Manik and Nandini both are still in the shower. They are spending their most precious time with each other forgetting about the outer world. Nandini is still in his arms who is snuggling in her neck making her giggle. Out of nowhere Nandini remembered something and shouted excitedly, gaining his attention.

Ma:- ( shockingly ) oh…. God! Nandini, stop shouting. One day you will make me deaf. 

Nan:- ( giggling ) don’t worry. Then also I will love you the same way.

Ma:- ( smiling broadly ) stupid girl…….  

Saying this he bites her collarbone leaving a deep red mark there. 

Nan:- ( makes a crying face ) Manik, don’t divert my attention. Just listen to me. I want to say something. 

Ma:- haww…….  When I disturbed you? 

Nan:- ( pouting cutely ) just now….

Ma:- ( with a most innocent face ) acha….. How? 

Nan:- you bite me here ( showing him the bite mark ) which distracted me from my topic.

Ma:- oh…. But, how can my simple bite distract you?  


Soon realization hits her, making her shocked with her own words. She cries dramatically seeing his teasing smirk which depicts danger and only danger. 

Ma:- ( smirkingly ) soo……. Do my touches arouse you?

In a reflex, he pulls her closer and roams his big cold hands on her waist under her top. 

His cold touches on her heated body give her shocks and aftershocks. She bites her lower lip to control herself from losing her senses. Whereas his smirk becomes broader seeing his effects on her. 

Ma:- does this make you turn on? 

Listening to his question, she closes her eyes tightly with deep red cheeks. She can’t confess it directly that “yes, his touches make her weak every time”. To tackle the situation she hugs him tightly while hiding herself in his arms. He chuckles seeing her shyness.

Knowing her very well he stopped his acts and turned off the shower. After some time he looks down and finds him dodging something on his chest with a broad smile. He placed a kiss on her head. 

Ma:- Nandini, leave me. Change your clothes or else you will catch a cold. 

Nandini shakes her head and says while pouting cutely.  

Nan:- First, listen to me. 

Ma:- ok….. Say, what do you want to say? 

Nan:- Manik, you deserve a punishment for making me cry. 

Ma:- oh….. So, what is my punishment, baby? 


After saying this she immediately closed her eyes, waiting for a high voltage reaction from his side. And as expected he shouts on top of his voice. 

Ma:- what?? ( narrowed eyes ) if you want to kill me then do it here itself. What is the need of torturing me before killing me? 

Nan:- ( cutely while flicking her lashes ) won’t you do this for me? And by the way, what is the torture in this? 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) did you forget about your brothers or father? Who is always ready to kill the boy who will lay his eyes on you. 

Nan:- don’t worry about them. I will handle them. ( sternly ) but you have to do this because this is your punishment. 

After thinking a lot he agreed and caressed her eyes lovingly. 

Ma:- accepted!

Nandini looked at him with wide eyes and shouted. 

Nan:- accepted?………………………. Are you sure? 

Ma:- yup!!!! If this is what you want then ( with a fake upset face ) I am ready to risk my bones for you. 

Listening to his answer, she looks at him with love-filled eyes whereas Manik too looks deep into her eyes.

Both share a cute eye lock that lasts long till Nandini sneezes. She makes a cute pout because her sneeze broke their moment. He chuckles at her expressions and walks aside to grab a towel for her. She keenly notices all his moves. 

After taking a towel Manik wraps it around Nandini’s shoulder. She smiles at his gestures and rubs her nose with his making him smile too. 

Here, the love birds are busy with each other but on another side of the house, people are shouting on top of their voices. Sorry…… sorry… They are not shouting, they are discussing the theme of today’s functions. 

Nyo:- ( angrily )  raj, you just keep quiet. I am telling you, your idea is pathetic. 

Ram:- seriously… I mean who keeps a cartoon theme for a sangeet function. 

Raj:- ( proudly ) I keep……

Nyo:- and I throw out such people from my house. 

Al:- ( narrowed eyes )  and I disowned such a father.

Raj:- ( pouting cutely ) but aloo…. I have a new IRON-MAN SUIT. When will I wear that? 

Nyo:- ( angrily ) raj, you have a new cartoon outfit that doesn’t mean we will keep the cartoon theme. And most importantly who gifted you that dress? 

Raj:- ( feeling offended ) no one gifted me that. I purchased it by myself from the USA.

Abhi:- who purchased such outfits on earth? 

Raj:- I did!!

