Murdering everyone with his eyes and looks, Manik moves towards the car and settles down in the back seat. 

Others joined him. Abhi took the driving seat and Nandini joined Manik in the back seat. Before Raman could sit between MANAN Raj pushed him and settled down beside Nandini. Now Nandini is seated between the two MALHOTRAS. 

Seeing no other option Raman went and took the passenger seat beside Abhi. He sat with a grumpy face while crossing his hands on his chest. 

Nandini is giggling silently seeing Manik whereas he is ignoring her. Seeing his ignorance she starts teasing him by poking her elbow in his stomach. 

Manik is smiling lightly seeing the naughty act of his girlfriend. But his smile vanished the next second when he felt Nandini’s cold yet barefoot caressing his legs. 

He immediately turned his gaze towards her to find a not-so-innocent smile on her lips. 

Ma:- ( whisper yelled ) what are you doing? Everyone is here!!

Nan:- so… what? You are my boyfriend. I have full right to do anything with you. 

Ma:- yes… and if your father sees this na… then he will have full right to bury me deep inside the soil. 

Nan:- shut up!! Why did you always think about all the negative impacts? See the positive side and enjoy the moment. 

Ma:- ( annoyed ) what positive side? Huhhhhh….. A girl is seducing her boyfriend in front of her overprotective father and brother… Only because of your actions you will soon see me on a hospital bed like an EGYPTIAN MUMMY. 

Nandini ignored him royally and concentrated on her work. Manik’s breath hitched when she started caressing his thigh with her left hand.

Now the situation is turning hot for both the lovebirds. Manik starts taking deep breaths to control his moans. He is getting aroused second after second. He closed his eyes in pure bliss and bit his lower lip to stop himself from moaning Nandini’s name.

Nandini giggles seeing his devastated state because of her torcher. Her legs reached till his knees inside his gown and she held the end of the towel with her toes. 

Manik looks at her immediately knowing exactly what she is up to. He nods his head in denial. But Nandini is not stopping her work. Much to his relief, the car stopped in front of the Malhotra gate. 

Nandini pouted cutely because now she can’t tease him more. She comes out of the car dejectedly. Manik too comes out after her and throws his hospital gown aside. 

Raj:- arey…. Why do you remove it? It looks good on you. 

Manik didn’t reply to his comment because right now he is not in the correct frame to say anything. 

Shrugging his shoulder, Raj goes inside the house followed by Murthy’s. Manik is walking in the end. 

Taking two three steps, Manik held Nandini’s hand tightly and pulled her towards himself. Hiding her from everyone’s gaze he takes her to the backyard and she follows him like an obedient student. 

Reaching some silent corner. He pulled her towards himself and without waiting for any other second he put his rough lips on her soft ones while cupping her cheeks.

Nandini smiles in the kiss seeing his desperation for her making him groan in pure pleasure. 

He pushed her back towards the wall, still eating the hell out of her lips not giving her the chance to kiss him back. He is dominating the kiss.

He left her after a long kiss and kept his forehead on her’s with closed eyes. 

Both take deep breaths to calm themselves down. But Manik didn’t move even an inch away from her. He sensually placed a sweet kiss on her left cheek making her go insane with his gentleness. 

After controlling her breaths Nandini looked upward towards Manik and caressed his both cheeks softly. 

Nan:- ( possessively ) I missed this desperate monster a lot. 

Manik smiles and holds her chin and bends down towards her lips. His lips are just a millimeter away from hers while he whispers huskily. 

Ma:- ( huskily ) see … what you did to me!

Saying this he pushed his hips forward and grind himself on her stomach. Nandini can easily feel the hardness inside his towel. 

Nan:- ( smirking ) if this happened because of me then, is it not my right to cure it?

Ma:- ALL YOURS!!!! 

This time Nandini takes his upper lips inside her mouth and sucks it slowly. This kiss is slow and passionate, unlike the earlier one. 

After some good minutes, Nandini left his lips and kissed his forehead to make him calm. 

