After cutting the call Manik put down the phone scaredly and sweat beads formed on his forehead after seeing the burning raj Malhotra. 

Raj :- so, you both are the ones who always stole my precious things from my study.

Ca :- ( stupiditly ) no….no…. Uncle, we are innocent. Trust me, your beer bottles call us towards itself. We have no fault in that. 

Ma :- yup! Dad….. your beer bottles are like bees who get attracted after seeing two chocolate boys. ( Referring himself and cabir as chocolate boys ) 

Raj :- ( angrily ) oo……… EXPIRY CHOCOLATE.

Ca :- no uncle, don’t say that. We are still young like freshly made chocolate. 

Raj :- I will ban those factories who make chocolates like you. 

Ma :- Dad, then you two are the factories ( pointing Raj and Raman ) who produced these two CHOCOLATE BOYS.

Listening to this raj becomes silent and ponders on his statement. Whereas the boy giggles seeing his expressions. 

Ram :- ( nodding his head in disbelief ) they all are drunk. 

And it’s true all of them are a little drunk leaving Raman who is a little sober and in his senses. Raj walks towards the two boys and pinches them on their hands like a kid, at the same time. 

Raj :- ( angrily ) your end is written by me.

Saying this he marched towards them and grabbed manik’s neck first. Behind them  Raman stands on the table and dances like a cheerleader without any pom-pom in a drunken state seeing manik’s condition. 

Ram :- ( cheering ) go ahead, my boy. Woh…….

Cabir comes in between and tries to save his buddy from this assault. 

Ca :- uncle, you are killing your son only for some beer bottles. 

Raj :- I don’t mind. My bottles are more precious than his life. 

Manik gulps hard seeing his dad’s monstrous Avatar. Suddenly he pressed his father’s weak point to save himself. 


And it works instantly because raj moves back in a second with a wide ‘o’ face.

Otherside raman falls down from the table hearing Manik’s excuse. The fall is so sudden that it hurts him a lot but keeping his pain away he stood up only to say. 

Ram :- ( while wincing in pain ) why do you always bring my daughter in between? 

Ma :- ( giggles and wraps his one arm around Raman’s neck ) I don’t need to bring her anywhere because she is always there on my head. 

Ca :- ya….. she would be there because your top floor is empty, as you don’t have any brain.

Raj giggles seeing his son’s pale face. 

Ma :- ( narrowed eyes )  I mean my heart….. mr.murthy. 

Ca :- oh ….. really? mr.malhotra….

Ram :- please don’t start again. Let’s sleep. You guys are a little drunk. 

Raj and cabir nod obediently whereas manik has some other plans. Everyone decides their places to sleep but Raman notices Manik’s absence. Soon he finds him around the door and he runs towards him like a maniac.  

Ram :- where are you going? 

Ma :- ( giggles in the effect of alcohol ) I am going to meet MY WIFE. 

Saying the words he ran outside whereas Raman pondered on his words and soon his words hit his subconscious mind. 

Ram :- HIS WIFE…….. means……MY DAUGHTER. 

His eyes went wide in shock and he ran behind him to catch him but it’s too late because Manik was standing in front of his love who was sleeping like a doll beside Alya. 

Ram :- ( whispers in his ear ) don’t you dare to break my daughter’s beautiful sleep. Come out…. ( Tries hard to drag him out ) 

Ma :- I promise I won’t do anything that will break her sleep ( Raman released his breath hearing him but his next words shook him to the core ) i just want one kiss…. nothing else. 

Ram :- ( with a pale face ) kiss? 

Ma :- ( blushing like a teenager ) yup! Kiss….. ( innocently ) don’t you know what a kiss is? 

Raman gulps listening to his question whereas without waiting for his reply Manik continues. 

Ma :- ( whispers like a kid ) kiss, is a gesture of love. Where the boy and girl sucks each other’s lips with love. Ya….. sometimes It converts into a passionate one but it still feels the same. ( Whisper more slowly ) should I tell you one secret? 

This time too without giving him any chance to reply he continues.

Ma :- you know….. nandini and mine’s lips are like a jigsaw puzzle. They fit with each other perfectly and it feels so good to taste her. 

Saying this he giggles like a teenager who is just talking about his first kiss. Whereas Raman is blank like a white plane paper. He doesn’t know what he should say or do. Whether he should shout at him, punch him or giggles on his innocent talk. 

Ram :- ( shooks his head ) no…Raman….last option is bad. Go with the first two options. 

He turns his attention towards Manik only to find him beside nandini. 

Ram :- when will he go there? 

Ma :- ( Caressing Nandini’s cheeks softly ) I love you…… Nandini. 

