Ma:- ( stammers ) i…a.um..

He thinks of an excuse to give only because of Cabir’s presence. If he wouldn’t be there then he will definitely shout on top of his voice that HE WAS WITH HIS NANDINI AND SPENDING SOME COZY TIME WITH HER ON TERRACE.

Ca:- Manik, before coming here I saw you and Nandini talking in front of Alya’s room. Is she your important work?

Raman punched cabir on the choice of his words. Whereas both Malhotra giggles seeing the protective father on duty.

Ca:- ( wincing in pain ) I mean…. What important work do you have with Nandini? ( to Raman ) now, ok?

Ma:- a… u…m… ask dad! He sent me to deliver a message to Nandini.

Raj widened his eyes because his son turned the table towards him.

Raj:- ya… I want them to plan something for tomorrow’s function. ( sarcastically while glaring at Manik ) And for this, I use this MESSENGER SEND BY GOD to convey my thoughts to Nandini because I am poor and I don’t have a mobile phone to make a call to her. Right?

Here, Cabir act’s as the dumbest person who is making a bad face because he didn’t understand even a word of whatever Raj said.

Ignoring all this Raman stands in front of Manik who is still now murdering him in his mind and says while giving him his most innocent look.

Ram:- Manik, you wanted to spend some time with your boy’s gang na?…… then for tonight I arranged the special get together of all the younger boys in your room. They all will stay with you here. 

Ma:- WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shocked is the smallest word to express Manik’s condition. Because he set everything to let Nandini sneak into his room to spend some more time with him. But his plan is mercilessly flopped by his future father-in-law. 

Ram:- ( dusting imaginary dust from Manik’s shirt ) And one more thing, there is some electricity issue in the washroom. That’s why Raj locked the washroom for a safe side. 

Manik frowned hearing him and looked towards his father asking him about this newfound “so-called” issue in his room. Understanding his expressions Raj innocently moves his head from right to left in denial. And with this, one thought stuck in his mind that “there is something between RAMAN and WASHROOM, which he is not aware of”. 

Ram:- ( whispers in Manik’s ear ) I clearly know what is your reason behind making our stay here. But trust me my son today I will not let you come near MY DAUGHTER. 

Ma:- ( thought ) ohhhh…..so my dear future father-in-law is stopping me from meeting MY OWN GIRLFRIEND. 

Raman gives a winning smirk to Manik and walks towards the door in full swag.

Raj looks at Manik and finds him giving his usual smile filled with MALHOTRA ATTITUDE. 

Manik looks at Raman’s fading figure and starts singing while keeping his left arm around Cabir’s shoulder. 

Aa dekhen zara

Kisme kitna hai dum

Jum ke rakhna kadam

Mere saathiya…..

Raman turned around and faced him with a wide-open mouth after realizing the meaning behind his song. He gives him a challenging look and sings another song himself. 

hum bhi hai josh me bate kar hosh me

hum bhi hain josh me bate kar hosh me

yu na aankhen dikha

sailaro sailare kya bola phir bol re

sailaro sailare kya bola phir bol re……

This time Manik’s jaw touched the floor. 

Raman walks out of the room with a winning smile. Whereas Raj is clean balled with their attitude but somewhere he is proud of his son for not giving up on his love. He smiles dreamily and walks towards the door while singing another song. 

Le Jayenge Le Jayenge

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Le Jayenge Le Jayenge

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Aji Rahey Jayenge Rahey Jayenge

Paise Wale Dektey Rahey Jayenge

Le Jayenge Le Jayenge

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

And he does some crazy bhangra steps in happiness which makes Manik and Cabir laugh.

Cabir turned towards Manik and dragged him to the bed. 

Ca:- come, brother, let’s sleep. 

Ma:- ( sweetly ) Cabir…. Mere veere…. ( My bro ) 

Ca:- ( understanding his sweetness ) come to the point, what do you want from me? Don’t hide behind the bush. First listen to me clearly, if there is something in which I get some flying chappals ( slippers ) and kicks in the end then it’s already a big NO from my side.

Manik rolled his eyes on his comment and mouthed “Kutta” and in the next second he got his reply from Cabir “same to you”.

Ma:- I planned something for tomorrow’s function. Will you help me with this? Please…

Cabir instantly stood up and punched Manik directly on his face. His punch shocked and angered Manik to no end, in reflex he too landed two punches on Cabir’s face while muttering some beautiful-beautiful words to him. 

Ma :- saal*…. K*ttee…. K*mine….. gadh*…. How dare you? 

Without replying, Cabir hugged him emotionally and wiped his fake tears.

Ca:- THANK GOD!! TU MERA WALA HI MANIK HAI. ( thank god!! You are the original Manik ) 

Ma:- ( pushing him away ) what? 

Ca:- ( ignoring his question ) who taught you manners? ( Wide open mouth ) I never taught you words like “PLEASE”. Who did this miracle? 

Ma:- Are you hungry? If yes, then I am ready to quench your hunger with my punches. ( Sarcasm dripping from each and every word ) but please stop your nonsense talk. 

Ca:- oh… come on my cuddy-buddy. Tell me WHO IS THE GIRL? 

Ma:- ( irritatingly with a bad face ) who girl? What are you talking about? 

Ca:- I am talking about your girlfriend… who taught you manners. Who changed my mannerless, shameless buddy into a manly one. So… tell me, who is the girl? Tell! Tell! 

Ma:- ( making a bad face on his overacting) why do you want to know about my girl? 

Ca:- arey,… See … THE MANIK MALHOTRA is saying please to me. ( Pointing himself ) TO ME!! ( Looking upward while joining both hands ) thank you, God… Thank you so much… that you keep me alive till now. Only because of you today I heard PLEASE from his mouth. DHANYE HO AAP PRABHU… DHANYE HOO. ( thank you, god, thank you!! )

Ma:- Nautanki…. ( gimmick… )

Ca:- leave all this and tell me na… who is the girl? 

Ma:- come I will tell you …. Come …. Come sit here. ( Pointing to bed ) 

Cabir excitedly sat in front of the Manik. 

Ma:- ( after taking a deep breath ) SHE IS YOUR SISTER !!! 

To be continued…

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