Ma:- you are so dangerous…….. 

Nandini giggled and pushed him slightly. 

Nan:- now, let me go…. 

Ma:- No… just stay here. 

Saying this he takes her in his arms and snuggles in her neck. He takes her shoulder skin in his mouth and bites it to taste her skin while Nandini locks both hands on his waist and pulls him closer through it. 

After some time he let her go half-heartedly. She moves forward to go but stops in mid. Some naughty idea stuck in her mind that’s why she comes back in his arms and speaks looking into his eyes.

Nan:- Manik, remove this lipstick stain from your lips. 

Ma:- uhnhh….. this will remind me of your lips. So, I will not remove this at all. 

Nan:- ( teasing him ) then, what about the Egyptian mummy?

Ma:- I don’t care. 

Nandini locks her hands around his neck and looks at him lovingly. Manik too holds her waist protectively and pulls her closer. They share a beautiful eye lock. 

When Nandini finds out that Manik is lost in her eyes she holds the end of the towel and pulls it out. 

When these two lovebirds are busy in themselves Otherside their fathers, that means Raj and Raman are finding Manik. They come in the backyard and witness the same towel-removing act of Nandini. 

Raj:- ( shocked ) WARDROBE MALFUNCTION. 

After pulling the towel Nandini giggled and immediately ran away after thrusting the towel into Manik’s hands. 

Manik is blank or I say he is still roaming in Nandini’s love land. He looks at her running figure with dreamy eyes not knowing what she did to him.  

Raj and Raman came and stood in front of him. Raman pulls his left ear angrily to pull him back in reality. 

Raj is looking at Manik’s boxer and comments after reading the interesting quote which is written on it. 

Raj:- nice boxer my son… I like it. From where you bought this? I also want this. I mean not this one obviously but something similar to this.

Raman shoots daggers at him for talking shit at this time. Whereas Manik frowned and looked down to see himself half-nake*. Without understanding anything he replied. 

Ma:- Actually Nandini…… WAIT…. ( after realizing his state he immediately wrapped his towel around his waist ) 

Ma:- ( angrily ) why did you pull my towel? Don’t you guys have any manners? 

Raj:- ( frowned ) why are you hiding? We also have the same thing which you have. 

Raman gives him a nonsense look. 

Ram:- ( to Manik ) oh… shut up. We didn’t do it. Your girlfriend is behind your wardrobe malfunction. 

Ma:- what!!! 

Raj:- yes…….

Ram:- ( rudely ) what are you doing here? 

Raj:- areyyy…….. What type of a question is this? Can’t you see the lipstick on his lips? He must be kissing your daugh….( Stop in mid seeing Raman’s blazing eyes ) sorry…. I should not have said all this. 

Ram:- ( angrily ) why did you get intimate with her? 

Ma:- ( feels offended )  what do you mean? It’s our matter. 

Ram:- No… it’s not your matter because my daughter is involved in it, so it is my family matter. 

Raj:- ( sarcastically ) Thank god you said family matters. I thought you would say IT’S OUR COUNTRY MATTER. Why are you interfering in the husband-wife’s matter? 

Ram:- ( angrily ) one second…… Did I just hear HUSBAND AND WIFE? May I know, who is the husband and wife here? 

Raj gulps his saliva seeing Raman’s anger. He knows that Raman can’t kill him because he is his best friend. But still, he will be the reason for his 4-5 broken bones. 

Raj:- ( scared ) I think you miss the word “FUTURE”  before husband and wife. 

Ram:- ( with sharp eyes ) Ohh…. really? 

Ma:- ( crying in frustration ) stop it!! Why don’t you both let me live in peace?  Why are you guys following me everywhere? First in the hospital then here …. 

Ram:- we are not following you. Why would we follow you? We came to the hospital to help you. You don’t know what your father was going through when you went in the towel to meet Abhi. 

Ma:- ( curiously ) I want to know. 

Ram:- then listen …. He called and told me to come here urgently. When I reached here….

To be continued…

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