Manik entered inside with a determined face and looked at Kaka who was sitting on his bed with closed eyes.

Manik :- kaka, mujhe aapse kuch baat karni h. ( Kaka, I want to talk to you.)

Hearing him kaka move and sit straight giving him full attention. 

Ashok :- kya baat h Manik? Tum pareshan lag rahe ho. ( what happened,Manik? You look serious. ) 

Manik :- ( nervously ) pata nahi kaise kahu…. Par… ( I don’t know how to say…but…)

Seeing his state, Kaka smiled and patted the seat beside himself as a gesture to say “come and sit”. Understanding his gestures, Manik sat beside him.

Ashok :- ( caress manik’s hair ) ab batao kya kehna chahte ho. ( Now tell me what you want to say. ) 

Manik :- ( in emotional tone ) mai yaha nahi rehna chahta kaka. Mai nandini ko yaha se bhut door le jana chahta hoo. Mujhe yaha bahut dar lag raha h. Jab-jab mai apni akhe band karta hoo toh mujhe woh log dikhte h nandini ko mujhse duur lejate hue. Mai yeah bardash nahi kar sakta kaka. Mai bahut pyar karta hoo nandini se, aap vishwas rakho mujh par mai use kabhi khud se juda nahi hone duga.

( I don’t want to live here. I want to take nandini away from every evil. This place haunts me. This place is creating restlessness inside me. Whenever I close my eyes I see them taking her away from me. And this thought is killing me. I can’t tolerate this anymore,kaka. I love her so much….please trust me i will not leave nandini alone even for a second.)

After pouring his heart in front of him, a few drops of tear slipped from his eyes. His expressions clearly show his vulnerability. Seeing him in this state kaka too got emotional.

Ashok :- nandini ko yaha se le jana chahte ho na….insabse duur, le jao. ( you want to take her away from here, then go. )

Manik :- ( while nodding ) haa… mai nandini ko in sab pareshani se duur le jana chahta hoo kyu woh yeah sab deserve nahi karti. Mujhe pata hai woh khud ko wajah manti hai in sab cheezo ke liye lekin uska koi dosh nahi h. Shayad hamari kismat mai yeahi likha hai bhagwan ne……. HAAA!!!!! MAI USSE IN SAB CHEEZO SE DUUR LE JANA CHAHTA HOO..lekin apki agaya ke bina nahi. Apke nandini ke mata pita dono ho aur is naate aapka haq zyada h uspar. 

( yes, i want to take her away from all this mess because she doesn’t deserve all this. She deserves a happy and peaceful life not this. I know she blamed herself for all this but it’s not her fault. Maybe it’s our destiny…… YES!!! I WANT TO TAKE HERE AWAY FROM HERE but not without your permission. You are her mother and father both. So. with this relation you have more rights on her.)

Seeing the sincerity in his words and eyes kaka melted. Today, he understood one thing that NO ONE CAN LOVE NANDINI, MORE THAN MANIK.

Ashok :- ( smilingly ) le jao use jaha bhi le jana chahte hoo. Aaj, tumne ye sabit kar diya ki tumse zyada use aur koi pyaar nahi kar sakta. Nandini sirf or sirf tumhari hai.

( take her, wherever you want. Today, you proved that no one can love her the way you do. She is all yours.)

Manik :- ( smiling like a fool ) sachi……. Mujhe laga bahut papad belne padegai aapki permission ke liye par aap to bahut asani se man gaye. Iske piche kya karan hai? Bolo…. Bolo…… ( teasingly )

[ truly….  I thought that I had to persuade you a lot for your permission but you agreed so easily. What is the reason behind this?…tell….tell… ( teasingly ) ]

At his question kaka shied away and said with a low tone.

Ashok :- ( shyly ) woh… meri bhi love marriage hui thi toh mai tumhare jazbat samajh sakta hoo.

( wohh…. I also had a love marriage. So, I can understand your emotions and love.)

Manik :- ( with teasing smirk ) ohhhh ohhhh …

Not wanting anymore teasing, Kaka makes a poker face which is a clear indication for manik to stop further teasing.

Ashok :- ab batao kahan jaoge? Kya karoge wahan? Aur shaadi ka kya?

( now tell me, where will you go? What will you do there? And most importantly what about your wedding?)

Manik :- sachi kahu toh mujhe nahi pata kaha jaunga? kya karunga? Maine in sab ke baare mai kabhi nahi socha tha…. Lekin mai ye janta hoon ki mujhe nandini ke saath shuru se zindagi shuru karni hai. Aur shaadi ke baare mai…. Sabse pahle mai settle hona chahta hoon. Mai nandini ke liye acha insaan banna chahta hoo jo woh deserve karti hai. Mai nandini ke liye layak banna chahta hoon. Usko duniya ki saari daulat dena chahta hoon.

( truly speaking i don’t know where I will go? What will I do there? I never thought that this situation will ever occur in my life but alas one thing is clear: I have to start fresh. And about the wedding, firstly I want to settle down properly. I want to be a better person for nandini which she deserves. I want to prove my worth for nandini. I want to put this world near her feet.) 

Ashok :- tum uske layak ho manik.

( you are worthy of her manik.)

Manik :- ( chuckled sadly ) huh!!! Mujhe nahi lagta.

( I don’t think so.)

