Manik:- you had a brother? 

Nandini:- yes…. In fact, he is married and has a cute little daughter too. And let me tell you she is a pataka……

Manik:- you mean to say, your second version? LITTLE PATAKA!…. 

As soon as those words left his mouth, he palmed his lips immediately and bites his tongue which slips again. Whereas Nandini widens her eyes because she never expected those words from him. But that would be a proper lie if I say she didn’t love that compliment. Not wanting to spoil the scene, she asks, hiding her giggles. 

Nandini:- bhai, also said the same. By the way Manik, am I a pataka? 

Manik is quiet as he is in a dilemma about whether to say the truth or not. He is shy when it comes to expressing his emotions or thoughts. He got lost in his thoughts when Nandini applied the break with a jerk to bring him back. 

Her back and his chest collide because of the sudden break while Manik squeals and palms her waist tightly from both sides in fear. Nandini gasped when his hands directly came in contact with her naked hot skin, making her feel goosebumps. This is the first time when she is feeling those manly hands on her body and undoubtedly those ticklings make her feel unknown emotions. Keeping her emotions aside and gulping her feelings she continues to divert her mind. 

Nandini:- I am waiting for your answer, Shy boy. 

Gathering all his courage he decides to go with the flow and answer her. 

Manik:- no doubt, you are a total pataka…….. AN ITEM ……. 

Soon he realized what he said and stopped immediately. His cheeks turned red because of the blush that was seen by Nandini. She giggles and shakes her head in disbelief seeing his red cheeks. 

Nandini:- you are so cute Manik…… I just want to gobble you. 

And her words add to his miseries to control his blush. Sometimes he felt annoyed with his shy self and this is that moment. He tries hard to remove the redness from his cheeks but that redness will grow with the passing second whenever he is with Nandini.

With a motive to ignore Nandini’s presence, he looks down but the god has some other plan for this couple. The god is bringing them closer as much as the other wants to run away from the feeling called LOVE

His eyes went wide when they fell on his hands which were on Nandini’s waist. A sudden current passed his spine and his hands trembled, feeling softness beneath them. His mind wants to take those hands away from the property which is not his but his heart is in denial. His heart wants to cherish that softness until it fills the voidness of his heart. 

And in the fight of heart and mind, the mind wins as it always has the upper hand in everything. Manik removes his hands and strengthens her T-shirt covering her properly so that no one can see the skin which is underneath that material. 

Nandini feels proud of him but doesn’t utter a word because she is still dealing with the feeling of his touch which is too much for her. Further, the whole ride to Manik’s house went silent as both were confused about their feelings. Somewhere Manik had an idea but he didn’t want to feel those emotions again which would cause his heartbreak again.

With different thoughts, they reached Manik’s house. 

Nandini:- Bye Manik, we will meet tomorrow. 

A sudden sadness engulfs him hearing her. He didn’t want to let her go but at the same time didn’t want to accept his emotions too. 

Manik:- ( desperately ) Why are you going? I mean to say……. Won’t you come inside? Mumma will be happy to see you. 

He takes an excuse of his mother as he is well aware of her and Ritu’s bondings. And as per his expectation, Nandini agreed. 

Manik rang the bell while Nandini was standing beside him and she was back in her jolly mood making the atmosphere comfortable again. She can’t stay in a particular emotion for more than an hour. 

The door opens by Rajesh after 2-3 minutes and as soon as his eyes land on Nandini he palms his face. Nandini and he both share the Tom and Jerry bond. They both are behind each other’s necks and the reason is unknown to them. 

As per her habit, Nandini pushes Rajesh aside and walks inside in an attitude while shouting to get Ritu’s attention. 

Nandini:- I am back, Honey. 

Rajesh:- ( while cringing his face ) Why did you bring that CRACK-PIECE here? 

Manik:- ( innocently ) I didn’t bring her here. She brought me here. 

Rajesh:- stupid boy! ( in jealousy ) And why is she calling my wife “HONEY”

Manik makes a tired face because of his investigation and walks inside ignoring his presence. While on the other side, the two lost mother-daughter are hugging each other as they met after ages. 

Ritu is somewhere angry with Nandini because she didn’t visit them last week. 

Ritu:- Finally, you got time to meet me. Where were you? I was missing you like hell. And yesterday I prepared your favorite Aloo Paratha with the hope that you will come. 

Nandini’s eyes shine hearing Aloo Paratha and her mouth waters. Both the males palms their faces seeing her expressions whereas Ritu giggles. 

Nandini:- ( sadly ) you had it without me? Why didn’t you call me? 

Rajesh:- Oh Crack Piece……. What is there to get sad about? She is talking about Aloo Paratha, not about your wedding that she fixed without your consultation.  

Hearing the topic of Nandini’s marriage, Manik’s ears stood up like radio antennas. 

Nandini:- ( with sharp eyes ) I wouldn’t mind if she fixed my marriage without my concern because she has rights. But she didn’t ask me about Aloo paratha, which is a crime.   

Ritu:- Yeah ladki poori pagal hai Food ke piche. ( This girl is mad behind the food. ) 

Rajesh:- ( mockingly ) toh…. Jail kara dete hai Ritu ko, ok? ( So, we should send Ritu to jail as she committed a sin. ) 

Nandini:- ( with a lip-tight smile ) very funny!….. Ha ha ha 

Manik:- ( surprisingly ) Nandini that means, Aloo Paratha holds more priority in your life than marriage. 

Nandini shakes her head in denial making him relax but her next words shook his entire world. 

Nandini:- Food holds more priority in my life than marriage. ( with full attention ) As we can stay without marriage but we can’t stay without food. 

Rajesh slumped down on the couch seeing her craziness toward the food. While Manik is trying to digest this newfound information. He is trying to find the logic behind her illogical comment. 

Rajesh:- ( murmurs ) Who manufactured this piece? 

Manik too wanted the answer to this question because he never in his life met such a crazy girl. Nevertheless, he looked at Nandini and found her busy with his mother. 

Ritu is wiping Nandini’s dramatic tears which she is shedding in the memory of Aloo Paratha. Seeing her love for Aloo Paratha, she promised to cook her favorite breakfast tomorrow.

As soon as her words sink into Nandini’s mind, she squeals like a teenager and kisses her cheek. 

Nandini:- you are the best, Ritu Darling…… 

Rajesh:- ( in a jealous tone ) Oh hello……. She is my wife so, stop calling her with these cheap words. 

Nandini:- ( horrified ) Cheap words!…….. Are you crazy ANCIENT UNCLE? 

Hearing the new nickname from her mouth for his father, Manik relaxes and thanks to God that she gave him a decent name. SHY BOY is much better than ANCIENT UNCLE. 

Rajesh:- ( with wide eyes ) ANCIENT UN…. UNCLE? 

Nandini:- ( while giggling ) Aunty….. See, HE AGREED! He loved this name. 

Rajesh:- ( angrily ) O hello……….. 

Before he could say anything Nandini interrupted him. 

Nandini:- ( in a monotone ) aap jis upbhokta ko sampark karna chahte hai woh abhi vayast hai. Toh, kripya kar dobara prayas kare……… ( The person you are trying to reach is not reachable. So try again later…………. ) 

Hearing her answer in a robotic voice, Ritu and Manik are dying because of their laughter. Whereas Rajesh is gasping seeing her craziness. He bangs his head and pledged to never mess with her because he becomes a laughing stock for the rest. 

To be continued…

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