48. CAUGHT!…..?

Manik and Nandini both lying on the terrace floor in each other’s arms. Nandini’s head is on Manik’s chest whereas his one hand is wrapped around her shoulder taking her in his embrace and the other hand is holding her hand which is placed on his chest.

Nandini is snuggling into him more and more after every passing second.

Manik is pecking her forehead from time to time soaking her presence. Both of them resting silently but suddenly Nandini looks towards him while tilting her head upward and says.

Nan:- Manik, don’t you wanna know about Aryaman?

Ma:- what about him?

Nan:- that, what we talked about in the garden?

Ma:- Nandini, I trust you. I know if there is something important for me to know. You will tell me yourself without even asking. So just chill. 

Nandini adores him and places a kiss on his chest. She always likes or admires his understanding nature.

Silence again prevailed between them. But the silence is peaceful. After some time Nandini again says. 

Nan :- he ( Aryaman ) told me to start afresh. He asked for my friendship again. He said he will try to move on from me.

Ma:- ( calmly ) what you replied?

Nan:- I said ok….. Because I found him genuine.

Manik just hummed in response. He knows how innocent and naive a heart she has. She can’t deny anyone. But this doesn’t mean that he will start trusting Aryaman around her. Aryaman is still on top of his enemies list.

Nandini too didn’t wait for his response. She knows his nature very well. She knows that he can’t trust anyone when it comes to her. Deleting Aryaman’s topic from her mind she focused on her lover who is stroking her hair while endorsed in thinking. She doesn’t like whenever he thinks about someone when she is beside him. So, to get his attention she starts her drama.

Nan:- ( dramatically ) you are thinking about another girl when your girlfriend is lying in your arms. This is not fair MALHOTRA.

Manik doesn’t get her drama, that’s why he says with confusion written all over his face.

Ma:- I am not thinking about any girl. Why will I think about other girls when I have you? I am just thinking about aryaman…..

Listening to him Nandini acts shocked and sits up. She cuts him in mid and speaks dramatically.

Nan:- WHAT!!! You are thinking about a boy when you already have your hot and sexy girlfriend in your arms. ( fake shocks ) you are interested in boys you never told me that.

Now, Manik understands that she is doing drama to get his attention. 

Ma :- OHHH…… hotness ki dukan. Come here!…… I will tell you how much I am interested in boys. And stay away from that Cabir he is spoiling you. 

Nan:- why will I stay away from my brother? He is the world’s best brother after Abhi Bhai. My Cabir bhai is cute and innocent. He always fulfills my wishes. 

Ma:- ( bad face ) Cabir, or innocent…huh! …… He is a crow in the form of a pigeon. 

Nan:- Manik, why are you comparing my Cabir Bhai with birds? 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) yes…. Why am I even comparing him with birds? When I know he is not less than the dinosaurs. 

Nan:- I will tell my Bhai that you are comparing him with a dinosaur. 

Ma:- ( with attitude ) I am not scared of him. 

Both giggle at their stupid banter. Manik pulled her back holding her arm and she again took her position in his arms.

Ma:- ( while kissing her head ) you don’t even stay still for a moment naa….? You always make excuses to go away from my embrace. 

Nandini giggles and shakes her head. Both again got silent. After some time Manik again starts caressing her hair whereas Nandini starts dodging her name on his chest which is her favorite time pass.

Out of nowhere, a thought struck in Nandini’s mind which made her giggle. Her giggles broke Manik’s admiring session. He got confused not knowing the reason behind her giggles.

Ma:- what happened? Why are you giggling?

Nan:- NOTHING!! It’s just that I remembered something.

Ma:- ( curiously ) WHAT?

Nan:- ( laughing hard while saying ) Y.OU…… AND………..T…O..WE…L.

It’s become very hard to understand what she is saying between her laugh but Manik understood.

As soon as he understood, his expressions changed from confused to horror ones. He shoots daggers at her for making him remember THE TOWEL DAY, THE MOST DREADFUL DAY OF HIS LIFE.