Ram:- definitely you will buy it because you are not a common man. You are an alien who comes here to make my life miserable. ( further whispers slowly which are audible only to him ) and also produces a son who is behind my life. One second, where is my second murderer? 

He looked around to find his second murderer but didn’t find him anywhere. He leans down towards his right and asks from cabir who is sitting on his right. Seeing him like that raj too leans on his right to hear their conversation like a neighbour aunty. 

Ram:- did you see my murderer? 

Before cabir could say anything Raj interrupts while raising his hand. 

Raj:- I am here just beside you. 

Ram:- ( shoots daggers at him ) I mean my second murderer. 

This time cabir raised his hand while saying.

Ca:- I am here, dad. 

Raman banged his hand on the couch. Raj and cabir look at him with confusion.

Ca:- ( worriedly ) uncle, call the ambulance. I think he had a mental attack. 

Raj immediately took out his phone to dial a number but stopped listening to a slapping sound. He turns his right to witness the scene where cabir is lying on the floor whereas Raman is standing beside him. 

Ram:- ( angrily ) I will kill you if you call me mental once again. 

Ca:- ( like a kid ) then, why do you act like that? 

Everyone looks at the scene with confusion. There was silence everywhere which was broken down by Dhruv 

Dhr:- I think cabir again did something. 

Ish:- leave them. This is a regular scene for us. 

Giving a damn to cabir and Raman everyone again starts discussing the same topic making cabir cried in annoyance. 

Ram:- ( whisperly yelled on cabir ) I was asking about Manik. Where is he? 

Ca:- ( cutely while dusting his lowers ) how can I know? I am not his manager or bodyguard. 

Raj:- ( whispers to them ) for your information, Nandini is also not present here. 

As soon as these words come out of his mouth. Raman’s sanity left him in a second making him pale. 

Ram:- ( to cabir ) go and find them and bring them here.

Cabir immediately left from there not wanting one more slap.  

Here the discussion is still ongoing. This time Raj is adamant to keep the cartoon theme only because he wants to wear his iron-man suit. 

Nyo:- ( authoritatively ) my decision is final, raj……. File a divorce if you want to keep the cartoon theme. 

Raj:- ( with a sad face ) ok accepted….. 

Everyone signs in relief.

Nyo:- ( relaxing on the couch ) thank god…… you agreed to not keep the cartoon theme for today’s function. 

Raj looks at her with confusion and gets to know that she misunderstood his answer. 

Raj:- nyo, you got me wrong.

Nyo:- ( with confusion ) what? 

Raj:- I mean….. I am up for the divorce but I want the cartoon theme only. 

Listening to his statement everyone gasps except nyonika and his best friend. 

Ram:- ( mummers ) may god give him a place in heaven. R.I.P brother. I will miss you…..

A loud roaring sound stops him in half and without looking at the person he knows who it is. 

Undoubtedly the person is none other than MRS.NYONIKA MALHOTRA. Who shouts on top of her voice. 

Nyo:- ( super angrily ) RAJ…… YOU ARE GETTING ON MY NERVES. This is the last warning if you say anything stupid then I will throw you out of the house. 

Ram:- ( smiles fully ) woh….. Directly from the house, not from the room. Great!!

Nyo:- yup!! Because he is already out of the room. ( to Raj ) dare you to step inside my room. I will chop you in pieces if I find you in my room. 

Ram:- ( his smiles grew bigger ) woh…. That is super GREAT!!!

Raj:- but nyo, how will I sleep without you? 

Ram:- simple, by closing eyes. Right bhabhi Ji? 

Nyonika nods with a sarcastic grin whereas Raj glares at Raman who is having fun at his expense. Looking at Raj’s sulking face everyone giggles. Out of nowhere, Abhi said. 

Abhi:- uncle, why don’t you keep that iron-man suit till you have your grandkids and entertain them wearing that? 

Before Raj could say anything Raman kicked him hard on his legs making him wince because for him raj’s grandkids mean MANIK and NANDINI’S KIDS. This is the universal fact that he can’t digest in his entire life. 

On the other hand, cabir walks inside the mansion, whistling. He checks each and every room to find Manik and Nandini but he gets nothing. At last, he enters Alya’s room and at the same time, Manik walks out from the washroom bare-chested with a towel around his waist.

Unknown to his presence Manik walks ahead. Seeing his freshly bathed body cabir smirks but soon his smirk turns into something else. 

To be continued…

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