued…

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