Nandini took Manik away from that bully gang and as expected his mood is off. She knows that she has to bring her innocent Shy boy back to life or else he will spoil his first-ever performance which she can’t let happen. 

Nandini:- are you alright Manik? 

Manik:- I don’t know!…

He has drawn in the past again from where he moved on the day he met Nandini, HIS FIREBALL. But today his past is again standing in front of him as if nothing happened. Although he had nothing scarier still those memories are enough to traumatize his innocent heart and self-respect. He knows that he can’t be weak not WHEN HIS FIREBALL IS BY HIS SIDE

Seeing him zoned out, Nandini felt like someone stabbed her. She can’t see him like that. With a sweet smile, she caressed his cheek giving him solace and peace which he is finding. Her touch has some deep affection that brings him back to the present away from his haunted memories. 

Manik looks into her big doe eyes and feels heaven in them, HIS PERSONAL HEAVEN. His muscles felt relaxed and loved, the pure love from his Fireball. He wants to be in her arms so that his past won’t come back to make his life hell. But his shyness becomes the hurdle between them. 

Both love each other but are not ready to confess as they don’t want to lose each other under any circumstances. Although Nandini is not scared of confessing. She is stopping herself because she doesn’t want to be a hurdle in his new, freshly started career. She wants to give him his time to achieve what he dreamt of. Until then she will wait and support him like a true friend.

At the same time, she has insecurities about whether Her Shy boy will accept her or not. She is clumsy, naughtiest and the craziest girl that has ever been born whereas he is an innocent, calm, sorted, and loveable gentleman. They are opposite personalities but still, she ends up loving him. 

Nandini:- ( Lovingly ) Sharing your bad memories with your friends will lessen your burden. ( Naughtily ) If you want to confess something then I can be your PAIN KEEPER

Both giggles hearing the newly discovered word which comes out from Nandini’s dictionary. Her respect in Manik’s heart for her increased seeing the way she always made him happy with her naughtiness. 

Manik:- I will, but not now. 

Nandini nods in understanding and pulls his cheek making him blush as usual. With a cute baby face, he rubs the back of his neck making her giggle.

Otherside, everything is ready and the crew is doing double-checks for safety purposes but Manik is still in his casual clothes. One of the crew girls came towards them and got angry seeing Manik in his casuals. She pulls his arm and shouts seeing him roaming at the entrance when there are only 10 minutes for the concert to start. 

Crew girl:- What are you doing here, Manik? Don’t you want to get ready… It’s your concert. Go and get ready! 

Manik nods scaredly because all the anxiety and nervousness hit him back whereas Nandini scoffs at the girl for shouting at Her shy boy. But something struck in his mind which made him worried and in a second he forgot about his performance. 

Manik:- ( worriedly ) Nandini, Where were you? I was waiting for you for so long. What took you so long to reach here? 

Nandini looks at him surprisingly because he is extremely worried for her, she can sense that. His forehead lines and sweat gave her indications that he was worried about not finding her. This gives her happiness but before she could open her mouth to say something Manik ditched her. 

Nandini:- Shy boy…

Manik:- ( desperately ) No Shy boy! Tell me, why are you so late? Don’t you know that I want you beside me? Did you forget your promise? ( With horror ) Did you really forget about your promise? How can you?… And here I was worried thinking about your whereabouts. You are so bad, Fireball. I hate y…

Before he could complete her words Nandini shouts gaining his attention. Although she is surprised to see his desperation for her which excites her somewhere. 

Nandini:- SHY BOY!… Don’t you dare to utter that HATE word again… or else…

Manik gulps sacredly and looks down at the floor with embarrassment. He realized that he behaved desperately just to get answers but both know that it’s HIS PROTECTIVENESS who is speaking. Like a good boy, he puts his finger on his lips looking damn cute with his innocent pout. 

Nandini:- ( With a gentle smile ) Will you please take a breath and give me a second to answer? 

Manik nods and murmurs a sweet Sorry. 

Nandini:- Nice, now listen, I went to the temple to pray for your good performance. And see I brought PRASAD for you as good luck. 

Saying this she shows him the packet she bought with her. Whereas Manik looks at her with different emotions. No one thought about him in that way except his mother. His eyes got teary and he got short of words. He wants to say many things to her but the heaviness inside his heart is stopping him.

His emotional state is broken out by Nandini who continues. 

Nandini:- Sorry, I got late but it’s not my fault. ( With a bad face ) Don’t know why everyone wanted to visit the temple only today. The temple was crowded like Mumbai’s local train. 

Manik laughs wholeheartedly, making her scoff. She thought that he was making her fun. 

Manik:- Nandini, the temple was always packed with people. It’s you who rarely goes there. 

Nandini:- ( Angrily ) Shut up!… Now, don’t you want to get ready? Should I go to sing at your place? 

Manik:- No!… I don’t want my first concert to be a BIG FLOP. 

Nandini:- ( accusingly ) Haww… Shy boy, you are underestimating my singing talent. 

Manik:- ( suspiciously ) You have singing talent? 

His question shocked Nandini. She is whipping her colors on him too as he is also becoming naughty day by day. But this side is fixed for her only. He can be a kid with her and this is proof of that. 

Nandini:- ( stomps her foot making him giggle ) Shy boy!… 

Saying this she went into the green room followed by Manik. Both realize that they are running short of time which panics Nandini as she doesn’t want anything to get ruined. She took out his outfit and ordered him to change it till then she will set his hair. 

Manik:- ( scaredly ) I… Do I have to change here in front of you? 

Nandini:- You have no choice, Shy boy. By the way, there is nothing that is hidden from me. 

She says referring to the naked self she witnessed in his room. Manik remembered that and blush again. Nandini looks at him angrily and hastily removes his shirt, breaking two-three buttons in the process.  

Nandini:- we have no time to waste on your blush, Shy boy…. 

Manik understood the seriousness of the situation and immediately changed his outfit and sat in front of the mirror whereas Nandini got busy setting his hair properly. Till then, he got enough time to stare at his Fireball without her notice because she is busy doing her job. 

Her little fingers on his scalp felt like cotton which he wants to feel for the rest of his life. He noticed a black mole between her eyebrows and a mole just above her lip corner which fantasized him. Her fluffy rosy cheeks are not less than tomatoes. It would be a lie if I say that he is not losing himself seeing her beauty. He fell in love with her nature and naughtiness already but now it seems like he is also falling for her beauty. 

Nandini:- Hush!… You are ready, Manik. Just look at yourself in the mirror. 

Manik comes out from his Fireball’s land and looks at his reflection in the mirror. For a second he couldn’t realize that he was looking at his reflection. The simple white shirt and black ripped jeans paired with a brown leather jacket gave him a rockstar feel. And the hairstyle His Fireball did is mindblowing. He can’t thank her enough for her help. 

Manik:- Nandini, you did magic. I never dreamt that I would look so good in these clothes. All thanks to you. 

Nandini:- Ya… you are looking handsome… ( With a bad face ) But my original Shy boy’s style is best. I don’t like these fake lenses and fancy clothes on you. For me, those specs and a simple pants shirt are enough. 

Here comes one more reason to love her unconditionally. Manik got overwhelmed and noted to never get changed in the limelight of this industry just for her. He smiles looking at her and opens his mouth when she comes near to feed him Prasad. 

Nandini feeds him Prasad and prays. 

Nandini:- Please baba Ji… MERE SHY BOY ko safe rakhna and thodi akal bhi dena. ( Please God, Keep MY SHY BOY safe and give him a little brain too. ) 

Manik pouts and looks at her with red eyes but did she care about his anger? He knows the answer, which is a big No. 

To be continued…

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