12. FIGHT!

The second boy:- ( laughingly ) yeah do centimeter ki ladki hume samjhayegi? ( The two centimeters girl will teach us? )  

Nandini’s ears start erupting smoke and she kicks the boy where the sun doesn’t shine. The kick was so strong that the boy fell while whimpering in pain. She took hold of another boy who just took a step ahead to run but the god is not with him today. 

Nandini:- ( angrily ) kutte… teri himmat kaise hui meri height par comment karne ki? ( How dare you comment on my height? ) 

Manik is just witnessing the show while murmuring prayers and feeling pity for those boys. No, he is not supporting their deed. It’s just that being a boy himself, he is aware of the kind of pain they are feeling right now. 

Nandini:- if next time you dare to tease any girl or comment on any girl’s height then remember this. 

Saying this, she pulled their hair and kicked again where the sun doesn’t shine. This time the boys’ whimper in silence but instead of them, Manik shouts in pain feeling their pain. He closed his eyes and prayed silently. 

Manik:- ( scaredly ) Waheguru… Please save me. Let me reach the office safely without getting hurt. I can’t afford her kicks. 

Gathering some courage he walks toward Nandini and holds her in his arms, preventing her from beating those boys again. 

Nandini:- Manik… leave me! I will not leave them. How can they call me 2 centimeters? 

Manik:- ( shockingly ) You are beating them only because they called you 2 centimeters? 

Nandini:- No! I am beating them because they make fun of my height. I mean no one on the earth has the damn right to comment on my height. 

Manik felt dizzy hearing her reply. Until now he was assuming that she was beating them only because they were teasing her. But the reality is so different. She is different. No one can even imagine that a girl would beat some boys only because they made fun of her height rather than teasing her. 

Unknowingly, his grip loosens, and seeing her release the boys ran away saving their life from the mighty girl. 

Manik:- ( releases his breath ) Thank god! 

Nandini:- what? 

Manik:- ( scaredly ) Nothing… let’s go back to the office. 

Nandini:- NO! 

Manik:- why? 

Nandini:- ( with a sheepish smile ) because I am hungry again. 

Manik:- ( with wide eyes ) Arre abhi toh khaya tumne Gol gappe. ( Aree… you have just eaten Gol gappe. ) 

Nandini:- Are woh toh maine fight kari toh digest ho gaya. 

Manik looks at her with wide eyes and just imagines where the food goes. She is short and thin but still where does food go is still a mystery. But he didn’t want to ask this from her. He already saw the consequences of commenting on her height. 

Manik buys ice cream for both of them and passes Nandini’s cone to her, who takes it like an excited kid. 

Manik:- you love ice cream? 

Nandini:- ( Chirpily ) no… stupid, I LOVE YOU

These were the mere words for Nandini with no emotions but don’t know why this created havoc in his stomach, mind, and heart. His ice cream fell because he is busy dealing with so many emotions. 

Unknowingly, his cheeks feel warmer than usual and his ears are waiting to hear those words again. He bites his lower lip and looks here and there to hide his blush. But how can Nandini let him calm? 

She intertwined her hand with his and started walking towards their office where their boss was anxiously waiting to eat them raw. 

Cabir is waiting for Nandini to come back for half an hour because she went somewhere without informing him. He is getting worried for his little sister who is not as little as he thinks. Although he knows that Nandini is capable of dealing with anyone, still his brother’s instincts couldn’t let him calm down. 

Cabir:- ( on call to Navya ) I am telling you, Navya. I am not going to leave her. I mean how can she go anywhere without informing me? Here, I am sweating thinking that…….. ( worriedly ) I don’t know where was she? Is she fine or not? Did something happen to her? Is she in trouble? 

Navya:- ( while rolling her eyes ) Nandini can never be in trouble. In fact, she puts others in trouble. Don’t be worried about her. 

