Ma :- ( while breathing heavily ) so… thi..s is… your…. Wish.

Nan :- ( excitedly ) yup!! An underwater kiss. 

Ma :- if you only want to kiss underwater then why this swimsuit and jump? We can simply kiss in the swimming pool.

Nan :- if we kissed in the swimming pool then it would become a plain kiss. And I want to make our first underwater kiss memorable. I am sure you will remember this kiss forever, Aren’t you?

Ma :- ( removes her wet hair strands from her face ) i will never forget a single moment spent with you. ( caressing her cheek with his thumb ) Now, take a deep breath and hold it.

Nan :- why?

Ma :- ( smirking ) i will teach you how to kiss perfectly, underwater.

Nandini looks at him with wide eyes. Manik bends down towards her lips. Seeing no other options, Nandini took a deep breath and Manik immediately took her lips in his mouth and pulled her inside the water. He sucked her lips passionately and poured his love in the kiss.

He holds her waist tightly and deepens the kiss. Whereas nandini makes her hold firm on his neck to balance herself. The intensity of the kiss is making her dizzy but there is no stop.

When he feels her struggling for oxygen he immediately comes out and breaks the kiss. Nandini holds his shoulder in her tight grip and leans on him. Both of their breath is unsteady but there is a constant smile on their lips.

After composing, Nandini looks at him with different emotions whereas Manik gives her his charming smile. Both shared a cute eyelock and spoke at the same time. 


Both looked at each other with wide eyes and spoke once again at the same time.

Nan+Ma :- you remembered it?

Nan+Ma :- how can i forget this day? 

Both giggles and manik joined their forehead together. 

Ma :- how can i forget this day when manik and nandini become one? ( mischievously ) This is the same day when we share our first official kiss.

Nandini looks down blushingly. 

Ma :- don’t you think that we should revise our first kiss? 

Nan :- aree….. All this is not enough for you?

Ma :- nothing is enough for me when it comes to you.

Saying this he takes her upper lip and sucks it slowly giving jitters to her. Their simple kiss raises the temperature around them. Both of their bodies are on fire. 

Breaking their kiss manik lowers his head and sucks her neck passionately. Nandini tilted her head and closed her eyes in passion. She holds his shoulder to support herself. His hands are freely roaming on her back giving her more pleasure. Suddenly his hand unties the knot of her bikini top and slides down one strip from her left shoulder. 

Nandini hides her face in his neck and bites her lips to stop her moans. Whereas manik starts placing wide wet kisses from her bare shoulder to her exposing cleavage. Her top is still covering her precious jewels.

Nandini sneezed due to the cold and this worked as a romance breaker. Manik came out from his la-la land and got worried for her. He tries to move back but Nandini pulls him back because if he moves even an inch then her top will fall down which would make her naked from up. 

Understanding her situation, manik makes her wear her top again and ties the knot.

Ma :- hold it from front ( pointing towards her top ) I am going first then you come out and change your clothes. We are going back. Ok?

Nandini nods and he walks straightly without looking back, not wanting to make her uncomfortable. She blushed hard and hit her forehead. Seeing his gestures she falls for him even harder.

Nan :- why is he so good? I am falling for him harder seeing his care and love towards me. I am sure one day I will gobble him for being so caring and loving. Ayyappa….. Save him from me.

Otherside all the murthy’s and malhotra’s are waiting for manik, nandini and cabir to appear. They are all lazily lying in the living area except one. And the rare soul is none other than RAMAN MURTHY, whose heart, mind, eyes and ears in short his soul is standing on the door in anticipation to see his daughter.

Among everyone Raj is the most sorted person right now. He is enjoying every bit of raman’s tension with a moto “HAR EK FRIEND KAMINA HOTA HAI”. He is not tense about nandini because manik is with her. As far as manik is with nandini, she is all safe and sound. He is relaxing on the couch and giggling silently seeing raman who is sitting on the ground near his couch with a grumpy yet tense face.

Raj :- nyo…. Please make something to eat, for me. I am hungry.

