Manik comes out of his zone when a girl pats his shoulder to gain his attention. He almost choked seeing his fear standing in front of him with her gang, giving him smirks. If luck permits, he will kick her guts out to remove that evil smirk from her lips, but his morals of never raising a hand on females come in between. 

Although he is a calm yet sorted person, when this girl comes in front of him then he just wishes to kill her. He closes his eyes in disgust upon hearing her seductive voice. Wait for a second, did he say seductive? Damn No!… It’s the most horrible voice for him. 

The girl:- Hello, Manik! 

Manik:- ( Stammers in nervousness ) He..ll…o

The girl:- Didn’t you recognize me? 

Manik kept quiet for a minute and looked around to find his savior. Now he knows what he needs right at this moment. HE NEEDS HIS FIREBALL BESIDE HIM WHO IS CAPABLE OF TACKLING SUCH SILLY PERSONALITIES. But alas she is nowhere to be seen.

Seeing him speechless, the girl again speaks while tracing his chest line seductively. He rolls his eyes in disgust and moves back slightly to break the contact with her. 

The girl:- Didn’t you remember me, Manik? Like seriously? 

He gulps in nervousness as he is not good with girls. He loses his confidence as soon as the girls come near him except for HIS FIREBALL. But to lessen his miseries HIS GIRL finally arrived. 

Nandini:- Why will he remember you? Are you some HISTORICAL DATE or THE PRIME MINISTER? 

Manik relaxes and smiles broadly seeing HIS FIREBALL standing beside him. Suddenly the blood rushes in her nerve and the confidence is back in him. For the very first time, he smirks back giving a victory look to the girl’s gang, making them surprised. 

The girl and her gang got furious hearing Nandini’s words and after seeing the smirk on Manik’s face. They can’t see the fact that their INNOCENT PUPPET has the upper hand in anything. 

The girl:- ( furiously, to Nandini ) Hey!… None of your concern, Miss arrogant. 

Nandini raised her eyebrows after hearing the endearment she used for her and chuckled but this statement didn’t go well with MANIK MALHOTRA. He gives the reply with rage and shows his displeasure with his tone, making HIS FIREBALL surprised. 

Manik:- Everything is her concern when it’s about me. Only her concerns! 

The girl and her gang look at him with wide eyes and curls their fists angrily. 

Nandini:- ( gushing over Manik and murmurs ) Haye…… MY PROTECTIVE SHY BOY! 

The girl pushed Nandini making her stumble and angry at the same time whereas Manik’s smirk broader with a murmur, “Now she will show you your real face, MISS BITCHY BITCH.” No one is happier than him right now. 

The girl:- ( Angrily ) Who are you? 

Nandini:- ( in her famous attitude ) Well I am a WONDER WOMAN who keeps bees like you away from honey. 

Saying this she pushes her hand back from Manik’s shoulder giving her a hint that she called her a BEE and Manik a SWEET HONEY. 

The girl:- ( Angrily ) By any chance, are you calling me a bee? 

Nandini:- ( Apologetically ) I am so sorry. I know I can’t insult Bees like this by comparing them with you. 

First Manik becomes shocked hearing her sorry but after her second sentence, he can’t stop his laugh which angers others. He covers his mouth to hide his laugh and takes a note to pat Nandini’s back with appreciation. 

The girl:- Hey! Keep your smartness in your pockets, miss. 

Nandini:- ( while flipping her hair ) Your’s bad luck, I don’t have pockets today. So, my smartness will again come out to show you your real place. 

The girl:- ( Trying to scare her ) You don’t know me…

Nandini:- ( with a broad smile ) Then it’s my good fortune. 

This is it, Nandini can’t be sassier than this. Manik can’t handle it anymore. His cheeks are hurting like hell after laughing so much. The girl had enough of Nandini and Manik’s laugh. She just wants to wipe that smile from his lips. 

