A little Arjun is super excited to bring his baby sister home. He is nagging his parents from morning to go back home as soon as possible. Now, they are finally in front of their house.

Arjun:- mom, come fast….

Divya:- Arjun, keep patience. I have a little baby in my arms. How can I walk fast?  

Arjun:- ( cutely ) ok, so walk slow but fast-fast….

Divya gives him an angry look making him smile sheepishly. 

Ajay:- walk carefully, Divya. Don’t listen to him he is gone mad in excitement.

All of them walk to the door and stop at the doorstep where the rest of the family is waiting to welcome the baby princess of DIXIT’S. Kiran comes forward and does their aarti after placing a red dot ( tilak ) on their forehead. After that, she takes dry red chilies from the servant’s hand and roams it around them from head to toe to keep all the evil eyes away from them.

Kiran:- Now, you can enter inside and take blessings from Waheguru. 

Arjun:- ( whined ) but dadi, when will we take the baby to her room? 

Ajay:- why are you so desperate to take the baby in the room? 

His question is answered by one lady servant who brings water for all of them. 

The lady:- woh kya hai naa baba ne apni behen ka kamra khud sajaya hai apne hatho se isilye wo itne khush hai.  ( woh…. He decorates the room for his baby sister with his own hand that’s why he is excited to show her that )

Hearing that everyone smiles seeing the boy who is small himself but is doing everything for his sister as a big brother. Seeing the lady Arjun squeals like a kid and hugs her tightly. 

Arjun:- aap kab aayi DAIJAAN. Aap ko pata hai maine aapko kitna miss kiya. ( when did you come back, daijaan? Do you know how much I miss you? )



Krishna:- aw…. Maine bhi aapko bahut miss kiya, arjun baba. ( aw… I too missed you a lot, arjun baba. )

Arjun:- ( cutely ) aap meri angel se milne hospital kyu nahi aaye? ( why didn’t you come hospital to meet my angel? )

Krishna:- sorry baba, woh kya hai na mere unki ( husband ) tabiyat kharab thi isliye main nahi aa payi milne. Lekin aap fikar mat karo mai abhi aapki angel se mil leti hoo. Ok?  ( sorry baba, actually my husband is not well that’s why I didn’t come to meet you. But don’t worry now I will see your angel. Ok? )

Arjun:- ( authoritatively ) ok….. and gives her your blessings also just like you bless me always. 

Krishna laughs listening to his cute demand and obliged. Whereas everyone goes all aww on Arjun. Divya stood up and gave the baby in Krishna’s arms. 

As soon as Krishna holds the baby and looks at her serene face she feels that all of her miseries just flew away in a second. She kept admiring the baby and the baby too snuggled in her arms as if she felt protective in her arms. Seeing the baby’s act, a tear slipped down from her eyes. 

Krishna:- ( emotionally ) aap sahi keh rahe thai, Arjun baba. Yeh toh Sachi mai pari hi hai. Bhagwan inhe bhut khush rakhe. ( you were right, arjun baba. She is truly an angel. May God keep her happy always.)  

She kisses her forehead lightly. Don’t know why she got attached to the baby in a single meeting. After battling with her inner self she gives the baby back to Divya with a heavy heart. 

Kiran:- Krishna, pandit ji aagaye? ( Pandit Ji, came? Krishna ) 

Krishna:- nahi… par aa hi rahe hoge. ( no…. But he must be on his way)

Avantika:- maa, why did you call Pandit ji? 

Kiran:- arey….. Don’t forget we have to name our princess. 

Arjun:- ( excitedly ) woh……. Today, we gave a name to the baby? 

Kiran:- yup!! Today we all will decide a cute name for our cute princess. Ok?

Arjun:- dadi…… I will choose a name for my angel. 

Divya:- ok, you will choose a name for your sister but for now keep quiet, you are disturbing her sleep. 

Hearing this Arjun looks at his little sister who is frowning in sleep and her frowns troubling Arjun. He didn’t like a single frown on her sister’s forehead. That’s why he gently kisses her forehead making those frowns disappear. 

Seeing this everyone’s mouth got wide-opened. 

