Nandini and Ritu both are having a hearty conversation regarding new fashion trends while Manik is sulking because of a lack of attention. He wants their attention but is shy and scared of Nandini. What will she think of him if he starts bitching with them?

Whereas Rajesh is no less than his son. He too wants attention but only from his wife because the other lady wouldn’t leave a chance to insult him. At the same time, he is pissed at them as to who will talk about fashion at 10 in the night?  

Rajesh:- ( murmurs ) That LITTLE CRACK PIECE will spoil my wife. 

Manik heard his murmurs and hissed, making him confused. 

Manik:- ( worriedly ) Dad, don’t call her Little. Thank god she didn’t hear you. 

Rajesh:- ( in attitude ) Why? What would she do if she heard me? 

Manik:- Dad……….. Don’t forget she is Nandini…… THE MIGHTY GIRL. She won’t leave anyone if they call her little. 

Rajesh:- What do you mean?

Manik:- last week, we went out to have some street food. 

Rajesh:- ( cutting him in the middle ) Do you go to the office for snacks or for work? 

Manik:- ( innocently ) I go there for work but Nandini goes for enjoyment and lots of food. ( scaredly ) By the way, I don’t have enough courage to deny her. So, I accompanied her to have some street food. 

Hearing him, Rajesh becomes quiet as this is the truth of their life. They can’t deny Nandini for anything or the consequences won’t be in their favor. She can do drama to get what she wants.  

Otherside, Manik went into the memory lane and remembered the day which is very clear in his mind. He will never forget that day when he controls her difficulty or else she will kill them.  

Manik and Nandini walk out of their office and reach their destination named “SNACK STREET” which is very famous for snacks. Seeing so many delicious items in front of her eyes became wet.  

Manik:- ( murmur ) others’ mouth waters seeing food but my girl cried seeing her favorite items. Baba Ji….. Aapne ise kaise banaya hai? ( How did you make her? ) 

Nandini:- ( Drooling over the food ) What will you have, Manik? 

Manik came out of his zone hearing her question which made him surprised. As girls always choose such things keeping boys’ demands aside, according to his experience. But here, she is asking him. His heart danced with unknown happiness. 

Nandini:- ( cribs like an excited kid ) Say na…… although I will have everything but I am confused about where to start. 

Manik’s happiness died with these words as he got to know that she asked about his preferences because she was confused. He looks to the other side showing his cute anger to her with an expectation that she will pacify him. He puffed his cheeks to get her attention. Nowadays he is becoming an attention seeker who wants her attention all the time. 

Nandini understood his drama but the reason is unknown to her. Her smile drops seeing his anger. She didn’t like it when he didn’t look at her. This makes her go insane. But soon she smirks naughtily and becomes serious. 

Nandini:- What happened to you? Why are your cheeks swelling? ( in horror ) Did you flirt with any girl and her brother awarded you with this masterpiece?

Saying this she puffed out his cheeks making him shocked with her assumption about himself. 

Manik:- ( scaredly ) I didn’t flirt with anyone. 

Seeing his reaction Nandini laughs, making him wince as he gets to know that she made him a fool.  

Manik:- this is not fair, Nandini. 

Nandini:- ( laughingly ) I know you didn’t flirt with anyone because you don’t know how to do it. 

Listening to her, Manik felt offended and lied confidently. 

Manik:- No, I know how to flirt but I didn’t do it as I haven’t found anyone. 

Nandini raises her eyebrows suspiciously and makes an ‘O’ face. Soon she looks around and calls a girl. 

The girl:- Yes…? 

Nandini:- woh….. Actually, my friend likes you. ( pointing at Manik ) So, would you like to date him? 

Listening to such words from her Manik went blank. He is already sweating seeing a new girl around him but now nervousness is eating him up. The fact is he is not comfortable around girls except Nandini due to his shy nature. Whereas Nandini winks at the girl and pleads with eyes to play along. 

The girl:- Oh… I would love to date him. By the way, what is your name, handsome? 