The girl:- ( trying to look like a seductress ) I will handle you afterward but first let me meet MY OLD LOVER… 

And as expected Manik’s smile vanished whereas Nandini frowns. 

The girl:- Long time no see! Manik, you didn’t even change a bit. Same ugly clothes, 

A boy from the gang continues:- Same Specs… Same ugly face

This time the gang laughs at Manik’s expense while Nandini curls her fist angrily and at any time she will break their bones. But with this, she understood that they are bullies. 

Much to Nandini’s annoyance, the girl hugs Manik who moves back uncomfortably feeling embarrassed but he didn’t even touch a nail of hers. Seeing HER SHY BOY in this situation she harshly pull back that girl by grabbing her collar, making him chuckle. 

Nandini:- Who are you? And how can you hug him like that without his consent?

The girl smirks seeing the look on her face. 

The girl:- I think you need my introduction. So, let me introduce myself. ( extra sweetly ) Hey, My name is ALYA SAHNI, MANIK’S GIRLFRIEND. 


With the mention of a Girlfriend, Manik looks at her with pure disgust and fear arises in her heart, what would happen if Nandini didn’t trust him in this matter? At this time he doesn’t care about anyone except HIS FIREBALL. But Nandini’s next words clear his doubt. 

Nandini:- ( While raising her eyebrows ) EX-GIRLFRIEND! IF I AM NOT WRONG. 

Alya:- ( while making a small face ) Ya… Ex-girlfriend, but it doesn’t matter, right Manik? 


For the first time, Manik raised his voice against her and showed her real place giving another shock to the gang. If not to save him from the bullies then till now Nandini would be in a hospital bed after a heart attack. Today he is showing his different colors much to her astonishment. But she is unaware of the fact that he is dealing with this situation bravely only because of her. 

The gang greets their teeth because their plan to insult Manik is backfire on them. Still, Alya tries to bully their favorite target after ignoring everything and maintaining her sugar-coated tone. 

Alya:- Glad to see you again… I mean, I missed you a lot, Manik. Didn’t you miss me?

A random girl:- Ya… Who will not miss such a time pass? 

The gang laughs while Nandini’s confusion is increasing minute by minute. 

Alya:- Hey, Shh… don’t call him timepass. Don’t forget that I AM HIS FIRST LOVE. 

A random guy from the gang:- The one to whom you ditched, right? 

Manik stayed silent because this triggered his worst memories, making his eyes wet. He starts feeling uneasy and seeing his situation Nandini decides to take him away from there. She will deal with them later. But how can they let their favorite target go so easily? 

Alya:- ( with a chuckle ) Ya!… And why not? Who will stay with him? He is not capable of treating his girlfriend like a gentleman. Such a poor class! 

Nandini intervene her hand with Manik’s hand to give him strength and stood beside him like a wall. This time her tone becomes emotional and calm which is rare in her case. 

Nandini:- I think you made the biggest mistake of your life by ditching a man like him. I hope you will regret it soon. 

Alya:- Why will I regret it? Does he have anything special? 

At this question, Nandini smiles blissfully and looks at Manik tightening her hold on his hand while saying. 

Nandini:- He has the world’s purest heart which is LOYAL. ( with a smug smile ) By the way, you guys can understand BEING LOYAL TO ONE PERSON IS RARE IN THIS GENERATION. Isn’t it? And about the reason, you will get it soon.

Manik was overwhelmed by her answer and the smile came back in a second which reflected on Nandini’s lips too. Without saying anything she turns around still holding his hand and starts walking to get inside the campus. But after two-three steps she turns back with a genuine smile, making him confused. 

Nandini:- Thanks Alya for ditching him because HE DESERVES BETTER. 

Alya fumes while there is no end to Manik’s smile. 

Manik:- ( rubbing his neck with a blush while looking at HIS FIREBALL ) I think I deserve the best. 

Nandini:- ( giggles ) Undoubtedly…

To be continued…

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