Alya slapped Manik hard right across his left cheek making him wince in pain and pulled Nandini away from his hold. She hides Nandini behind her back and angrily looks at Manik. 


Manik stood there like an innocent child with one hand on his cheek. While Nandini is sweating and murmuring prayers to save her one and only boyfriend. 

Ma:- ( innocently ) woh… di… We…lo…v…e.

Aly:- ( furiously ) When will you stop behaving like a baby, Manik? ( pulling his left ear ) Be a man…….And stop troubling her for god’s sake. She is not a child anymore to whom you can trouble anytime and anywhere. 

Nan:- ( shocked ) HUH!!! Troubling me?

Nandini is super shocked and confused about the whole situation. Whereas Manik’s happiness is on another level. He signed in relief knowing the fact that his little secret is still a secret.

Ma:- ( with a toothy smile ) yaa… troubling her…. Right, I am troubling ……her.

Aly:- ( scolding him )  how shameless you are, Manik? You are saying you are troubling her with this stupid grin on your face. 

Manik immediately hides his smile to save his other cheek from another slap seeing his sister’s anger. 

Aly:- ( turning towards Nandini ) And Nandini whenever he troubles you in future then, directly come to me. I will beat him. ( saying this She punched his bicep making him wince )  

Nandini is enjoying Manik’s condition and nods cutely out of excitement. She speaks further while making the most helpless face and secretly gives Manik a smirk.

Seeing her smirk, Manik understands that DANGER is on the way for him. He prepares himself for bearing the consequences of having the naughtiest girlfriend.

Nan:- di….. He squeezed my cheek like this ( while showing her how he squeezed the hell out of her cheeks ) and it hurt my cheeks badly. ( Rubs her cheeks to reduce the fake pain ) 

Hearing Nandini, Alya shoots daggers at Manik for hurting her cute baby. Whereas Manik looks at Nandini with wide eyes mixed with pure horror but she doesn’t stop there.

Nan:- di…. He caged me like this ( wrapped her arms around herself and showed Alya ) and put all his 100KG weight on me.

Ma:- ( wide eyes ) 100KG!!!……. At Least don’t say it like that. I sweated for almost 2hours in the gym daily.

Nan:- No…. Di, he is really heavy. ( Pinching her throat with an innocent look ) 

Manik looks at her with unknown expressions.

Ma :- ( thought ) GOD! What a brilliant Actor she is!!  Although she hates lies, when it comes to me she becomes the world’s best liar. See now, how innocently she is trapping my sister in her plan and making a full proof plan to send me in the HEAVEN. 

( To Alya ) hawww…….. LIER!!  Di… she is lying. Don’t go on her innocence…she is….

Aly:- shut up Manik. I saw what you are doing with her. ( pulling his ear ) and from now on you will stay away from her.

Manik murmurs under his breath “NOT POSSIBLE IN THIS BIRTH AT LEAST”.

Aly:- ( turning towards Nandini and rubbing her cheeks lightly ) baby, is it paining more?

Nan:- no.. di, it’s fine now.

Soon Alya’s phone rings and to pick the call she goes inside the room but not before glaring at Manik once again.

Seeing Alya’s disappearing figure, Nandini gulps and tries to stop her but MR. MALHOTRA stops her and gives murderous looks to her which is scaring her to no end. 

Ma :- your Alya di…toh gayi. Now, who will save you from me? ( moving towards her with a dangerous look ) What were you saying? I AM HEAVY…. I hurted YOUR CUTE-CUTE CHEEKS ( cubs her both cheeks and rubs his thumbs on it ) so…. Should I reduce your FAKE pain by eating these small tomatoes? ( While looking at her chubby cheeks which turned into a tomato by his closeness ) 

Nandini smiles cheekily on his flirting nature and immediately kisses his cheek to calm her monster down and it really works in her favor. 

On this gesture, Manik melted like ice cream and kept his hands on the wall caging her in between. Both shared a cute and short eye lock which was witnessed by Alya who came back to take Nandini inside. Seeing this she immediately runs inside hiding herself from being caught. 

Alya ( p.o.v )

What I am thinking is right? Are they really both in a relationship? Nandini is Manik’s secret girlfriend!! ….?

Or I am just overthinking. No…No….. the way Manik hugged her or the way they were looking at each other is not normal. 

