Nandini is sitting on her blue coloured bike in front of the gate and blowing the horn after every passing second. She is not spared a single glance at Manik who is standing beside her. 

Manik is standing grumpily and continuously looking at her with corner eyes because he can’t let her go alone at night and he doesn’t want to go either. 

Suddenly Nandini starts counting. 

Nan :- 3…..2…..

Before she could count 1 and zoom out from here, Manik sat behind her grumpily making her grin in victory. 

Next second Nandini’s bike is running on the empty streets with an over excited Nandini and grumpy Manik. 

Ma :- ( with a grumpy voice ) why did you bring this? Why not a car? 

Nan :- why? Don’t you like the ride?

Manik didn’t reply. Seeing him still grumpy she stops her bike at the red light and takes his both hands and wraps them around her waist while pulling him closer. 

Seeing her gestures his all grumpiness flew away in seconds. He tightens his hold around her waist and mumbles in her right ear. 

Ma :- ( in husky voice ) Now, I am loving this drive. 

Nandini rolls her eyes in disbelief. Whereas Manik’s naughty mode turns on and he snuggles more in her from behind.

Ma :- where are we going? 

Nandini flinched because of his closeness. 

Nan :- Manik, what are you doing? Keep some distance. We are on the road and moreover I am driving. 

Ma :- so..what? Park your bike aside and let me continue my work. This is more important. 

Saying this he became more naughy. His fingers started making circles on her waist automatically.

Nan :- Manik, we are in public! 

Ma :- tch… Nandini.. yr…. Look around no one is there except you and me. 

Nandini gritted her teeth in irritation and muttered ” why I brought him with me,……. save me ayyappa ” . She continues driving while controlling her raising breaths. 

Manik’s fingers are dancing on her tummy. Out of nowhere he pinched her waist with both of his hands making her gasp in sudden pain. 

Nan :- MANIK!! 

But her shout went in deaf ears. 

After sometime Manik sat straight and took his hands back. Nandini signed in relief but in the next moment his act shocked her. 

He traced his long thick fingers sensuously from her shoulders to till her palm and locked it there on the bike’s handle. She lost control on the bike but this time Manik handled this gracefully. 

Much to Nandini’s relief they reached their desired destination. She immediately pulled the break. Because of the sudden abruptness Manik came out from his love land and pouted sadly. But after some time his sad look changed into a happy one.  

Ma :- ( widely grinning ) I am thinking why not I sell all my cars and purchase these two wheeler vehicles? ( While dreaming ) I mean look at the benefits of this bike ride……. This is the best drive that I ever had with you. But, who taught you this? 

Nandini ignored him completely and parked her bike aside while mummering curses to herself. 

Otherside Manik looks at his surroundings and frowns seeing the location. 

Ma :- what is this? 

Nan :- ( with a duh face ) This is a shopping complex which provides services 24×7, Manik.

Ma :- ( lip tight smile ) oh… really? Will you do me a favor and tell me what we are doing here? 

In reply Nandini smirks, making him scared a little bit. 

Nan :- Don’t ask questions. Just follow me. But before that wear this cap and hide your face as much as you can( handing him the dark blue colored cap ). I don’t want anyone to gush over my boyfriend because this time you are MY MANIK…. Not any famous entrepreneur or lead singer Manik Malhotra. 

Manik nods in understanding and follows her while grinning on his cute girlfriend’s gestures. The complex is less crowded at this time. 

Ma :- ( looking around ) Nice!… At this time the place is less crowded so there are better chances to romance anywhere. 

He is finding a perfect place to romance where no one will disturb them. 

Otherside Nandini nervously walks and stands in front of a shop waiting for a high voltage reaction from Manik. 

Manik too stops behind Nandini and looks at the shop. Seeing the shop, first he became shocked and shouted. 


(Victoria’s Secret is a woman’s lingerie shop)

Nandini bites her lower lip in embarrassment and looks around with a motive to avoid MANIK’S strong gaze. 

Ma :- ( teasing look ) Abhi se hi honeymoon shopping? ( Honeymoon shopping, already? ) Not bad! Not bad!. 

Nandini turned more red hearing his remark. 

Nan :- Manik…..

Ma :- ( with an innocent look ) but Nandini trust me you don’t need all this. I mean you will not get any chance to wear all this.

Nan :- ( blushing hard ) Manik, what rubbish you are talking!

Ma :- arey… seriously. Why waste money in buying this? Don’t we use the same money in purchasing some protections? We will need that more than this. 

Nandini gasped hearing his shameless talks before she could stop him. He starts further with the most innocent look. 

Ma :- but why do you need all this? I mean generally girls buy all these expensive items to add some masala in their romantic life and to turn on their partner. But in our case your one look is enough to make me turn on.

And this is enough, Nandini can’t blush more than this. Her face turned bright red because of his talks. Seeing her state Manik laughs and takes her in his arms. 

Nan :- ( after coming out from his hold ) where is your OFF button? 

Ma :- huh? 

Nan :- I mean, where is your switchboard? I want to turn off your FLIRTING MODE. 

Ma :- ( while making a bad face ) Ohh my baby, that automatically turns off after seeing your dad and brothers.

Nan :- ( pointing her index finger towards him ) hey…. Don’t bring my dad between us. 

Ma :- ok, madam. Now let’s do the work for which we came here. 

He holds her hand and drags her inside the shop while she is blushing hard. 

Ma :- what’s your size? 

Nandini gasped again, listening to his straight forward question. 

Nan :- you can’t ask about my size, like that it’s nothing. 

Ma :- by the way I already know your size. Let me confirm it. 

Nandini gulped and moved back. 

Nan :- How do you know about my size?  

Ma :- ( holds her in his arms ) my eyes are enough to know small to small details of your body. 

Nandini’s cheeks turned red again but their romance is disturbed by the salesgirl.

Salesgirl :- mam, may I know what you want? 

Nandini immediately came out from his hold and straightened herself. Whereas Manik mumms some harmless curses to the girl for breaking their romantic moment. 

Nan :- I want SWIMSUIT. 


And this word echoed in the shop because Manik shouted at the top of his lungs. 

Nan :- why are you shouting? 

Ma :- Then, what else do you expect from me? YOU and SWIMSUIT. WHY?! 

Nan :- ( to the girl ) mam, you ignore him and show me some swimsuits……

Manik interrupts her. 

Ma :- Less revealing swimsuit….. please. 

The salesgirl giggles, understanding the deep meaning. 

Salesgirl :- mam, what is your size? 

Manik again interrupts their talks. 

Ma :- M 

Hearing him Nandini gasped in surprise. Her eyes widened and only one word come out from her mouth i.e. HOW?  

Ma :- ( smirks ) I already told you that my eyes are enough to know each and every detail of your body. 

Saying this he went behind the salesgirl to choose the perfect outfit for her leaving shocked Nandini behind. 

To be continued ………

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  1. A very amazing and beautiful update the bike ride and the way Manik’s ways with Nandini was really amazing and his reaction for seeing the shop and hearing about the swimsuit was really amazing please update next part soon to know what will Nandini buy now will Manik let her buy what she wants

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