Cabir is gasping seeing the long list of the dishes to be made. He crushed the paper furiously and threw it in the dustbin. 

Cabir :- manik, i agreed to make breakfast not a full fledged meal. Who will have all this in breakfast? 

Manik :- ( cutely ) but cabir, all these are nandini’s favourite. She will become happy seeing her favourite food. 

Cabir :- then, what about me? ( shooting daggers at him ) You are making me a cook for your girlfriend. 

Manik :- please……… can’t you do a little more work for nandini?

Cabir :- shut up! Don’t you dare try to blackmail me again. Now, go and wake her up till then I will make something edible and a healthy breakfast for us. 

Manik :- ( pouting sadly ) I hate you……

Saying this he walks towards his room to wake his lady love. While here cabir mummers seeing his behaviour. 

Cabir :- I am really having a doubt that navya is pregnant or he? 

Shooking his head he starts his work. Other hand, Manik came inside their room and witnessed the heart melting scene.

Nandini is sleeping cutely with a broad smile as if she is seeing a very beautiful dream. The way she is pouting in her sleep is making him lose his battle with himself. Her angelic face is like a cherry on the cake. 

If time wouldn’t become a hurdle in manik’s way then he will watch her like this till eternity even without blinking. Controlling himself he removes the curtains to let the sun peep in and opens the gallery’s door for fresh air which nandini loves. 

As soon as he turned around to face nandini his breath hitched seeing the beauty in front of his eyes. Nandini’s face is shining like a diamond in the daylight and her cheeks automatically turn tomato red. He became still after looking at her appearance. This is the first time in their 2 years of relationship that he is witnessing something like that. 

He walks to go near her in a hypnotised manner. He sat behind her back and removed her hair strand from her face. He caressed her cheek with his nose lightly and places a feather like kiss as if one rough touch would scratch her cheek. 

Manik :- ( while blushing ) MY SLEEPING BEAUTY. 

He trails his nose downwards while calling her name lovingly making her stirred in her sleep. 

His actions disturb Nandini’s beauty sleep and she turns towards him with a smile. Seeing him first in the morning she smiles broadly, forgetting everything. 

Manik :- good morning my sleeping beauty. 

Nandini nods slightly and pulls him towards herself while circling her one arm around his neck. He leans in her touch and lies down beside her. 

Manik :- don’t you wanna get up?, my sleeping beauty. 

Nandini shook her head and hid her face in his neck. Manik holds her waist protectively and lets her rest for a while. After some 3 – 4 minutes she asks while her face is still hidden in the gap  of his neck and shoulder. 

Nandini :- Who is your sleeping beauty? 

Manik :- ( giggles ) you are my sleeping beauty. 

Nandini :- why? 

Manik :- because you glow differently while sleeping. You look like a small cute baby in sleep. MY BABY!

Nandini :- ( asks shyly ) your baby? 

Manik :- any doubt? 

Saying this he looks down to see her face which is hidden in his neck. He tickles her lighting and she giggles softly on his neck. Hearing her giggles and feeling her lips on his neck he smiles too.

In the next second he turns her around with a force and hovers over her making her laugh at his actions. 

Manik :- ( with his most famous mischievous smirk ) should i stop your laughing session? 

Nandini :- ( innocently ) really, and how will you do that? 

Manik :- ( shamelessly ) simple……. By crashing my lips with yours. 

Listening to this, Nandini blushes hard and looks away avoiding his eyes, which is digging hole in her soul. Seeing his effects on her he bites his lower lip and whispers in her ear seductively. 

Manik :-  may i……… ( while caressing her lower lip ) 

Nandini :- ( blushingly ) you don’t have to ask. 

Smilingly at her response he leans down to capture her lips but before that her alarm rings breaking their moment. Manik groans in irritation while something strikes in Nandini’s mind. 


Nandini :- MY INTERVIEW!!

She shouts, making him deaf and pushes him aside in a hurry. Manik rolls down and looks at her with alien expressions while she is blabbering gods know what. 

Manik pulls her towards himself with her arms making her quiet. 

Manik :- don’t panic. Take a deep breath. ( nandini does the same ) everything is ready from your dress to your breakfast, your bag, everything. 

Nandini :- ( innocently ) everything is ready?

Manik :- don’t underestimate your boyfriend, madam.

Nandini smiles with slight tears in her eyes. Seeing her tears, Manik makes a bad face and caresses her eyes. 

Manik :- don’t waste my diamonds. They are very precious.

Nandini :- why are you so perfect in everything? 

