And the next scene scared and shocked Manik like hell. He starts sweating in fear seeing cabir’s body who is lying on the floor in awkward position. 

As soon as Cabir heard Manik’s confession he fell on the floor in utter shock. His all body parts stopped working except his heart which is just pumping the blood. His eyes came out from its sockets and wide opened. His state is the same as a person who just got paralyzed. 

Manik sat down near the cabir’s head while shivering in fear and pats his cheeks with both hands. 

Ma :- are you still alive ? My friend. 

Not getting any response he checks his breath and sighed in relief seeing his heart working normally. 

Ma :- Thank god he is alive or else Nandini will not leave me for murdering her sweet, innocent bhai. 

He again pats cabir’s cheeks but no response. He immediately stands and sprinkles water on his face, still no moment. 

Ma :- Yr. Kahi yeah coma mai toh nahi chala gaya. ( I think he went into a coma ) If Raman uncle sees him in this condition then I am sure I will become the permanent member of his blocked list.

He again tries to wake him but the result is the same as always.

Ma :- should I call the doctor? ( after thinking a lot ) nahh….. His life is not that important. I think he will be fine till tomorrow morning. Now what will I do with his body? 

After thinking a lot he got an IDEA. Soon he starts implementing his idea. 

First, he closed Cabir’s eyes with his hands.

Then, he kissed his forehead and mumbles ” SORRY BRO… I HOPE YOU WILL GET FINE SOON”. 

After that he pushed his unconscious body under the bed. 

Ma :- sorry bhai…. You have to sleep here tonight because I don’t have enough strength to lift your body and make you sleep on the bed. For tonight just adjust here. 

At last he covers cabir’s body with an extra blanket and cabir went into a peaceful slumber. 

After removing all the evidence Manik sat on the bed and huffed. 

Ma :- why I felt like I murdered someone and hid his body under my bed to save myself….. well, telling cabir about his sister and my relationship is not less than some suicide attempt. 

He lied down on the bed tiredly but soon stood up after realising that he told cabir about his and Nandini’s relationship. Now it’s his time to get unconscious in anticipation of what will happen tomorrow when cabir will get all ok? 

Ma :- ( scared ) will he hang me tomorrow on the fan? Or will he push me from the top floor of BURJ KHALIFA? Naa….. na….. Manik thinks positively. Why will he spend so much on traveling to Dubai? This option is very costly. 

I am sure he will hang me here only. ( Looking at the ceiling fan ) Manik takes precaution before he gets fine tomorrow. 

After thinking a lot he dialled his p.a’s number. 

Otherside his p.a ( chetan) is sleeping peacefully in his wife’s arms. His sleep got disturbed because of the continuous ringing of his phone. He took his phone in his hands and read the caller name with half open eyes. As soon as Manik’s name got registered in his mind he fell down from the bed and hurriedly answered the call while sitting on the floor. 

Che :- hello, sir it’s 11:15 of night. 

Ma :- ( sarcastically ) I know that chetan. I also have a clock at home and unfortunately it’s showing the correct time. 

Che :- oh… then why did you call me? At this time you don’t have any meetings now, then why? 

Ma :- ( making a bad face ) Will you let me speak? 

Che :- ( gasped ) you are my boss. Why are you asking just order. 

Ma :- so…. Just keep one ICU room and ambulance ready. Maybe I will need it tomorrow. ( In low tone ) 

Che :- why sir? You will come to the office tomorrow in an ambulance ? But you are on a leave because of Alya ma’am’s wedding. 

Ma :- just do as I am saying without asking anything. 

Without waiting for his response he cut the call with a bad face. Whereas Chetan is in a dilemma whether to fulfil Manik’s order or not. Deciding against all this he books an appointment with a psychiatrist for Manik’s treatment. As he thinks that he badly needs this.

Here, Manik’s mood got spoiled, now he needs only one thing which changes his mood in a second i.e HIS NANDINI.

Ma :- ( like a prayer ) NANDINI…..

A beautiful smile came on his lips when he took her name. Without second thought he walks towards his ultimate destination while grinning like a fool. 

Within 5 minutes he is standing in front of Alya’s room where his lifeline is staying. He danced in victory. Definitely it’s not an easy task to reach Nandini when her father is keeping an eye on him. 

He placed his hand on the door knob and just went to turn it but before that someone knocked his head from behind. 

He turns around instantly and seeing the person the floor beneath him slips. 

As expected Raman murthy is standing behind him with crossed hands. His presence is not a coincidence. Actually he is waiting here only for Manik while hiding himself in the adjacent room. Courtesy to knowing him from birth. 

Manik looks at Raman with the most innocent face. He makes a sleepy yet confused face. 

Ma :- ( looking here and there like a lost puppy ) what I am doing here? I was….toh sleeping in my room then, how did I get here? Am I sleepwalking? ( Yawning fakely ) 

Ram :- ( narrowed eyes ) I know everything. I know your real intentions for coming here. Don’t fool me. 

Ma :- ( arrogantly ) when you know everything then why don’t you let me just go and meet her. ( Ends with a duh face ) 

Raman gasped hearing his straight forward reply. He moves forward to strangle Manik but before that he ran towards his room at a light speed. 

Manik stops just before his room’s door and turns towards Raman smirkingly. He sings and teases Raman to come and get him…..

Dil diya hai jaan bhi tujhe denge

Tu ik vari aa toh sahi

Dil diya hai jaan bhi tujhe denge

Tu ik vaari aa toh sahi

Dil diya hai jaan bhi tujhe denge

Tu nazre mila toh sahi

Tu ik vari aa to sahi

And also does the signature step. He is in full mood to tease Raman. After teasing the hell out of his father in law he ran inside and latched the door. 

Raman looked at him with red eyes and stomped his food on the floor before moving towards his room.

He walks towards one of the guest rooms where he is staying but stops to see Raj standing and reading some red colour note in front of his room. 

Ram :- what happened? 

Raj :- ( giggles ) nothing…. It’s just…. Tujhe room nikala de diya gaya hai. ( You have been expelled from your room ) 

Ram :- what rubbish! Get aside, let me go. 

He pushed Raj back and turned the door’s knob but it’s locked from inside. 

Ram :- ishu…. ( Banging the door ) ishu….. open the door. 

Raj :- bhai… don’t disturb her. ( While whistling ) she will not open the door. 

Ram :- ( confused ) why? 

Without saying anything Raj handed over the red note which was stuck on the door a few minutes back.

Ram :- ( mummers ) today, both father and son are on a mission to irritate me.

To be continued………

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