The doctor again came and checked the two new patients. 

Nan:- ( desperately ) Doctor, How are they? 

Doctor:- oh…. Don’t worry, they will be up within half an hour. It’s just a minor nervous breakdown. 

Listening to this both the brother-sister duo look at Manik with an accusing look. Nandini is shooting daggers at him because he is the only reason why her three favorite men are lying on hospital beds today. Whereas Manik shies and gives them sheepish smiles. 

Doctor:- Miss Nandini, you can take them home when they will wake up. 

Nan:- thank you, doctor. 

As soon as the doctor left she turned towards Manik and angrily pulled him towards herself by holding his collar making him stumble.


Seeing Nandini’s bold act, these words automatically come out from Abhi’s mouth. 

Nan:- what you did, Mr.Malhotra?

Ma:- ( dramatically ) Nandini, please leave me. I didn’t do anything. Already I don’t have my pants and now you will also tear my shirt in your anger. Then how will I go back home? My legs are already on a showcase now please don’t make me more naked. 

Seeing his pleading eyes she left his collar but not before warning him. 

Nan:- I am leaving you now. But you will surely get your punishment. 

Ma:- but it’s not only my fault. Your brother started it. 

Abhi:- so…. What? Why did you join me in my play? ( Looking towards his sister )  Nandini, it’s not my fault. Trust me. 

Without replying to anything Nandini left the room to complete discharge formalities. Whereas inside the room, both the friends are getting their consciousness back. Seeing them waking up both the sons i.e. Manik and Abhi come towards their respective fathers. 

Raj:- ( adjusting his eyes with the light ) where are my grandkids, Manu?

Listening to this Manik palmed his face seeing his father’s stupidity.

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) my kids ran away with their respective partners. 

Raj:- ( absent-mindedly ) why?? 

Ma:- how can they stay with a stupid grandfather like you. 

Within the time Raman too got up. He also looked at Manik first and spoke.

Ram:- you are interested in two genders you never told me. 

Ma:- ( mummers while looking upward ) why am I not on the bed instead of them?

Ram:- Why didn’t you tell me this before? Now how will I handle my daughter? 

Abhi is gawking at all of them with an open mouth. Soon Raj starts laughing wholeheartedly seeing him like this, Raman got tensed.

Ram:- what did you do to my friend, Manik? 

Ma:- WHAT!!!……….. I didn’t do anything. 

Ram:- then, why is he laughing? 

Manik simply shrugged his shoulders not knowing the reason behind his dad’s laughter.

Raj:- ( while controlling his laugh ) Manik, only because of your love story we always land here in a hospital bed. Now I am thinking why don’t we book this hospital as your wedding venue? 

Ram:- ( while laughing )  yaa…. Right. And why don’t we book their honeymoon suite in one of the ICU rooms? 

Ma:- ( smirking ) my dear father in law don’t you think that this is too early for this. I mean women usually take 9 months to go into the ICU and deliver a baby. 

Hearing Manik’s comment, Raj laughs seeing Raman’s pale face because his plan backfired on him. 

Raj:- I have a better idea. ( Looking at Raman ) Why don’t we book one hospital WASHROOM as their honeymoon suite? 

Listening to the word WASHROOM Raman’s mind again went back to the dreadful visuals of the washroom romance. 

Ram:- NO…..

Abhi:- why are you shouting, dad? Please pardon my ears…  one second …. (realizing something ) You both knew about their relationship. How?? And what’s WASHROOM? 

Raj:- A washroom is a place where usually common people like us go to let out our extra stress which makes us feel lightweight. But some people like Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy go for some alone time. 

Abhi palmed his face dejectedly whereas Manik and Raman are glaring at Raj for his amazing washroom definition.

Ram:- when we are here then, why not admit him ( pointing towards raj ) here in the mental ward?

Raj:- when we are here then why not lock Manik and Nandini in the washroom? 

Hearing this Raman punched Raj on his stomach making him wince in pain. 

Ma:- god… how can I handle two-two mentally ill fathers?

Abhi:- ( laughs ) TEDHE HAI PAR TERE HAI. ( Crooked, but yours ) 

Nan:- ( entering inside ) why are you laughing, Bhai? 

Abhi:- umm…. Nothing. 

Nandini knows they are hiding something but she lets it go for some time. 

Nan:- ( looking towards Raj and Raman ) How are you oldies? 

Raj:- ( looks at Raman ) she is asking you. 

Ram:- ( glaring Raj ) but she is calling you oldy. 

This time both Abhi and Manik give sympathetic looks to each other. 

Nan:- ( nodding her head in disbelief ) I think we should go back home before I also lie down beside these three. 

Ma:- yup!! You guys make a move. I will join you guys soon. 

Within 15 minutes all came out after completing all the formalities and stood aside while waiting for Manik.

Soon they felt some chaos around them. Hearing the sounds, all get to know that Manik is on the way. They all giggle, imagining Manik’s situation. But their eyes widened seeing Manik standing at the exit gate while glaring at everyone who was on the verge of laughing. 

They give each other a simple plane look and within seconds all burst out in laughter. But soon they controlled their laughing session. 

Manik came out and stood in front of them. Seeing him from so close they all again burst out. 

Raj:- ( controls himself and takes a deep breath ) Manik, what happened to your dressing sense? 

Saying this he again starts laughing. 

Ma:- you are not my father. 

Raj:- yup! Right, I am your mother’s husband. 

Listening to this Nandini giggles but stops herself seeing Manik’s glare. 

Abhi:- forget about all this. But tell me Manik, why are you wearing this? 

Hearing Abhi’s question, Manik went in the FLASHBACK. 

After coming out from the ward he looks here and there to find someone who will help him out. Soon he spots someone who will help him. Seeing the person he runs like manic and pushes one ward boy inside the storeroom and enters inside after him. 

Ma:- ( mummers ) wow god wow!….. Instead of talking and romancing with Nandini, I am pulling this boy inside a storeroom.

Seeing all this the poor boy got scared and took back steps in fear. 

Boy:- please sir, leave me. I am not like what you thought. 

Manik immediately replied, seeing him getting everything wrong. 

Ma:- And I am also not like what you thought. I pulled you here because I need your help. 

Boy:- ( shivering in fear and clutching his shirt tightly in fist ) whaat…. Kind of heeelppp, sir? 

Ma:- I need some clothes to wear, right now. 

Boy:- buutttt…. Sir, you are already wearing clothes. In Fact, I like your dress code. Different from others. Now, shall I leave… 

Ma:- shut up and do as I say. Go and bring something for me to wear. 

The poor boy slowly moved towards the door but stopped hearing Manik. 

Ma:- wait… you know me? 

The ward boy simply nods his head in NO. 

Ma:- Don’t you watch TV? 

The boy again nods his head in NO. 

Ma:- ( sign in relief ) Good…. And never watch it ever, Ok? 

The poor boy nodded in fear and left to bring a new dress for him. 

Ram:- one second… one second, and he brings this hospital costume for you. ( seeing Manik’s outfit )

Without waiting for his reply all burst out in laughter again making him angrier. 

To be continued…

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