Manik is sitting on the floor while gazing at the stars. He always fantasizing about the stars. The way they glow and spread light in the dark sky. The same way Nandini brings light in his dark life. He doesn’t have any other thoughts other than Nandini. His days start and end with her name only. 

Nandini quietly came to Terence and locked the door without making any noise. She looked for Manik and found him busy gazing at the stars. She quietly moved towards him and back hugged him while settling down behind him.

Her sudden hug startled him but he calmed himself when he felt her presence. She puts her both hands on his chest and tightly holds him. She placed a tight cheek kiss on his cheek and snuggled in his neck from back. 

Nan:- ( while pouting ) are these stars more beautiful than me? 

Manik smiles on his cute bundle of joy and replies. 

Ma:- No, for me no one is more beautiful than MY NANDINI. 

Nan:- ( complaining ) Then why were you looking at stars the way you look at me?

Ma:- ( teasingly ) and may I know, How do I look at you?

Nandini blushes and bites her lower lip. 

Nan:- ( stammering ) um…am………….. ( Genuinely ) whenever you look at me your eyes tell me that I am the only one for which your eyes always crave.

Ma:- ( lovingly ) when you already knew what you are for me then, why are you questioning?

Nandini is still hugging him from the back. When she heard his answer. She hides in his neck and speaks. 

Nan:- I want to hear it from you. 

Manik smiles at his cute girlfriend’s request. He intervenes his hands with hers and kisses the back of her hands before placing them again on their earlier position i.e his chest. 

Ma:- ( while looking at the stars ) I am comparing you with these stars Nandini. ( She frowned but didn’t Interfere ) They brightened the sky and you brightened my life with your presence. ( proudly ) There are unlimited stars in the sky but God created only one Nandini which is exclusively MINE. Although many people love stars or admire them ( look at Nandini with love ), loving you is only my right. Isn’t it? 

Without any delay, she nods while looking into his eyes and finds immense love for herself. She is speechless after hearing him. She didn’t find any word in her dictionary which reciprocated her feelings at this moment. So, she did what her heart told. 

She moves his chin up by holding it and places her lips on his. 

Slowly yet passionately she sucks his upper lip for a minute and leaves it. Manik didn’t stop her or nor reciprocate the kiss. He let her express her feelings in the form of a kiss.

After breaking the short liplock she opened her eyes and looked at Manik who was still lost in the moment. She came forward and fit herself in his lap comfortably.

Further, she digs her face in his neck and starts placing open-mouth kisses giving him goosebumps. He closes his eyes in pure bliss and holds her waist tightly, sticking her body with his own. 

While kissing his neck her hands moved down and stopped at his shirt buttons. She opens the two up-most buttons of his shirt and slides it down from one shoulder. 

Manik’s breath hitched when the cold air touched his bare shoulders. But soon he sighed in peace when she started placing wet kisses on his shoulder too. Being in a trance she bites his shoulder and marks his skin with her love. 

Manik hissed both in pain and pleasure. She straightened herself after marking him as her’s and spoke mischievously. 

Nan:- PUNISHMENT for making me speechless with your love and words. 

Saying this she giggles and Manik shoots daggers at her for breaking this romantic moment with her teasing. But on the other hand, he blushed too, remembering their closeness. Soon he gathers himself and smirks. 

Seeing his smirk, Nandini understands that now it’s going to be her time to blush. 

Ma:- if I would get this punishment after making you speechless. ( mischievously ) Then I will do that again and again in different-different ways. I mean I can do many things which tie your tongue. Come…. ( Pulling her closer ) I will show you a trailer. 

At last, he winks at her, making her stunned with his actions and words. She looks down shyly.

She understands very well what type of trailer he is talking about. Seeing her cuteness he pulls her nose and bites it making her giggle. 

Ma:- Now, what happened to my bold Nandu? Why do you come back again in your usual self? ( Like he is reciting some poem )







Nandini immediately kept her palm on his mouth, stopping him abruptly. She blushed hard and gave competition to tomatoes. 

Nan:- I HATE YOU! 

Ma :- ( affectionately ) chal jhooti ( lier ) 

Nan:- ( irritatingly )I am not lying. I HATE YOU! Because You always make me blush no matter how bold I act. 

Ma:-( giggles )  I LOVE YOU TOO. 

Nan:- ( with sharp eyes ) Manik, I said I hate you. ( Pronouncing each alphabet clearly ) I H.A.T.E Y.O.U. 

Ma:- ( in the same manner ) I. L.O.V.E Y.O.U. T.O.O.

Nan:- uff! pata nahi mai kya karu tumhara? ( Don’t know what will I do of you? )

While saying this she rubs his nose and forehead with her’s making him smile naughtily.

Ma:- ( naughtily )  simple, make me the father of your kids. 

Saying this he laughed seeing her wide eyes. 

Nandini hits his chest with her cute-cute delicate hands which do not affect him. She turns around and settles herself in his arms silently. Her back is touching his chest. After sitting comfortably, she held both of his hands and placed them on her stomach.

Manik chuckled at her behavior but suddenly she shouts in horror, making him deaf for a moment. 

Nan:- OH SHIT!!! 

Her shout made him confused and scared, that’s why he asked her after calming himself “what happened, baby?”. 

Without replying she came down from his lap and sat down on the floor beside him. Manik pouts sadly because of their lost physical contact.

Nan:- How can I forget such an important thing? Stupid me! ( Scolds herself ) 

Ma:- ( puzzled ) what happened? 

Nan:- Manik where is the mehndi cone? Which I gave you in the afternoon to keep.

Ma:- it’s still in my pocket. Wait! 

He takes out a mehndi cone from his right pocket and hands it to her. 

Nan:- ( going aww on him ) you kept this in your pocket till now!

Ma:- yup! Because you gave it to me and you didn’t ask for it till now. 

Nandini smiles brightly and kisses him again on his cheek excitedly.

Ma:- ( surprisingly ) Woh….. today, is surely a lucky day for me.  

Nan:- take this ( handling him the mehndi cone ) and write your name on my palm. 

She said authoritatively, making him surprised. He looked at her with affection.

Not wanting to reject the golden opportunity he simply took the cone and wrote his name in her palm making her squeal like a teenager.

Seeing him doing whatever she said without even asking questions. She said, 

Nan:- why do you always do whatever I say without even asking? 

Ma:- How can a devotee deny whatever his/her god says. So in the same way I am your devotee and you are my god. So, how can’t I follow whatever you say? 

And his words again make Nandini speechless. She doesn’t have any word which reciprocates his love. So, she simply hugged him and buried her face in his chest. She rubbed her nose on his chest line which is visible due to his open buttons. Manik holds her more tightly and pecks her hair from above before caressing her hair. 

To be continued…

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