Cabir comes and sits in between Raj and Raman whereas Manik and Nandini are sitting together in front of them. Seeing them sitting together Raman shoots glares at Manik making him smirk in return knowing his inner turmoil. 

Raj:- ( while looking at Manik and Nandini, dreamily ) aw…. Look…. They look so cute together just like a match made in heaven. ( ask from Raman ) agree? 

Raman just gives him a plain look making him grin. 

Raj:- I know you are speechless. You have no words to express your emotions. I can understand….

Listening to this Raman scoffed angrily and turned his head to look at Manik who is sitting extra close to Nandini. This closeness is irking him and irritating him to no end. Whereas raj is as expected dreaming about their marriage and planning what he should wear on their wedding day. 

In all this Manik is enjoying his future father-in-law’s condition. To tease him more he shifts more close to Nandini and sniffs her hair. The smell of her hair is so pleasant that for a moment he got lost in her traces. With great difficulty, he gathered himself and moved back after kissing on the back of her ear making sure no one noticed that.

But how can this scene go unnoticed by Raj and Raman who is very keenly observing them. Seeing this Raman’s glares become more pointed as if he is drilling a hole in Manik with his eyes. Whereas Raj is going gaga on his son and daughter-in-law. He wipes his imaginary tears and sings two lines that are audible only to Raman as he is sitting beside him. 

Raj:-  Mera naam karega roshan

Jag mein mera raj dulara

I am very proud of you, my son. Today I got proof that Malhotra’s legacy of romance will continue in the future too.

Raman gives him a plain look while murmuring. 


Here, Nandini pushes Manik back slightly, not wanting to create a scene there. 

Ma:- ( extra sweetly ) Nandini, will you please make a cup of coffee for me? I don’t know why but I want to have coffee WITH YOUR HANDS

Nan:- ( thought ) now, what happened to him, ayyappa? Why am I getting some mischievous glimpse behind his extra sweetness? What is running in his mind? ( pleadingly ) God!! Please save me from his tortures.  

Hearing “with your hands”, Raman just wants to smash his face for shamelessly flirting with his daughter in front of his eyes. He looks at him with rage-filled eyes making him sweat.

Al:- ( teasingly ) ohoh…. Manik, you want to have coffee with Nandini’s hands. Why? Anything special?

Whereas Raj coughs dramatically to gain Manik’s attention. Getting the cue he immediately looks at Nandini who is looking at him with wide eyes and changes his statement.

Ma:- No……. No……. I mean… I want to have coffee made by Nandini’s hand.

Ish:- ohk…. ( to Nandini ) Nandini, go and make coffee for all of us.

Ca:- ya…. And please bring some snacks too with coffee. The scene which I witnessed a few moments back drained out all my energy and brought some energy drink for Manik. He needs that after A HOT SHOWER WORKOUT.  

He said this while teasing the couple, making his sister blush. Whereas Manik glares at him for having entertainment at his expense. But no one noticed Raman who looked at Manik, Cabir and Nandini suspiciously. Cabir’s statement and Nandini’s red cheeks made his doubt more clear. 

Dhr:- ( to cabir ) don’t tell me you are hungry again….

Ca:- don’t keep your eyes on my health, please. I am already losing weight.

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) oh really? From which angles? Will you enlighten us? 

Their bickering came to a sudden halt when they heard Mukti’s words. 

Muk:- come Nandini, I will help you. 

Listening to this everyone looks at her with horrified expressions because Mukti and her cooking skills are world-famous. They all gulp at a time while sharing scared looks. 

Ma:- ( mummers ) suddenly why the urge for drinking coffee goes away?

Ca:- ( cries silently ) I don’t want to be admitted to the hospital so soon. Who will raise my kids?

Ram:- ( angrily ) you have kids?

Ca:- ( innocently ) not yet…… but ho jayega. ( but soon will be ) 

Raman shakes his head in disbelief. 

Abhi:- ( nervously ) Muku, why are you tiring yourself? Don’t need to go to the kitchen. Navya will help Nandini. 

Listening to this, Navya immediately stood up to help Nandini. 

Raj:- ya… Mukti, you just take a rest…. ( whisper ) and let us rest too or else we all will rest in peace. 

Seeing everyone’s looks Nandini comes forward to tackle the situation. 

Nan:- don’t worry guys. I will handle everything. 

