Cabir walks inside the mansion, whistling. He checks each room to find Manik and Nandini but he gets nothing. At last, he enters Alya’s room, and at the same time, Manik walks out from the washroom bare-chested with a towel around his waist.

Unknown to his presence Manik walks ahead. Seeing his freshly bathed body cabir smirks and sings in a flirting way. 

bheega ye badan tera paani mein aag lagaye

baby you just like a fish, kisi ke haath na aaye

water se khelti ho

maze tum leti ho

humein na deti ho

jo maango tell me why

Listening to the song Manik’s face turned pale and he turned around scaredly while murmuring prayers. As soon as his eyes fall on the cabir who is standing there with a smirk. His body trembles knowing the consequence. 

Ma:- ( thinks while looking at the ceiling ) why?…..god..why always me? I don’t want to be the reason for someone’s death. If today something happened to him ( cabir ) then, what would I say to my kids? That their father is the one because of that their mother’s family is in a mental asylum. 

He comes out of his thoughts after hearing the cabir’s call. 

Ca:- ( teasingly ) oh….. Where are you lost? MERI JALPARI. ( my mermaid )

Ma:- I am not lost anywhere. You are the one who is going to be lost within a few minutes. 

Ca:- huh? 

At the same time, Nandini comes out while dabbing her wet hair unknown to the situation. Her eyes came out from its socket when she noticed her brother on the door. 

Ca:- ( enthusiastically ) oh…… Nandini is also here. Not bad!…….. Not bad!…… ( to Nandini ) oh….. Hello Nandini!…..

No words come out of her mouth. Whereas Manik is looking at cabir intently with unknown expressions. But cabir’s smile got vanished but soon he smirks and sings another song while looking at Nandini. 

Ik ladkee bhigee bhagee si, sotee rato me jagee see

Mili ik ajnabee se, koi aage na peeche

Tum hi Kaho ye koi baat hai hmm……..


But soon he stops abruptly while trying to think something very hard. He looks at the washroom door before analyzing Manik and Nandini’s state.

Seeing cabir’s strong gaze on them Nandini moves closer to Manik, sacredly. 

Ca:- ( politely ) Nandini, what were you doing in the washroom?

Manik and Nandini share a look seeing his calmness. She clears her throat before replying in a whisper. 

Nan:- sh…o..w….er………. Taking shower. 

Ca:- and you, Manik? 

Hearing his question Manik felt like someone just tied his tongue and his vocals ditched him today. With great difficulty, he got his voice back and replied. 

Ma:- I was doing what everyone does……

Ca:- ( narrowed eyes ) what does? 

And Manik’s answer snatched the floor cabir’s feet. 

Ma:- ( stammers ) showering….. 

Cabir understood everything and he looked at them with horror. But soon his eyes turned red and he shouts.


Manik closes his eyes in fear as well as Nandini. He gulps hard before trying to lessen cabir’s anger while playing his word game. 

Ma:- no…. Cabir… you are getting everything wrong. 

Before cabir could ask anything, his girlfriend jumped in between with her innocent question. 

Nan:- what’s wrong, Manik? 

In return, Manik shoots daggers at her, making him nervous with his glare. She immediately copied his words in nervousness. 

Nan:- ya… Bhai…. You are getting everything wrong.

Ca:- what’s wrong?…..haan..?

Ma:- me and Nandini showering separately ( in a weak tone ) BUT IN A SINGLE WASHROOM. 

His tone is almost inaudible but cabir heard him because of his extra large ears. Whereas Nandini looks at Manik with a bad face and mumbles sarcastically. 

Nan:- This is how you handle the situation…….

Before they start their argument session cabir’s trembling voice brought them back on earth.  

Ca:- YOU ( pointing towards Nandini ) and YOU ( pointing towards Manik ) together IN THERE? ( pointing towards the washroom ).

Not wanting to exaggerate the situation Nandini nods nonchalantly. Seeing her gesture cabir stumbles and wipes his forehead.

Ca:- Manik, holds me. I am fainting………

Ma:- then faint…na….to whom you are waiting for? 

Nan:- ( angrily ) Manik…… help him. 

Ma:- ( in the same tone ) no way…… 

Nandini glares at him angrily, making him sign. He obediently helps the cabir to sit on the bed.

As soon as Cabir felt the soft and comfy bed he fell on his back while looking at them with a mischievous smirk. Seeing a sudden change in his behavior Nandini looks at him weirdly. 