Saying this he left the room. He came out and saw Nandini and Cabir on the couch discussing something seriously. Seeing them he composes himself and wipes his eyes with the back of his palm. 

Manik :- ( trying to sound normal ) hey guys… cabir what are you doing here?

Nandini turned her face hearing his voice and left for her room. Seeing this manik frowned and looked at Cabir who was also shooting daggers at him.

Manik :- what happened to her?

Cabir :- leave her…and focus on me first. 

Manik :- ok…. Then what happened to your sister?

Cabir :- i said give attention to me.

Manik :- arey… I am giving naa….. Leaving nandini I am asking about your sister.

Cabir :- ( little angrily ) wow…great!!! Now tell me who is my sister?

Manik :- ( sheepishly ) NANDINI…

Cabir :- ( angrily marched towards him and grabbed his collar ) manik malhotra….. I will not leave you.

Manik :- ( innocently ) who told you to leave me? I am all yours. 

And this is the time where cabir’s tolerance level give up. Next moment he punched manik directly on the face. Because of the punch, manik’s lips bleed slightly.

Manik :- why happened to you man?

Cabir :- ( with a smirk ) aab aaya na line par. (now, you come on a track ) who will tell me about yesterday’s event? This much happened yesterday and you didn’t even tell me. I am hurt, manik.

Manik :- ( in a weak tone ) sorry yr…. My mind wasn’t working properly last night. 

Cabir moves towards him and gives him a warm hug. The hug is so comforting that manik feels so relaxed. 

Cabir :- don’t worry i am with you. 

Manik :- i know!!!

Cabir :- now, what?

Manik sits on the couch with a tired face and discusses all his plans with him. Cabir assured him that no matter what he will always support him. After discussing what to do next, Cabir left the home to prepare everything. Manik walks towards nandini’s room.

Manik enters Nandini’s room to find her sitting on bed, silently. 

Manik :- ( in babyish voice ) what’s up? Baby…. Why so sad sad….?

Nandini :- ( looking in his eyes directly ) manik, you left your family for me. Was I worthy of it? You left your parents, grandparents only for me without even second thought. I don’t think that I deserve you and your love. In front of you I feel WORTHLESS. 

Listening to this manik got angry. His eyes become red seeing her calling herself worthless. He rolls his eyes in order to control himself. He pulls her towards himself from her shoulders and dangerously looks at her.

Manik :- WORTHLESS!!!!… Seriously, who put this thought in your tiny brain? ( softly, while caressing her cheeks ) YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS FOR ME. I JUST WANT TO HIDE YOU FROM WORLD. SO, THAT NO ONE CAN ABLE SNATCH YOUR INNOCENCE.

Nandini :- same in my case too. YOU ARE ALSO SO PRECIOUS FOR ME. ALL I HAVE IS YOU TO WHOM I WANT TO CHERISH ALL MY LIFE. I know that I am not rich as you are and your status is higher than mine but…

Manik :- ( cut her in mid ) do you really think that money, status…these societies matter to me more than you?

Nandini :- so, how do you think that you will prove your worth by earning a rich lifestyle for me?

Manik :- you heard everything…. 

This is not a question, it’s a statement. Hearing this, Nandini nods and looks at him for an explanation. 

Manik :- ( huffed…tiredly ) I want to give you the world’s happiness, nandini. I want to cherish you like a baby and want to spoil you by my pampering. I just want to give you everything before even asking for it.

Nandini :- ( cupping his cheeks ) I WANT YOU ONLY…….. ONLY YOU…… NO MONEY….NO HOUSE……JUST YOU AND ME. Never think that again that you are worthless for me. It hurts me. 

Manik :- ( while pouting cutely ) sorry….. I love you so much.

Nandini :- ( mischievously ) then, prove it. 

Manik :- definitely…. But not now, wait for it till i claim you as mine legally.

Nandini shys and turns her face.

Manik :- but i can do this….

Nandini looks at him with confusion written all over her face. But next moment her eyes become wide when manik pulls her for a dominating kiss. Sucking her lips for some seconds he leaves her and smiles cheekily. He cups her face with both of his hands and sensually caresses her lower lip.

Nandini shuttered seeing his intense moments but then she suddenly noticed blood stains on the corner of his lips. She caressed his lips worriedly and asked.

Nandini :- what happened? ( still looking at his lips ) 

Manik replied with a complaining tone.

Manik :- cabir punched me. 

Nandini :- ( giggles ) oh…… is it paining?

Manik nods cutely.

Manik :- ( in baby tone ) but the pain will shoo away. If you heal it with your lips. 

Nandini chuckled hearing his stupid excuses for a kiss. Nevertheless she is also ready to drink his pain. She leans down towards his lips and sucks his upper lip.

Manik just surrendered himself and let her do her work. After a few sucking nandini moves back.

Nandini :- is it ok now?

Manik :- hmmm…. Little-little. Do one more time maybe this time it will heal completely.

Nandini nods her head in disbelief and stands up to go. Before she could move from there, Manik pulled her strongly and made her sit on his lap.

Manik :- if you will not heal this ( pointing his lips which is absolutely fine till now ) then, i will heal it with myself.

This made Nandini confused but his next move cleared her all confusion. Because this time manik joined their lips for a slow kiss.

To be continued…

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