Raman gasps seeing his next action. Because after confessing his love for her he slowly sucks her upper lips. The pressure was so light that it didn’t break Nandini’s sleep. 

Raman turned around and palmed his eyes with a tired look. His cheeks turned red after witnessing the scene. But soon reality hit him. 

Ram :- why are you blushing? You should get angry because he kissed your daughter in front of your eyes. 

Saying this he turns around only to find no one around Nandini. That means Manik left the room. He runs again behind him but this time while crying hard on his faith. 

Ram :- ( grabs manik’s collar ) how can you kiss my daughter? 

Ma :- ( cupping his face with a grin and leaning down ) come…… I will show you. 

In an instant Raman moves back while palming his lips and looks at him with horror.

Ram :- what are you going to do? 

Ma :- ( innocently ) arey….. I am showing you how I kiss your daughter. Don’t you want to know? 

Raman shakes his head violently and runs from there leaving confused Manik behind. 

Ma :- what did I do? 

Shrugging his shoulders he too went behind Raman who is running as if his life is in danger. And indeed it’s true. Today his dignity is not safe around Manik. 

Next morning, the sun is not up yet but the murthy’s and Malhotra’s ladies are up and working in the living area. 

Al :- ( looks at Nandini who is climbing down the stairs sleepingly ) good morning, nandu. 

Nan :- ( sleepingly ) good morning, di. 

Saying this she led down on the couch while keeping her head on her mother’s lap. 

Ish :- nandu, don’t spread laziness. Just go and have a shower, first. 

Nan :- ( cutely ) Mom, today I don’t feel like having a shower. So, can you please help me in bathing? Just like you did when I was a child. 

Ishita slaps her lightly while others giggles on her cute demand.

Ish :- at that time you were a kid but now you are turned into a woman. So, go and have a shower.

Nan :- ( pouting cutely ) this is not fair….maa. ( cried in annoyance ) Why did I become young? 

Al :- ( giggles ) nandu ….. find a boy for yourself so that he can help you in your shower whenever you want. 

Listening to her, suddenly manik’s thought comes in her mind making her blush to the deepest shade. She is literally imagining Manik and herself in a single bathroom having shower. This mere thought gives her chills. 

Muk :- aww….. Nandini, you are blushing!

Nan :- ( hides herself in her mother’s warmth ) no…. No….. I am not. 

Al :- yes, you are Nandini. Tell me, who are you thinking about? ( Curiously) you are having a boyfriend? Do you love someone? 

Muk :- not possible!….. Because if her brothers got to know this…. Then, only God will save her boyfriend. 

Ish :- true that…… 

Nan :- Mom, at least you don’t say that.

Nyo :- she is telling the truth…..baby. Don’t you know about your brothers? 

Nan :- ok….ok…. Now stop this discussion here only. I am going for a shower. 

Hurriedly she moves towards her room avoiding more interrogation. 

Otherside Manik gets up with a very heavy head and looks around to find all three of them asleep. 

Ma :- uff…. This headache will kill me someday. 

He decided to have a cold water shower which can relax his muscles. Soon realisation hits him that his washroom is locked but soon his expressions change and he smirks. 

After taking a towel he sneakily goes towards Nandini’s room only to find her taking out her outfit from the cupboard. Seeing this he pats his own shoulder on his perfect timings. 

Ma :- ( while grinning ) wow….. malhotra….today, god also wants you to have a shower with your lady love.

Slowly with careful steps he moves towards Nandini and takes her in his arms from back while startling her. 

Nan :- ouch…… Manik what are you doing here? And you are up so early? 

Ma :- ( with a bad face ) Nandini, this is not a way to greet your boyfriend in the morning. 

Nan :- ( leans on his chest ) I know, but my boyfriend is a unique item. He is not an early riser so, my question is valid. 

Ma :- ( ignoring her questions ) good morning my love. 

Nan :- good morning to you too… my love. Now, tell me what are you doing here? 

Listening to this Manik becomes serious and breaks the hug. 

Ma :- Nandini, I decided to do something to save my planet earth. 

Nandini looks at him like he just got two horns on his head. 

Nan :- Now, from where does this planet and earth come into your mind? 

Ma :- ( sternly ) Nandini, don’t stop me from saving my earth. 

Nan :- ( crossed her arms around her chest ) and how will you save earth? 

Ma :- ( grinned like a kid ) simple, BY SAVING WATER. 

Nan :- ( narrowed eyes ) and how will you do that? 

Ma :- ( dramatically ) I made a very hard decision to save water for our future generations. 

Nan :- what is that? 


Nan :- ( wide eyes ) what?? 

To be continued…

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