Saying this she blinks giving much-needed assurance to them and moves towards the kitchen with Mukti. As soon as Mukti left the garden area all took a deep breath to release their tension. 

Ca:- God is very kind. He saves us from Mukti’s disaster food.

Ma:- ( while relaxing on the couch ) ya… and thanks to Nandini who comes for our rescue at the correct time. 

Out of nowhere, Alya asks a question which erases Manik’s tiredness in a blink. 

Al:- Manik, you were working out inside? 

Ca:- ( whisper to Manik ) ya…… working out on my sister.

Manik punches him lightly to make him shut but his gestures are noticed by both of his fathers and Abhi. Seeing this only one question arises in their mind that “what is running between them?”. 

Ma:- no..no…. Why are you asking this, Alya? 

Al:- Woh…. Cabir said na… you were tired because of working out. 

Ca:- my dear aloo…… you missed the one-word “shower”. He is working out in the shower and he will never get tired with this workout. Am I right, Manik? 

Dhr:- why so? 

Ca:- oh my boy, you will get to know soon. He will teach you ( whispers to Manik making him roll his eyes in annoyance ) and then, you will practice that with his sister just like he is doing with mine. 

Saying this he smiles seeing Manik’s state who is ready to pounce on him but can’t do anything because of everyone’s presence. 

Ma:- ( angrily ) Cabir, you are going to be killed soon then, who will save you from me? 

Ca:- ( dramatically ) oh…. I am so scared, Manik.  

Ram:- ( thought ) and, who will save you from me MR.MANIK MALHOTRA. ( to Manik ) Manik, come aside. I want to discuss something with you.

Manik gulps with the look on his face but nevertheless, he walks away with Raman in a corner. Raj, Cabir, or Abhimanyu follows them after excusing themselves.

When raj sees that Raman is taking his son to a corner he couldn’t control himself from asking.

Raj:- ( worriedly ) why are you taking my son to a corner? I already explained to you that he is straight. I mean we Malhotra’s are straight from birth.

Ram:- ( angrily ) you seriously think that I am interested in your son………

Raj:- ( while shrugging his shoulders ) who knows? As no one can resist MANIK MALHOTRA’S CHARM.

Manik gives a proud look to his father making Murthy man’s groan in annoyance while saying. 


Ram:- ( with a bad face ) back to earth charmers…… 

Both the Malhotra’s nod with their all-time attitude. But what he asked next made Manik sweat in nervousness. 

Ram:- what were you doing with my daughter inside? 

Ma:- ( tries to sound normal but fails miserably ) what have I done with your daughter? Nothing……! We are just chilling. 

Ram:- you will not say easily naa…. Ok!! ( asks cabir ) what was Manik doing inside for this long? 

Ca:- he was taking shower. 

Raman nods in understanding and asks his next question. 

Ram:- and Nandini? 

Ca:- she was also in the shower……… 

Listening to this Manik closes his eyes and prepares himself for the upcoming boxing practice where Raman will showers punches on him and he keeps standing there like a punching bag. 

Ram:- oh….

But cabir’s next words shook his entire world. 

Ca:- ( while smirking ) WITH MANIK…. 

Abhi:- ( with a wide-open mouth ) you want to say that HE ( pointing towards Manik ) and NANDINI showered together?

The Murthys are waiting for cabir’s reply as well as raj. But there is a slight difference between them. Raj is all happy and doing a happy dance whereas there is no word to describe Raman and Abhi’s condition. 

Before cabir could say one more word Manik came behind him and took him somewhere else while palming his mouth angrily. Both Raman and Abhi got the idea that whatever they thought is true.

Raj:- ( dreamily ) aww….. Shower together…so romantic!! ( while pouting ) but why can’t I get this idea before? Never mind, I will fulfill this soon. 

Raman and Abhi give him a nonsense look making him grin like a child. Otherside, Manik is tackling cabir in his way. 

Ma:- why do you want to kill me? 

Ca:- ( innocently ) what I did? 

Ma:- ( angrily ) what did you do?? Seriously!! You dug my grave, cabir. 

Next what he heard made him deaf because Raman shouted his name on top of his voice which startled everyone. 


Ma:- ( scaredly ) PRESENT SIR!!!

And in the next second, he runs towards Raman like a kid while praying to Nandini’s ayyappa. 

To be continued…

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