Nyo :- ( with a sweet smile )ok…. What you want to eat?

Raj :- ( after thinking ) aloo paratha and lassi will go for now.

Nyo :- ok… so go and cook for yourself and for us also.

Abhi :- yes… uncle, for me make a cup of filter coffee. ( to mukti ) Do you want something baby?

Muk :- no… i don’t want anything.

Aly :- dad, please make green tea for me.

Nav :- and white sauce pasta for me.

Listening to them giving him orders raj’s all starving went into the dustbin.

Raj :- ( grumpily ) i am not hungry. I will manage with air.

Everyone giggles seeing his face but their giggles come to halt hearing some sound which comes from outside. Raman is the one who runs out immediately, rest follows him.

Manik and Nandini enter inside Malhotra’s driveway while talking and giggling, romantically. Seeing everyone standing outside, Nandini’s breath hitched and her eyes came out from its sockets. She applied a sudden brake making him dashed with her.

Manik didn’t notice anyone. That is why he thought that Nandini deliberately applied the brake and gave him hints to do something romantic. 

Ma :- ( fake tiredness ) ohh…. Baby, I am tired now. If you want something from me then wait till we reach our room. I don’t want our first time on this bike. 

Nandini elbowed him and gulped her saliva.

Nan :- I think your plan to go heaven and knock on Ayyappa’s door will become our reality soon.

Ma :- huh??

Nan :- look straight.

Following her command he looks straight only to face so many curious and not to forget raman’s angry face. His face lost all the color and only two words came out from his mouth. 


Everyone walks forward with curious expressions but what murthy’s men noticed is NANDINI on BIKE. Only one question popped into their minds: “who taught her to ride a bike?”

Seeing them approaching, Manik whispers to nandini.

Ma :- ( scaredly )  nandini, take a U-turn, If you want to see my kids in your womb. If we stay here one more minute then they all will roast us in TANDOOR and tomorrow they will have a non-veg party at our expense.

Nan :- what rubbish!!! We don’t have any tandoor at home.

Ma :- then, don’t worry they will boil us on the stove.

Nandini rolls her eyes.

Nan :- get down. We can’t run away from them.

Manik got down with a bad face and Nandini too got down after parking the bike aside. As soon as they got down Raj walked towards manik and brought him out from nandini’s back. 

Raj :- don’t acts stupid. You can’t hide even your half body behind her.

Ma :- ( in low voice ) how is the temperature dad?

He is referring to raman’s temperature but Raj understood it and replied.

Raj :- as high as nora fatehi in DILBAR DILBAR. In short SUPER HOT.

Manik gulped hard while making a crying face. Seeing him like that Raj tries to lessen his misery that is why he says.

Raj :- don’t worry i have a first-aid kit with myself and turmeric milk is also ready. My support is with you fully. I will bandage your wounds and turmeric milk will help in lessening the pain. 

Ma :- ( with a sulking face ) you are trying to reduce my tension or scaring me.

Raj:- ohhh….no…no…no… I didn’t want to scare you. I am being honest. 

Ma :- then, don’t be so honest to me.

His breath accelerates with Raman’s every step towards him. 

Raman came and stood in front of them with his hands curled up in the back. Both the lovebirds are looking down like innocent kids who are waiting for their scoldings. He comes so close to Manik that their breaths mingled. 

Nandini looks at Manik from the corner of her eyes and notices him sweating in fear. She feels bad for him because he is stuck in this situation only because of her. She made a mental note to apologize to him.

Raman came dangerously close to Manik but Before he could do anything Nandini came between them, shielding her love. Everyone looks astonished seeing her move. But Raman smiled seeing her saving him but immediately hides it and makes a poker face. He is already aware of manik’s protectiveness towards him but now he understands that Nandini is also protective towards Manik.

Otherside Manik looks at Nandini with soft eyes filled with only and only pure love for her. He knows that it’s not easy for her to do this because she loves her father more than anything but what matters to him is that she still comes between them only to protect him. 

To be continued…

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