Manik :- this is the result of your unconditional love for me. Now, stop all this and get up, take a refreshing bath ( teasingly ) yaa….. If you want then, I will help you in this also. May i? 

Nandini :- ( shyly ) shhh…….shut up!!  Besharam ( shameless ) 

Manik :- ok…. Not now but in the future I will surely help you in bathing, I promise.

This gives goosebumps to nandini and she runs from there in the washroom at a jet speed. Manik laughs seeing her like this and shouts in a high pitch so that nandini can hear him. 

Manik :- call me inside anytime. The offer is valid for lifetime with no terms and conditions. 

Nandini :- ( instantly ) not needed.  

Manik laughs at his bundle of cuteness and goes out to buy something. 

After taking a quick and relaxing shower Nandini comes out draping in her dress which is chosen by her manik.

Nandini :- Manik……

At the same time manik came inside the room with a packet.

Manik :- I don’t know that you will look so hot in this dress. 

Nandini :- ( blushingly ) Manik….. 

Manik :- ( circling his hands around her waist while pulling her closer ) yes….. jaana….. 

Listening to his sweet wordings Nandini blushes more hard and digs her face in his chest line. 

Manik kept his chin on her head and tightened his hold on her waist. Both are soaking in each other’s presence. 

Nandini :- ( pouting cutely )  where were you? I have been looking for you. 

Instead of replying he breaks the hug making her frowned in confusion and walks towards the cupboard with the brown packet which he brought. Unwrapping the package he takes out a small packet from it. Seeing the packet Nandini understood that it is the sanitary napkin.

Here Manik put that small packet in her hand bag while saying. 

Manik :- when I was packing your bag in the morning I noticed that you don’t have your napkin which you always carry with yourself. That’s why I bought you this for a safe side. ( Caresses his nape in embarrassment and says further )  I don’t have any idea which brand you use but this is also good. 

Nandini :- Manik, you don’t have to do all this. 

Nandini was overwhelmed seeing his care. Nowadays the partner feels ashamed in doing all this but here her manik is doing all this without having any second thought.

Manik:- arey….. why not? I am your boyfriend, fiance and soon to be husband. It’s my duty to make sure that you don’t have any problem and what’s wrong in doing all this for the girl to whom I love. 

Nandini :- there is nothing wrong. But still…..

Manik :- no…but …shut….. I love doing such stuff for you and I will keep doing that. You have no right to stop me from pampering my girlfriend. Understood? 

Nandini :- ( smilingly ) ok….. I will not stop you. 

Manik :- good….. now tell me, what brand do you use? 

Nandini :- why? You already bought na … 

Manik :- ya…. But I am asking for future purposes. 

Nandini :- ( plamed her face ) you are too much, malhotra. 

Otherside unknown to everyone the storm entered in Dixit’s mansion in the foam of Avantika and Prakash Raheja. 

Avantika :- hello everyone…. 

Ajay :- ( hugs her with a very broad smile ) arey …… Avu, what a pleasant surprise! 

Avantika :- kaise hai aap bhaiyu? ( How are you, bhai? )

Ajay :- mai toh badiya ho, tu bata? ( I am fine. What about you? ) 

Avantika :- ( extra sweetly ) mai bhi ekdum badiya….. ( I am also fine. ) 

Kiran :- finally, you got time to visit us….

Avantika :- maa…… nothing like that. I was busy but now I will stay with you guys for a few months. 

Asha :- ( excitedly ) really? ( Avantika nods making her jump ) I am so happy bua ji….. we will enjoy it a lot. 

Avantika :- ( smirking ) undoubtedly……

Prakash :- lo ji….. you guys forget about me? This is not fair. 

Manish :- nothing like that….. jamai ji ( son in law ) why are you standing just come inside. 

Avantika :- ( with fake worries ) where is innaya? I want to meet her….. don’t know why but I have not been feeling well since yesterday. 

Divya :- actually didi ( sister ) ….. she is not well. She is dealing with emotional trauma.

Prakash :- why? What happened to her? Bhabhi ji. ( Sister in law ) 

Then, Ajay tells them all the Manik fiasco. 

Avantika :- ( while whipping ) all this happened with my baby and no one told me about that. How can you? 

Divya :- we want to tell you…..but

Avantika :- but what? Bhabhi….. She is my daughter. I am her biological mother. I have the right to know everything that is happening in my daughter’s life. 

Kiran :- don’t take us wrong…..Avu. 

Avantika :- I don’t want to hear anything. 

Saying this she runs towards her daughter’s room while her husband follows her worriedly. 

To be continued…

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