( getting excited ) Awwww…….. They look so adorable together. Oh god please if this is true then give them the world’s happiness and keep them always together.

( suspiciously ) But right now I have to know the truth…. That is it true and if yes then why do they hide this from all of us. NOW! MISS ALYA MALHOTRA AND SOON-TO-BE MRS. ALYA DHRUV VEDANT GETS READY TO FIND THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP STATUS. 


On the other hand, Raman is going towards Manik’s room to execute his plan. Raj is following him like an obedient student. No matter what he always supports Raman in all his plans but right now the situation is different. He is following him to know what he is up to.

Raman proudly enters Manik’s room like he came to raid it followed by Raj. Both came inside and found the room empty but they didn’t pay attention to it. Raman swiftly moves towards his ultimate destination i.e WASHROOM and locks it from outside.

Raj:- ( frowned ) Why did you lock the washroom?

Ram:- ( keeps the key in his pocket and makes akimbo while smirking ) because I don’t want to see another JISM PRADARSHAN ( body display act ) …. naa… rahega washroom aur na hoga koi washroom romance ( no washroom romance ). Hush!!! Now, I will sleep without any tension.

Raj:- ( sadly ) if you don’t want to see then don’t come near this room.. but I want to see my grandkids….. ( Covers the blunder seeing Raman’s angry eyes ) I mean let them enjoy themselves. It’s their age to spend time together. You can’t snatch this right from them.

Ram:- I am not snatching anything from anyone. I know that it’s their age to enjoy life but why only in WASHROOM. They can spend time in the living hall with us or at the dinner table or……

Raj:- ( cut him in mid mischievously ) or on the BED….. and make cute-cute grandkids for me to play with. ( Squealing like a teenage girl ) awww….. I can’t wait for them.

Raman shoots daggers at him angrily for making fun of his emotions.

Ram:- one day I will play with your life and then you would not be able to play with your so-called grandkids.

Raj:- sorry….. Wohh… I said that in a flow. I didn’t mean to hurt your father’s sentiment. ( after some time he says curiously ) I have a question.

Ram:- shoot!

Raj:- you locked the washroom then, what about the room? I mean to say that you don’t want them to spend time alone then what if they spend time here in this room. Because I know Manik, he will do anything to keep Nandini close to himself.

Ram:- ( smirking ) WAIT AND WATCH….I planned everything to flop his today’s plan.

Raj:- ( thought ) oh god….. What is happening in my house? Both Father-in-law and son-in-law are fighting for a single girl like enemies. I am sure after seeing all this Manik will make Raman’s life hell. ( Smirking ) and I am waiting for it. ( to Raman ) I am giving you free advice ….. Don’t do this. You will regret it.

Ram:- shut up!!

Ca:- ( while entering ) WOH!! What happened? Why are the two chubby-buddies fighting?

Raj:- what are you doing here?

Ca:- Dad asked me to come here for a sleepover with Manik.

Raj got all the answers to his questions and nodded his head in disbelief. Raman

opened his mouth to say something but stopped in between seeing Manik who was entering inside with a surprised look seeing all of them present in his room.

Ma:- what is going on here?

Raj:- where are you coming from?

Ram:- yes,….. Where are you coming from?

He said while moving towards Manik and rubbed the imaginary dust from his shirt hardly from his chest area. His tone is full of sarcasm mixed with anger. 

Manik confusingly looks at his gesture and bends his head to see why he is dusting his shirt so hard. He made a horrible face when his eyes caught the sight of a lipstick stain on his chest which is visible because of two open buttons. He looks into Raman’s eyes which are burning with pure and pure rage. He gulps and closes the buttons hiding his chest as well as his girlfriend’s lip marks from everyone, especially from his girlfriend’s father who is eye raping him. 

Ma :- ( stammered ) a..u..m…. I went for some important…… work.

Unknowingly, Raj asked “ WHAT IMPORTANT WORK? ”. Listening to this, Manik gave a furious look to him because his father is digging his own son’s grave by asking questions that have no answers.

On the other hand, Raman becomes furious with Manik because deep down in his heart he knows what was his important work and with whom. And this single thing hurts his fatherly emotions badly. He cries on his fate because he is trying hard to keep him away from his daughter till they marry but here he is openly romancing with his daughter. 

Ma :- i…a.um..

To be continued…

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