The girl raised her hand to cup Manik’s cheeks who hid behind Nandini making the girl surprised to see his reaction. As nowadays everyone wants to touch girls but this guy is saving himself when a girl herself tried to approach him. 

Without a second thought, Manik grabbed Nandini’s wrist and dragged her away from the girl. 

Nandini:- ( smilingly ) aww….. My shy boy doesn’t even like it if any girl touches him. 

Manik looks down embarrassingly as his lie was caught. He is like that only. He feels uncomfortable around girls apart from Nandini, he has different feelings for her which are ok. 

Nandini:- ( proudly ) I know my shy boy doesn’t know how to flirt because he is pure like pearls and rare. 

She is proud of him as he is different from everyone and has a pure heart. He is not like fuc* boys who always run behind girls to get them for a night. 

Both share a cute eye lock with a broad smile forgetting about their surroundings which were broken by Nandini. 

Nandini:- Come… let’s have something, I am starving.

She rubs her stomach making a cute pout, making him giggle.  

Manik:- Um………. Let’s have Ice-cream? 

Nandini:- Who will have ice cream in snacks? Come….. Let’s eat GOL-GAPPE, first. 

Manik:- What is the problem with ice cream? 

Nandini:- Ice cream is ice cream and gol gappe is gol gappe. 

Without waiting for his answer she drags him towards a gol-gappa stall. 

Nandini:- ( excitedly ) Bhaiya, do plate laga do spicy wale.

The vendor gives a bowl in their respective hands and puts the first piece in Nandini’s bowl. She immediately puts that in her mouth and moans, relishing the taste without caring about the water which flows down from her mouth, spoiling her chin and neck. 

Manik too picks his piece and just goes to put that in his mouth but before that, someone banged with him and in that process, his bowl falls. He pouts sadly whereas Nandini nods her head in disbelief. She picks up her piece and pushes it into Manik’s mouth, making him shocked. 

Both are enjoying their snack while Nandini is making Manik eat from her hands. He is thanking the guy who banged with him and because of that, he got a chance to eat it from her hands. 

Nandini:- ( relishing one more gol gappa ) oh…. It’s amazing, bhaiya! I LOVE YOU. 

Manik coughs and a piece is stuck in his throat making him choke. Nandini got worried. She threw her bowl and picked up a water bottle. 

Nandini:- ( worriedly ) Manik, have this…… look at me. 

She turns and makes him have water from her hand while her other hand massages his back. 

Manik:- I am fine!… no need to worry for me. 

Nandini:- I am not worried for you. It’s just you are going to pay the bill that’s why I acted like that. 

Manik shakes his head at her excuse while she laughs. He bites his inner cheeks as the blush adorned his cheeks. He loved all the moments which they spent together. And as per her wish, Manik paid the bill. 

Manik:- Let’s go…. 

Nandini nods and walks ahead only to stop by some teasers. 

The boy:- Oh.oh.oh.oh.


Manik comes forward and holds her hand tightly but before he could become the hero in front of Nandini’s eyes, she replies. Although he is scared himself. 

Nandini:- ( sadly ) Kash mai bhi yeah keh pati!….. 

The first boy:- ( in a flirtatious tone ) CHALTI HAI KYA 9 SE 12. 

Nandini:- ( with a lip-tight smile ) KYU?… 3 SE 6 MAI TUM IMPOTENT BAN JATE HO? 

Manik tries hard to stop his laugh but he couldn’t do so and ends up laughing hard at the boys’ expressions which angered them. 

The first boy:- ( angrily ) e… heroine, zyada samajhdar banne ki zaroorat nahi hai. 

Nandini:- ( bluntly ) kyu tumhe samjhdari wali batte samajh nahi aati? 

Manik giggles silently hearing Nandini’s reply. He moves back because he understands that she doesn’t need any kind of help. She is capable of tackling them. 

The second boy:- ( laughingly ) yeah do centimeter ki ladki hume samjhayegi? 

Nandini’s ears start erupting with smoke. 

To be continued…

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