Nandini again takes out one more piece of swimsuit and shows it to Manik who again nods in denial making her frustrated. This is happening from the last 15 minutes and all the staff is watching THE COUPLE SHOW while giggling silently.

Nandini again shows one more item to him but the result is the same as before. Manik again denies with a lip tight smile.

Nan :- ( angrily ) may i know, why are you rejecting all the outfits which i am choosing?

Ma :- because they are too revealing. It’s not my fault.

Nan :- manik, swimsuits are meant to be revealing. 

Manik sighed tirelessly before asking the question which has been running in his mind from so long.

Ma :- why are you buying this? Nandini.

Nan :- manik, can you please help me without asking questions?

Ma :- ( childishly ) NOPE!!!!!!!!

Nandini pouted her lips in anger. 

Nan :- ok, then go back. I made a mistake by bringing you here. I should bring Aryaman, at least he will help me in shopping unlike you who is just rejecting everything. 

And her this statement woke the possessive boyfriend inside him. He stood up with aggression and took her in the corner while dragging her.

Ma :- what did you just say? Haa….. you will bring that toothpaste smile here for your shopping? Listen to me very carefully MISS.MURTHY, i will not let that toothpaste smile to take my rights. It’s freaking my right to take you shopping or to pay your bills. Understood? 

Nandini nods like an obedient student. She understood that she touched the wrong string at the wrong timings. 

Ma :- ( calmly ) now come i will choose the best swimsuit for you. ( mummers slowly but nandini heard him and chuckled ) AND LESS REVEALING TOO.

When they come back one male attender comes towards them.

Attender :- how may i help you sir? What you want to see?

Ma :- swimsuits

Attender :- for whom?

This question makes manik even more frustrated than before.

Ma :- what do you mean by whom? May I look like I will wear BIKINI? 

Nan :- ish……… manik, what are you saying? 

Ma :- ( horrified ) what i am saying? Can’t you hear what he asks? ( to the attender ) don’t you have any common sense? 

Attender :- ( scaredly )sorry sir, i asked that question unknowingly.

Ma :- unknowingly wow!!!!

Nan :- sorry sir. Actually he is a little drunk, that is why he is talking rubbish.

Attender :- oh.. He is drunkard. Ohh…. it’s ok mam. 

Manik glared at both of them for calling him drunker even when he is fully sober. 

Attender :- come mam, i will show you our latest collection. See… this .. mam this will look good on you. This will perfectly go with your figure. Trust me, you will look hottest in this.

Ma :- ( sweetly ask from the attender ) do you have any insurance for your teeth or bones? 

Attender :- no…. Why sir?

Ma :- because you will need that soon. I will not go away from here until I break your bones and teeths. 

The attender became scared hearing his threats. Nandini chuckled fakely and tried to calm the situation.

Nan :- heheh….. He is drunk.i told you before, right?

Attender :- ( relaxing ) ohh…. Yes. 

Manik too chuckled fakely and glared nandini. He held her wrist and dragged her towards the cash counter after picking one outfit which he liked. The attender follows nandini like a love seek puppy. Seeing this manik’s nose flared in anger. 

After paying the bill he turned towards the attender and landed a strong punch on his face. Nandini gasped seeing the blood on the attendee’s lower lip. Whereas the attender looks at manik with fear. 

Nan :- why?

Ma :- ( with lip tight smile ) because i am drunk. ( to the attender ) I advised you to please take insurance for your teeth. You badly need it only if you are going to flirt like this with every girl in front of their boyfriend. 

He sneaks his right hand on nandini’s waist and holds it possessively before exiting the shop. 

Otherside in the malhotra residence raman is tossing on the couch in the living room. He tries very hard to sleep but sleep is far away from his eyes. Whenever he closes his eyes, Manik’s smirking face comes there making him restless. 

Ram :- this manik will make me mad one day.ughhhh…….  Should I check on nandini, one last time?

After a small debate with himself he stood up and sneakingly walked towards alya’s room. He knocks on the door which disturbs Alya’s beautiful sleep. She stood and opened the door sleepingly.

Al :- ( sleepingly ) yes uncle. Do you need anything?

Ram :- yup!!! Nandini. 

Al :- but nandini is not here. Wait let me check once in the washroom.

Listening to the washroom the color of raman’s face goes pale.

Al :- ( worriedly ) uncle, nandini is not here.

Listening this raman immediately ran towards manik’s room and barged inside. His eyes come out from sockets finding the room empty. He made a crying face and slumped down on the bed.