Manish:- Arjun, I am sure she will love you the most. 

Arjun:- and I will also love her as no one does. 

At the same time, Malhotra’s walks inside with a very big smile on his lips. 

Vishambher:- congratulations… brother. Goddess born in your house. ( and hugs Manish while congratulating him once again. ) 

All the other Malhotra’s congratulate them too. Whereas Arjun grinned seeing his friend after a long time. 

Arjun:- MANIK!!…….

A little boy who is around 4, wearing a blue denim jacket over a grey jumpsuit with a matching cap turns around hearing his name, and gets down from his father’s hold. Slowly-slowly with his small legs, he walks towards his Arjun Bhai. 

Varsha:- Manik, slow baby. You will fall. 

But her words have no impact on Manik. As soon as he reaches towards Arjun, he engulfs him in his arms making him laugh. 

Manik:- ( in his toddler’s voice ) bh..aii….. ( Bhai ) 

Arjun tries to pick him up in his arms but isn’t able to because of his chubbiness and makes cute-cute faces. Seeing his struggles and expressions Manik giggles and raises his hands as if saying to him to try it once again. 

After lots of struggle, Arjun sits down with a defeated face making Manik pout. 

Manik:- bhai… pi..c..pic…. ( pick- pick ) 

Arjun:- ( sadly ) how can I pick you up, Manik. You are becoming chubbier day by day. 

Yashoda:- don’t be sad, Arjun. ( trying to divert his attention ) Why don’t you introduce your angel to Manik? 

Listening to this, Arjun sequels with excitement and drags Manik towards the crib where the little baby is having her beauty sleep. 

Arjun:- Manik, meet my sister, my angel… 

Listening to the new word “angel”, Manik tries to repeat it while looking at the baby but isn’t able to do so. 

Manik:- a….gel. 

Arjun palms his face and tries to correct Manik’s pronunciation. 

Arjun:- not agel….. Its angel.., manik. Say…. ANGEL. 

Manik:- a…gel. 

Saying this he smiles widely and pokes his forefinger in the baby’s cheeks, cutely. 

Manik:- cut…a..gel. ( cute angel ) 

Arjun pulls his hand back and scolds him, lightly. 

Arjun:- Manik, don’t do that. You are disturbing her. 

Manik pouts cutely and again pokes his finger on the baby’s cheeks. 

Manik:- a…gel…. See….. mani…!….. Heeere… ( angel see, manik here ) 

But the baby didn’t open his eyes, making him sad. He again pokes her cheeks but nothing has happened. At last, he takes her palm in his and kisses her cheek, lightly.

At the exact moment, the baby opens her big doe eyes making him smile like a fool. He again kisses her other cheek making her look at him with her big eyes. 

Manik:- ( pouts sadly ) a….gel not sm..iling. ( Angel is not smiling..) 

Arjun:- Daijaan said that small babies don’t smile because they don’t know how to do so. 

Their moment is broken by Krishna who comes there to take them to their parents as Pandit Ji ( priest )  has arrived. Arjun holds Manik’s hands and runs while making sure not to hurt him. Krishna too walks back with the baby in her arms. 

Seeing the baby all the Malhotra’s praise her and bless her. Hearing so many praises, Arjun feels proud of his sister whereas innaya is feeling jealous of her.

Yashoda:- what I am saying Varsha…… why don’t we ask about Manik also as pandit Ji is here. 

Varsha:- not a bad idea…. Mummy ji. 

Pandit Ji digs himself in his books after knowing the baby’s date of birth and time. All the others look at him curiously. 

Pandit Ji:- Ji aap iska naam NAA…ya… PAA se rakh sakte hai. ( Ji… you can keep her name from N or P. )

Listening to this a small discussion starts there which leads to a small argument between them. After lots of argument, they conclude that they all will write their suggested names in a slip, and Arjun will pick up the slip and will read the name aloud. 

After lots of struggle, Arjun picks up the slip with excitement and reads it aloud.






Manik shouts in his sleepy tone when he doesn’t find her beside him on the bed. 

Ma:- ( with little irritation ) Nandini, where are you? Nandini…..Nandini…….

To be continued…

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