Ma:- ( trying to scare her ) you want me to shut your laugh?

But to whom he is trying to scare. It’s his Nandini who never got scared of him. He pushed her back and hovered over her, caging her completely in his arms. Her laughter died seconds back and gulps seeing his strong gaze. Her mind spoke only one sentence which is “ PAYBACK TIME “.

Nandini licks her dry lips worriedly. Seeing her sweating state Manik smirks and parts her lips with his thumb. He strokes her lips affectionately. Her breath quickens seeing the desire in his eyes.

She places her both hands on his chest in a daze. But Manik held her both hands with his single hand and placed it above her head roughly.

Nandini struggles in his hold but he didn’t pay any attention to it. 

Ma:- ( smirking ) you want to laugh at my expense? 

Nandini shakes her head cutely and whispers.

Nan:- Manik, I live in an independent country. I have full right to laugh. You can’t stop me. 

Ma:- ohh my dear Nandini. I never stopped you. But for your information, I also live in an independent country like yours. And I also have full right to kiss the hell out of my girlfriend’s lips to shut her smartness. 

Nan:- ( while widening her eyes ) hawww…..  such an opportunistic you are. Always finds ways to get romantic. 

Ma:- ( in the same tone as Nandini ) and you are stupid who always spoil my romance. 

Nandini pouts angrily and looks to the other side to show him how angry she is at his allegations. Manik hides his laugh and kisses her forehead while still being in the same position.

After some time, Nandini again starts the conversation.

Nan:- Now, we should go down before someone will come here and find us.

With the mention of someone, Manik remembered her father i.e RAMAN. As soon as Raman’s thoughts came across he made a bad face.

Ma:- ya…. We should go back because if your father comes to know that you are missing from your room then, he will file a false complaint against my father stating that he kidnapped you.

Nan:- what rubbish!!

Ma:- ( while standing up ) arey, I am serious.

Without replying, Nandini moved towards the door and opened it to go out. Before that Manik came behind her quickly and pulled her back holding her arm. 

He cups her both cheeks gently and kisses her forehead, smilingly. She smiles too at his gesture.

Ma:- Always stay like this. By the way, where are you staying tonight?

Nan:- ( confusingly ) at your house.

Ma:- it’s not the only mine, but it’s also ours. But I am asking in which room you are staying?

Nan:- ( threatened him because she knows him more than him ) don’t you dare try to sneak again in my room. I am staying with Alya di tonight. She wants to spend some time with me.

Ma:- I won’t. I promise. This time you will come to my room when di will sleep. I will wait for you. Ok?

Nan:- ( narrowing her eyes ) why? All this is not enough.

Ma:- nothing is enough for me when it’s you.

Nodding her head in disbelief she comes out from his hold forcefully and walks out while muttering harmless curses to him.

Manik smiles brightly at her behavior and follows her. Some naughty idea stuck in his mind making him smirk. To implement his idea he walks fast and takes her in his arms from the back and starts walking as if nothing happened.

Nan:- ( wide eyes ) Manik!! Someone will catch us.

Ma:- I don’t care. Come, I will drop you till di’s room.

Without caring about anything he walks still taking her in a back hug. They reach Alya’s room in no time.

He kisses her cheek tightly while still being in the same position and squeezes both cheeks from his one hand. 

At the same time, Alya comes out of her room and witnesses their moment. 

Nandini gulps knowing the consequences. She elbowed Manik and tried to come out from his hold but all her efforts went into the drain. 

Manik’s condition is the same as hers but there is a slight difference which is, his mind is not responding as Nandini’s mind does. His one hand is still cupping her cheeks. He almost froze at his place. 

Alya comes forward and stands in front of them intently looking at Manik.

Next what she did was out of Nandini’s expectation but Manik expected more than this.

What she did was she came more forward and slapped Manik right across his left cheek and pulled Nandini away from his hold.

Seeing the situation Nandini kept her hands on her mouth shockingly. Whereas Manik is dealing with the pain. 

Aly:- ( angrily ) HOW COULD YOU? 

To be continued…

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