Nan:- what happened to him? 

Ma:- maybe he loses his senses after getting the shock of his life. ( with a grin ) thank god…… ONE WICKET DOWN, TWO TO GO. 

Listening to this cabir sit straight in front of them. 

Ca:- ohhh daydreamer. Unfortunately, I am fine. 

Nandini sits beside him and cubs his face worriedly. 

Nan:- Bhai…. Are you fine?

Ca:- I am fine, sister. ( mischievously ) But tell me how is the shower? Is it too hot or cold?

It’s time for Manik and Nandini to get shocked. They look at each other with wide-open mouths. Seeing their expressions cabir giggles. 

Ca:- ( to Nandini ) Tell me, sister, is he good at romance or not? Should I teach him how to satisfy his partner? 

Shock is a small word to express Manik and Nandini’s state. Listening to him Manik rubs his ears thinking that he heard something wrong. Not believing in her eardrums Nandini asks. 

Nan:- huh?

Ca:- ( with a bad face ) offo…. You guys are no fun. 

Saying this he stood up to go, leaving the two disheveled souls behind. But Nandini stops him after thinking about something. 

Nan:- you have no problem if we spend some alone time together? 

Ca:- what is wrong with this? You guys are young and smart or above all YOU GUYS LOVE EACH OTHER. In love, this type of intimacy is natural until your partner is trustworthy. AND I TRUST HIM ( pointing towards Manik ) WITH YOU

Listening to these thoughts Manik mummers “UNBELIEVABLE”. Because all these things are not expected from him. He thought that cabir will get a heart attack after seeing them or he will murder him but nothing happened. Here he is all cool like a cube of ice. 

Nan:- ( shockingly ) how do you know about us? 

Ca:- uff…… ( dramatically ) one boy and girl can never be friends only. 

Nandini got confused hearing his statement. Whereas Manik hits him on his head for making her confused.  

Ma:- stop confusing her. ( to Nandini ) I told him about us yesterday. 

Nan:- oh…… ( pointed look ) but you never told me about this. 

Ma:- sorry. 

Nandini nods in understanding and looks at cabir innocently. Seeing her actions Manik understood what is going to happen that’s why he leaves the room quietly. 

Nan:- Bhai…… are you angry with me? 

Ca:- why?

Nan:- ( while playing with her fingers ) because I didn’t tell you about Manik even Abhi Bhai also knows about me and Manik. 

Ca:- Abhi Bhai… knows all this before me? 

Nan:- hmm….. Actually, I told him some days ago. But trust me, I want to tell you also but couldn’t get time. 

Cabir smiles at his cute and innocent sister who is getting nervous like a new bride. He caresses her hair lovingly and places a soft assuring kiss on her forehead making her release her tension. 

Ca:- don’t worry I am not upset with you. In fact, I am happy for you because you chose the world’s best man as your boyfriend. I have known him since childhood. He is genuine and passionate in everything he does and I can bet in this that he loves you as no one does. 

Nan:- ( while moving her gaze away from him ) hmm…. He loves me a lot but ( with a bad face ) sometimes he acts like a stupid. 

Ca:- oh…. It’s in his genes. 

Both the brother-sister giggles. Cabir takes her in a brotherly hug making her feel protective. Nandini places her head on his chest and asks cutely. 

Nan:- Bhai….. Seriously, you don’t have any issues with our shower? 

Ca:- I am not like your father and elder brother. By the way, don’t forget that I am your cool brother. ( teasingly ) And I don’t even mind if you make me a mamu ( uncle ) soon.  

Nandini hits him blushingly, making him laugh at her cute sister. 

Ca:- ( lovingly ) when did my baby sister become so big? 

Nandini blushes more, hearing him and hides herself in his arms. 

Ca:- ok…. Now enough. Go and change or else you will get a cold. 

Saying this he walks out leaving her alone there but turns around with a serious face and says.

 Ca:- Nandini, hide that mark ( pointing towards her collar where Manik left a bite mark ) before coming down. 

Hearing this Nandini blushes like a tomato and runs inside the washroom to avoid his more teasing leaving a smirking cabir behind. 

Soon they all gathered in the garden. Seeing Nandini all fine and healthy Raman exhaled in relaxation but he didn’t know that soon his heart was going to explode. 

To be continued…

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