Nan:- ( wide eyes ) what?? 

Ma:- ( dramatically )  I am ready to make this sacrifice. Come on, have a shower together. 

Nan:- ( while gritting her teeth ) you drink early in the morning or your last night hungover hasn’t come down yet?

Ma:- ( pouting cutely ) don’t you think that we should have this conversation in the shower? It will save our time too. 

Nan:- no way…………! 

Ma:- Nandini, look I am not doing all this for myself. It’s for the betterment of our future generations. 

Nan:- ( crossing her arms around her chest ) and how will this be better for the future?

Ma:- ( trying hard to convince her ) look if we have a boy and he will ask me that……….. “Dad, did you have a shower with mom before marriage?” Then what will I reply to him? What will he learn from me? 

Nan:- ( with a poker face ) why will my son ask this type of question? 

Ma:- ( cutely ) kids are a symbol of god. They can do anything. 

Nan:- ( pulling her hair ) Manik, you are too much.

Without waiting for further discussion he drags her towards the washroom while Nandini looks at him with horror. 

Nan:- why are you not understanding? If someone will see us then it will create a problem for you. 

Ma:- ( turns to face her ) if this comes as an outcome of our shower then, I am ready to face every problem. ( with his famous smirk ) and your previous statement clears that you are also willing for a shower. 

Nan:- ( blushingly ) when did I say that?

Ma:- you didn’t express it in your words but your ( while caressing her red cheeks ) blush speaks thousands of words. 

Nan:- ( trying hard to control her blush )  why will I take shower with you?

Ma:- so, with whom you will do that, madam? 

Nan:- ( teasingly ) maybe with someone else, but not with you. 

Listening to her answer Manik pinned her on the wall a little harshly and leaned down to match her level.

Ma:- ( possessively ) and you will think that………… I will let you do that? I will not let anyone come near you then, forget about any other thing. You are only mine.

Saying this he angrily went inside the washroom and shut the door angrily making her flinch.

Whereas Nandini cursed herself for pressing his weakest point. She looks towards the door sadly. She is hurt because he didn’t understand the hidden motive of her teasing. She keeps standing there waiting for him.

Otherside manik stands in the shower, fully clothed while keeping both fists on the wall and trying to control his anger. He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead on the wall. Soon a thought crossed his mind making him grin. Within seconds he rushed outside making the floor wet completely. 

Nandini looks at his dripping body when he comes out from the washroom and checks him out. His wet hair and wet lips look so tempting to her but soon she realizes that she is hurt and again averts her gaze. 

Nan:- ( tauntingly ) now, what will I say to my kids? That their father showers with clothes on. 

Manik giggles at her cute taunt but smirks and pulls her towards himself through her elbow. 

Ma:- I thought that if you will not come with me then, why can’t I take you inside by myself?

Nan:- ( confusingly ) what do you mean by that? 

Ma:- I mean this……….

Saying this he removes his t-shirt and throws it somewhere. Then, he lifts her in bridal style and walks towards the washroom. Whereas Nandini struggles hard to come out from his arms making it difficult for him to hold her. 

Ma:- don’t move Nandini………… we will fall. 

Nan:- ( while hitting him ) put me down, monster. Put me down…… 

Manik puts her down before locking the door and turns towards her. As soon as he turns, Nandini starts hitting him on his hard chest. 

Nan:- you are very bad…. 

Saying this a tear slipped down from her eyes making him tensed. 

Ma:- ( while cupping her face ) arey…. Why are you crying? Please stop crying, Nandini. 

Nan:- ( keep hitting him while crying hard ) you are very bad………. Very…ve…ry…… very bad. 

Ma:- ( kissing her cute nose which turned red because of her crying ) what I did, baby? 

Without replying she keeps hitting him and he takes her every assault wholeheartedly. When her cries turned into sobs, he wiped her cheeks and kissed her forehead making her calm. 

Ma:- ( cutely while holding his both ears ) sorry….. 

Nandini looks at him with her cute red nose and removes his hands from his ears. 

Nan:- why are you saying sorry? Do you know what your fault is? 

Manik shakes his head innocently and says. 

Ma:- doesn’t care……….. You cried because of me….. That is what matters to me. 