Someone kept hand on his shoulder from back. Raman turns around and hugs the person and cries in his arms while complaining.

Ram :- raj, he took my daughter again. ( sobbed and rubs his nose on his shoulder earning a smack from him ) 

Raj giggles seeing his state and takes him downstairs. Soon everyone got assembled in the living room and was finding nandini everywhere.

Abhi :- dad, cabir or manik is also not in their room. 

Ram :- ( scaredly ) abhi, you checked each and every room and washroom naa..?

Abhimanyu nods confusingly.

Nyo :- raj, why are you smiling?

Raj :- arey… why are you guys taking tension? Don’t worry manik and nandini must be together. Trust me nandini is in safe hands.

Ish :- at this time, where these two went?

Muk :- maa, this is not the first time they got disappeared like this.

Nav :- if manik and nandini are together then where is cabir?

Ram :- ( whispers ) i don’t know but i will not leave that stupid boy. I sent him to manik’s room to keep an eye on him but here he just vanished like a spirit. Cabir, I will make your life hell just come in front of me once.

Raj :- ( to raman ) if you will not plan to keep them away then they would be here with us. 

Ram :- if i will not plan…. Then I will find my daughter in manik’s bathroom which is not at all acceptable to me. 

Raj :- whatever…….

When this drama is ongoing here, on the other side the lovebirds are fulfilling Nandini’s one more weird wish. 

Nan :- manik, remove your clothes. 

Ma :- ( shocked ) what?….

Nan :- I said remove your clothes except your boxer.

Ma :- seriously…. You want to see me naked here. For this reason you bring me here. I can fulfill your wish at home too. 

Nan :- manik, do as i say.

Seeing no other option he starts removing his clothes slowly-slowly while praying to god.

Ma :- ( thoughts ) god, please give me power to keep my hormones in control. I am already at the edge seeing her in black swimsuit. She is giving all the wrong ideas to me.

Nan :- manik, i told you to remove clothes not to give a strip show to me. Why are you removing your clothes like a seductress?

Ma :- ( teasingly ) why it is making you horny?

Nan :- ( avoiding eye contact with him ) n..o…. Definitely not. 

Manik smirks and jerks her towards himself holding her waist. His cold hands and her hot waist works as a fuel in their raging desires.

Ma :- ( runs his tip of nose on her left ear ) accept it that i turned you on.

Nandini blushed and wriggled in his arms to come out. Reluctantly, Manik let her go, not wanting to destroy the peaceful environment around them.

Nan :- come… follow me.

Manik follows her smilingly. After walking around 5 minutes they reached a waterfall point. Seeing their outfit and location, Manik understood his girlfriend’s wish and gulped hard.

Ma :- are we going to jump from here in this water?

Nandini shyly nods and holds his hand before taking the position.

Ma :- nandini, are you crazy?

Nan :- ( smilingly ) yup!!!!!!!

Ma :- nandini, think once again. It’s too risky.

Nan :- why are you getting hyper? It’s just 300ft. 

Ma :- ( freaked out ) it’s not just 300ft. It is bloody THREE HUNDRED FEET. From where you get these crazy wishes? I mean who wants to jump from a 300ft waterfall, late at night.

Nan :- one second, who told you that this is my wish? This is a part of my wish.

Ma :- ( sarcastically ) oh… ya how can i forget. This wish completes when we knock on the god’s door and say “ hello ayyappa, how are you doing? I know we come here early but it’s all your nandini’s fault. Now let us come inside and show us our room”. 

Nan :- what are you saying? 

Ma :- exactly, what are you saying?

Giving a damn to his words, Nandini holds his hand and jumps down in the water with him. Both got deep in the river and struggled to come up. In all this nandini didn’t leave his hand for a second. 

Finally after some struggles they come up while breathing heavily. Manik looks at her dumbfoundedly and ask a most dumb question.

Ma :- where is ayyappa’s door?

Nan :- unfortunately we are still alive and breathing.

Before Manik could get settled, Nandini locked their lips while cupping his both cheeks and took him inside the water. Their first kiss in the water is amazingly hot. Manik holds her waist tightly in fear. Here nandini is incharge of the kiss because manik is still not in his proper senses. First the jump and their struggle in the water and then finally the kiss. All this is too much for him to handle. 

Their kiss lasts around 40 seconds. Nandini breaks the kiss and comes up with a manik whose breath is still not in his control.

Ma :- ( while breathing heavily ) so… thi..s is… your…. Wish.

To be continued…

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