52. KARMA!

Raj handed over the note to Raman without saying anything. Raman quietly opens the letter to read and what he saw makes him shocked. 

Dear husband

Glad you remembered that you also have a wife at home who is dieing to get your attention. But you are busy in another world. 

So, to make you realise that your wife should be your foremost priority. I decided that you will not sleep with me in one room until you do something which makes me happy. You can sleep anywhere you want. 

Good night husband

Have a sweet dreams

Your wife


And don’t you dare to disturb my beauty sleep with your continuous banging on the door. 

After reading the note Raman’s mouth is wide open in shock. 

Raj :- ( mockingly ) KARMA IS A BITCH my friend. You are trying to separate two lovers na… by keeping them apart from each other. Now see where this leads you. Your own wife threw you out. 

Ram :- hay …… she didn’t throw me out. 

Raj :- oh .. ya…. How can I forget that she respectfully while following the non-violence path politely told you to GET OUT. 

Raj’s each and every word is filled with sarcasm. 

Saying this he went away whereas Raman is in deep thoughts. He is seriously giving his deeds a second thought. He is remembering all the plans which he made to keep Manik and Nandini away. But soon the protective father took the charge. From the father’s perspective whatever he did or doing is correct because his daughter is still a kid. She is not mature enough to marry someone and moreover her career, her dream to be a doctor or open her own heart specialist hospital is pending. 

There are many more reasons behind his over possessive behaviour which he didn’t even want to discuss with anyone. Maybe everyone forgot about the past but those memories are still fresh somewhere in his mind. But for a time, he let go all these thoughts and went to find some place to sleep. 

Everyone in the MALHOTRA house is asleep except one. Around 11 in the night someone sneaks inside Manik’s room. Seeing him sleeping peacefully the person goes all AWW on his sleeping figure. The person moves towards and tries to wake him up which is a very tough job. 

” Mani….wakey, wakey…”

Yes, the person is none other than NANDINI MURTHY itself who came here to wake her boyfriend because suddenly she got some weird wish. And for fulfilling the same she needs her boyfriend.

Nan :- ( shaking Manik hardly ) Manik, wake up!

But there is no effect on Manik because he is in a very deep slumber. Seeing her all attempts going in vain, Nandini huffed beautifully. 

Suddenly she got naughty idea which would bring him back in senses from the death bed also. She smirks mischievously. If Manik be in his senses then he would surely get scared by her smirk. 

Nandini slowly turns his body and makes him face herself without disturbing his sleep.

Without second thought she crashed her lips with his. 

Manik’s eyes shot open, feeling his favourite pair of lips. Nandini smirks because her plan worked but the next moment her happiness turns into shock. 

As soon as Manik felt her lips on his the next mere second he pulled her close and kissed her passionately. He can make love to her anytime anywhere no matter how sleepy or tired he is. 

Nandini whimpers because her plan backfired. 

Manik takes her both lips in his and sucks hard. He immediately turns their position and takes her beneath himself making her nervous. 

Finally after a minute or two he leaves her lips and chuckles seeing her all messed up State. 

Nan :- WHAT THE HELL!!!! 

Ma :- ( grinned ) it’s heaven, baby. ( Remembering the kiss which they shared few seconds ago ) 

Nan :- How can you kiss me……

Manik didn’t let her complete her sentence and reply. 

Ma :- ( mischievously) first I pull you towards me holding your neck, like this ( he does the same with full intensity) then, I suck your this Lip ( caressing her upper lip and sucks it lightly ) then I tilt my face right and…..

Before he could go more shameless and give her more deep details about the kiss, she stopped him shyly and shook her head in No. 

Manik groaned seeing her red cheeks. He placed a chant kiss on her forehead and dug his face in the crook of her neck and mumbles. 

Ma :- didn’t you know that, it could be dangerous for you to come into my room late at night. 

Nan :- ( locking her hands around Manik’s neck ) may I know, what is the danger in that? 

Ma :- ( shook his head ) I will tell you when the right time comes. 

Nan :- ( innocently ) why not, now? 

Ma :- because you are still a kid. 

Nan :- ( whined ) Manik…… 

Ma :- ( sternly because he wants to dismiss this topic ) Nandini…. 

Nandini huffed in annoyance and took a note to ask her mother why she planned her at last. Everyone treats her as a kid only because she is the younger one in both the families.

Otherside Manik laid down beside her and took her in his arms. Their body is sticking with each other. 

Ma :- why you come here? 

Listening to the question Nandini remembered the purpose for which she came here. She squeals in excitement and immediately gets down from the bed startling him. 

Ma :- ( worried ) calm down!!  madam.

He tried to control her over excitement because her brother is still lying under the bed. And if he woke up then god knows what would happen next. 

Giving no heeds to his words she dragged him out, luckily no one noticed them. 

Ma :- why you bring me here? 

Nan :- ( excitedly ) because we are going out. 

Ma :- ( frowned ) I didn’t remember any of our plans to go out. 

Nan :- uff!! ….. Manik you ask so many questions. ( squealing like a teenager ) I suddenly got this idea and I want you to accompany me. 

Hearing this, Manik got a little heart attack because Nandini and her weird wishes are very dangerous for his health. 

Ma :- ( moving backward, scaredly ) No….no…. I am not coming with you. You and your wishes are always dangerous and beyond my imaginations. You know what happened to me last time. 

Nan :- but that was so adventurous. 

Ma :- ( rolling his eyes ) what is the adventure in jumping from a cliff with ONLY ONE PARACHUTE? It’s literally a suicide attempt. Don’t you remember that after fulfilling your crazy wish I was on a bed rest for one whole week. 

Nan :- ( pleading ) I promise this time nothing will happen to you. Tonight you don’t have to jump from anywhere. 

Ma :- ( turning his face ) NO….

Na :- ( pouting cutely for melting him ) Manik…… come na…. We will enjoy it. I promise!

Ma :- NOPE!!! 

Nan :- ok!…. Then I am going ALONE. ( Symphazing the word alone ) 

She went out from there angrily. 

Ma :- ( stomped his foot ) ah……she is stubborn just like her father. 

To be continued ………

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