Outside the Murthy house, the three devils Manik, Aditya, and Kaushal are waiting for the perfect time to kidnap the bride while keeping their eyes on the entrance. Like a genius kidnapper, Manik bribed one of the waiters who will inform them when the bride will arrive downstairs for the wedding. 

According to their plan, Aditya will go inside to bring the girl out, Kaushal will stay ready with the car and Manik will look around to tackle any mishap. They all are chilled out as this is not a big deal for them except for the fact that they never kidnapped anyone before. They murdered many business tycoons or other goons for money then, this is just a “Small Kidnapping” for them. Is not it easier than murdering anyone? They just have to take care of a girl for about a month until they receive the next order but they are unaware of ALMIGHTY’S plans for them.

“Bhai, It’s 4:30 in the evening. The bride will come down at any moment, keep your phone in your hand. The waiter will call you anytime.” Kaushal advised Manik who is eager to go away from here as soon as possible as this place is not giving him good vibes. 

“By the way Bhai, keep Kaushal away from this girl. You know his track record with girls… He won’t even wait an hour before lying down beneath himself.” The ever jolly person, Aditya, said with a tiny smirk lingering on his lips. 

“Shut up!” Kaushal roared and landed a punch on his face making him furious. 

“Why?” Aditya asked furiously and continued without waiting for any reply, “Learn something from Bhai who won’t even touch a nail of any girl. And you?… You won’t let any girl go away without moaning under you…” He ends with an accusing look showing Kaushal a mirror. 

“Bhai, you will break his mouth or I will do the honor?” Kaushal pierced his lips tightly keeping his anger in control and looked at Manik, waiting for any reaction but he was busy on his phone. 

Aditya gives a damn to Kaushal and turns his attention towards Manik as suddenly an urge comes in his heart to ask while using proper words, “I seriously want to ask Bhai, You won’t sleep around with girls nor do you get aroused seeing n*ked girls?……. Are you living in a coma by mistake?”

His question got Manik’s attention and he couldn’t keep himself away from bursting on them, “Have you done with your blabbering? Shall we focus on work?… Or are you guys still interested in discussing my S*X life?”

Aditya murmurs an innocent apology before shifting back in fear. 

Otherside, it’s almost time for Nandini to descend the stairs for her wedding. Her Bhabhi, Palak, is trying her luck for the last time to stop Nandini from spoiling her life. 

“Don’t spoil your life Nandini? You are too young to get involved in this thing….. You deserve a better man who will cherish you like an angel, not like a bed warmer.” Palak pleads and cubs Nandini’s cheeks with all the motherly love while she melted in her arms and lets a two-three tear slip down in agony. “Yaa, he is marrying Alya because he needs a legal heir for his illegal business which only a legally wedded wife can give.” 

“Bhabhi, I can’t imagine the way Papa would feel not finding Di in the wedding hall. I can’t let him face humiliation.” Nandini whispered in tears and still is adamant about not changing her decision. 

“Nandini, don’t be a fool! You are not a real angel who will always sacrifice for others’ happiness.” A really maddened Palak lashes out at her but calms herself in a second and tries to make her understand like a kid, “Trust me, this world is cruel, you won’t get anything in return even after sacrificing your life. This is sadist, but true!” 

Nandini looks at her with nothing but pain as she knows where this conversation is going. She knows the pain that Palak went through in this house and only she is the one with whom she shares it every time. 

After pausing for a minute and gathering her broken pieces, Palak went on with a painful chuckle, “Nandini, I spoiled my life by following my father’s footsteps but please… you don’t make that mistake.” Suddenly her voice turned into a pleading one, “Living a life without love is like living like a corpse. You won’t understand how it feels when your partner just uses you as a baby-making machine.” Flashes of just plain rough nights cross her mind when her husband just uses her like a wh*re and continues to demand an heir without showing care toward her. “Please… I beg you… don’t repeat the mistake which I did!… You won’t get any other chance in this life…” 

Nandini understood what she was trying to convey but isn’t it too late to deny it at this moment? “Bhabhi… It’s too late now!” Saying this she looks down tiredly.

“You still have time to run away from here, Nandini,… just say yes, and I will not let you marry that man…” Palak caresses Nandini’s sweaty hands with the hope of saving her from spoiling her life. Seeing her in dilemma, she encourages her, “Nothing is too late, Nandini. You just say once, I will turn everything upside-down to save you from this marriage which is nothing but a contract to give an heir…” But her words died hearing a loud bang on the door which scared them. 

“Alya Mam,… sir is calling you downstairs.” One of the servants of Murthys’ comes to inform them. “Everyone is waiting downstairs for you. The wedding rituals are about to start.” 

Nandini gets scared and immediately covers her face with a veil before the girls could enter to take her down. “Let’s go, Alya mam, the groom is waiting for his bride… and we can’t let him wait anymore, it’s a strict order from sir.” One of the heads of the female staff said excitedly and roamed her eyes around the room as if finding someone. On her behalf, the other lady asks, “Where is Nandini mam? We haven’t seen her downstairs for so long.” 

Nandini gets scared and shivers but her Bhabhi comes to her rescue, “Nandini is in my room. She is using my washroom as there is some water issue in her bathroom… Don’t worry she will join us soon…”. 

The head lady of the servant department gasped and ordered one of the ladies, “What am I listening to? Is there a problem in Nandini mam’s bathroom?… Just go and check it out right now!…” 

“Let it be… It’s ok!… Solve the issue tomorrow. For now, take Alya downstairs, everyone must be waiting for her.” Palak handled the situation and the ladies went down taking the bride, silently. 

Losing all hope, Palak let Nandini go but she is also stubborn to not let her ruin her own life, “I won’t let you ruin your life, Nandini. You deserve happiness and you will get that anyhow. I won’t care about what will happen to me after that but I won’t let you rot in hell.” The determination in her eyes to not let Nandini do anything stupid is visible in her, “Nandini, you are doing this for that father of yours who doesn’t deserve this sacrifice. He is a devil in an angel’s skin of which you are unaware till now.” She grabbed her phone and dialed a number and anxiously spoke as soon as her call got answered, “Hello… Hello, Abhi… Palak here… Will you help me, please?”

“Yes Mam, how can I help you? Everything alright?” The person on the other side of the call asks, politely.

“WOH… Woh… Nandini…..” Palak stammers heavily. 

“Mam, please calm down and tell me what happened to Nandini mam?” The person, ABHIMANYU asks worriedly, maintaining a professional tone. 


Palak narrates everything to him from the beginning and pleads to save Nandini from the coming hell. 

“What!… Are you serious?” Abhi yelled and ran a hand in his long silky logs, angrily. 

“Yes! Now only you can save her life…” Palak continues, “I beg you please do something and stop her from ruining her life. You know she is putting herself in hell…” 

Without delay, Abhi asks, “Where is Nandini mam?”

“In the MANDAP!” Palak replies, timidly. 

“It’s too late, Mam…” Abhi starts while biting his nails, “I don’t think that I can do anything right now…” 

Palak bends down while crying hysterically and pleads, “No… No… please don’t say that… you are my only hope……..Please…” 

“Ok… I can try…” Abhi said determinedly and thought about the ways to save Nandini from this mess. 

Palak’s hope suddenly rises to give her immense happiness that everything will soon become alright, “Thank you… thank you so much… I won’t forget your favor.” 

“It’s my duty, mam,” Abhi replies politely and walks out to plan something to rescue Nandini from this suicidal marriage but the question is will he able to save her or put her in hell?

To be continued…

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