Somewhere Cabir is well aware of this. He knew that his sister is a troublemaker who can put others in a pit but didn’t let anyone harm her. But how can he calm his brother’s emotions? 

Navya:- In fact you should be worrying about the boy who went out with her. What was his name? 

Cabir:- Ya…. Manik. 

Navya:- God please keep Manik safe. He doesn’t know with whom he is out? He is still a child, please save her from my FIERCE SISTER, NANDINI

Cabir:- ( irritatingly ) Hey… you can’t insult my sister like that. 

His words abruptly stop when his gaze stops at Nandini and Manik who are coming towards his cabin. He cuts his call and sharpens his eyes at their locked hands. Not wanting to get any wrong idea about them and knowing his sister very well, he looks upwards to look at Manik’s face. 

Seeing Manik’s face he understood that his sister bought this INNOCENT CHILD here while dragging him throughout the way. 

Whereas Manik is still blushing which he is hiding with his head down. His whole body is doing somersaults feeling her soft palm and the way she is proudly walking holding his hand gives him peace and satisfaction.  

The whole office is gasping at the scene because Nandini is the girl who believes in breaking boys’ bones who asks for her hand for marriage. But here, she is holding Manik’s hand herself. They don’t know that Manik is different from others. He holds a special place in her heart that she is unaware of. 

Cabir:- ( angrily ) Where were you guys? Don’t you know that it’s an office? You guys are just roaming here and having snacks in-office time. What is this behavior called? 

Without uttering a single word Nandini walks ahead and comes closer to her boss, making him and Manik sacred with her silence. Nandini and silence are a silence before the storm and they knew it. Both the boys gulp their saliva and Manik closed his eyes fearing the consequences.  

As soon as he closes his eyes, the vision of those boys comes into his mind which makes him more scared for his boss. Praying to save his boss from THE MIGHTY GIRL, he looks in front only to shut his eyes again in fear. 

Whereas Nandini puts her right hand in her jeans pocket to take out something. 

Manik:- ( sacredly ) Waheguru, is Nandini going to stab the boss? Please, give her some brain. 

Otherside, Cabir is scared of his sister too. 

Cabir:- ( Scaredly ) Hey… What are you doing, MY LOVEABLE HEADACHE

In no second, Nandini took out her cell phone, and seeing this the boys released their breath and thanked their god. While Nandini unlocks her phone and switches on the recorder. 

Nandini:- Sir, now you can say whatever you want to say? I put the recorder on. You just record your today’s lecture in my cell with today’s date. I will hear it at night or whenever I am free. 

Manik and Cabir both look at her with wide-open eyes. Among both of them, Manik is the more shocked because he saw this for the first time. Whereas Cabir has an experience with this but still he is processing her words. 

Nandini:- ( pleadingly ) And please… do mention today’s date in the recording so that I will know when I got this lecture. 

Cabir:- ( while looking at Manik, pleadingly ) Please take her away from my cabin and bring some tablets for headache. 

Nandini:- offo…. Boss, you again got a headache? But don’t worry I had a solution for this.

Saying this she again puts her hand in another pocket and takes out a sachet of painkillers. 

Nandini:- ( handing over the tablets to Cabir ) Take it! I already bought it for you. 

Cabir:- ( sarcastically ) If you care for me this much then why did you give me headaches now and then? 

Nandini:- That’s my talent. 

Hearing their conversation, Manik just wants to hide and bursts into a peal of laughter seeing his boss helpless in front of HIS FIERCE GIRL. One point is clear, no one can win against Nandini. She is ONE OF A UNIQUE PERSONALITY WHOM HE NEVER MET TILL NOW. 

Manik comes out from his memory lane listening to his father. 

Rajesh:- She is so dangerous. I will never call her short. Not even in my dreams. 

Saying this, he looks at the tiny petite figure who is busy with his wife. He is now double scared of her and noted that he will never make a joke about her height if he wants to save his dignity. 

To be continued…

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