Nandini looks at him with adoration because the boy never apologized to anyone even if it’s his fault. Here, the same boy is saying sorry to her without knowing his fault. 

Nan:- Do you love me? 

Ma:- ( confusingly ) what type of a question is this? 

Nan:- answer me….. Do you love me? 

Ma:- you know the answer already. 

Nan:- ( irritatingly ) but I want to hear it from you.

Ma:- what IF my answer is……… NO!…… a big NO ……. I DON’T LOVE YOU……….. 

Nan:- ( cuts him in half, frustratingly ) Then, I will marry Aryaman. 

This made him furious and in the next second, he held her hand and put it behind her back while pulling her towards himself. He looks at her with red eyes making her scared. 

Ma:- ( authoritatively ) stop talking nonsense!! Or else I have every possible right to punish you, right now, right here. ( pulling her extremely close to his face ) first, hear me out completely….. YES!!! I DON’T LOVE YOU….. BECAUSE I WORSHIP YOU. YOU ARE MY GOD. 

Nan:- then, where was your right sometimes back? 

Ma:- huh??

Nan:- why don’t you show your rights to me? MR. MALHOTRA….. YOU OWN MY HEART……… YOU OWN MY SOUL…….. YOU OWN MY BODY. Then, why do you always ask for my permission to be near me? 

Ma:- ( caress her cheeks ) because I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. 

Nan:- I can never feel uncomfortable around you. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO HOLDS RIGHTS ON ME.

Ma:- what do you want to say? Say it clearly…

Listening to him, she wipes her tears smilingly and pulls him towards herself through his vest. Manik looks at her shockingly. 

Nan:- ( smirkingly ) let’s shower together. 

Ma:- Are you up for it? ( raised eyebrows ) 

Nan :- ummm..hmmmm…. 

Without waiting for any reply she took his lips for a passionate kiss making him groan. He cages her in his arms and turns on the shower wetting both of them. In between the kiss, she smiles broadly. 

After a short kiss, they both look at each other, lovingly.

Manik bends down a little and places a kiss on her cheek while lingering his lips there for more than a minute. His simple one kiss is enough for making her weak. 

Nandini raised herself a little and kissed his cheek, making him smile in bliss. Then, Manik joined their foreheads to feel each other’s presence and the water was dripping from their bodies, making the atmosphere more romantic.

Ma:- ( chuckles ) you are a joker, Nandini. If you want me to take you here with me then, why did you do all the drama?

Nan:- ( blushingly ) because I wanted you to take me wherever you want rightfully. 

Ma:- ( removing hair from her eyes which is disturbing her ) don’t worry. I will not even ask your permission for anything from now on. 

Nan:- ( fake tiredness ) ufff… finally you learned this. You don’t know how much effort I put into this to make you realize your mistake. 

Ma:- oh….. Acha…. ( pulling her jerkingly towards himself ) then, you will deserve a reward for that. Right? 

Nan:- ( understanding his double meaning talks ) hmm…… hmmm…….

Manik took her in a bone-crushing hug and snuggled in her neck making her giggle under the shower. The shower cabinet is filled with his giggles and her laugh. 

Somewhere In a dark room, one man is looking at the photo where a boy is kissing on a girl’s forehead but the angle of the picture is that no one can recognize the boy. Seeing the picture the man’s blood boiled and he roared. 

Man:- from where you get this? 

His guards flinched and looked at him scaredly while replying. 

Guard:- si..r…. Our detective sent this to us. 

Man:- I want to remove his touch from my NANDINI’s body. Call Sneha and find out who is the man who touched AKSHAT DHAWAN’s girl. I will not let anyone touch what is mine to feel. 


Seeing his anger, his partner comes forward and puts one hand on his shoulder calming him down. 

The other man:- ( smirkingly ) calm down… my boy. I think this is the time to send them one more bouquet with a message. But make sure that they didn’t know that I am with you. Keep my identity hidden till the right time comes.

Aks:- don’t worry about that. Your identity is safe with me. But Nandini is going to pay for letting another man kiss her. 

The other man:- ( laughs ) you can do anything with her. She is all yours. 

Akshat tore the picture in half while looking at the boy’s back with venom. 

To be continued…

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