Abhi smiles happily knowing that indeed his sister is in safe hands. 

Abhi:-  Nandini again proved that her choice is best. I am happy for you guys. I don’t have any problem with your relationship. I was just taking your test. 

Ma:- ( shocked ) test means?  

Abhi:- Oh come on man! I am a brother and as a brother, I have all the damn rights to check if the guy who claims to love my sister is right for her or not. 

Ma:- that means all this is a drama? 

Abhi gives him a cheeky smile and nods his head in yes. Earning a yes in reply, Manik slumped down on the floor.  

Ma:- omg!! My throat feels dry after talking so much. How can cabir talk so much? He really has the talent to talk. 

Abhi:- ( sarcasm dripping from his mouth ) so sorry, Should I give water to you or my blood is enough for you to drink? 

Ma:- tch…. The taste of the animal’s blood doesn’t go well with me. But ya….. wine or bear will go. 

Abhi mutters curses to him and bends down to pull him strongly towards himself. Their faces are close to each other and can give double-meaning thoughts to anyone. 

Without any notice, Abhi places both his hands on his towel and opens it. Both the ends of the towel are present in each of his hands and Manik is standing between Abhi and the towel. 

Abhi:- ( irritated ) if you say anything further then I will throw this towel out of the window. And I will make sure that you go back only in your boxers. 

Manik’s lips curved into a naughty smile. Unknown to them someone enters inside.  Seeing them in this awkward position they become statues. Not only this, their further conversation gives them 440 volts of shock. 

Ma:- ( in a girly voice ) hawww…. you bad boy. What would people think if they saw us together in this position? They will get to know about our little secret. 

Abhi:- ( playing along ) I don’t care about what people will think. ( roaming his index finger on Manik’s face ) 

Next what they hear makes their breath stuck in the middle of its path. 


The nurse ( male nurse ) spoke looking at Manik’s towel while biting his lips sexually who came there to detach Abhi’s saline.

Behind him, Raj and Raman are also standing with wide eyes. Raj’s state is the worst among the others. He looks at Manik’s trousers with moist eyes which he is holding and faints after murmuring. 


Soon his best friend follows his path. 


Manik and Abhi both look at the scene with horrified expressions. In a daze, Abhi left Manik’s towel and the towel fell. 

Manik looks at the fallen towel and his eyes again move towards the attendee to see him looking at him with different emotions. Although the expression of the nurse is clearly readable, he doesn’t want to read it.

Abhi is biting his nails in tension. He is confused about whom to save first. His father or his father figure like uncle Raj or his best friend who is the love of his baby sister. 

Manik’s state is unpredictable. His breathing became heavy when he saw the attendee approaching him. 


Seeing Nandini Manik do a happy dance in his heart. He knows that now there is no harm to his dignity when she is around. Abhi throws his head in the back seeing their savior. 

Nandini is shocked to see the room’s condition. Raj and Raman lying on the floor. Abhi is gazing at her with moist eyes as if conveying to her how happy he is seeing her here. And Manik, his towel is still lying on the floor. Seeing the towel and Manik’s expressions, who are almost on the edge of crying, she gasps. Understanding the situation in milliseconds she says. 


Manik and Abhi shout immediately, scaring the hell out of Nandini. 

Ma + Abhi:- NO…….  

Nandini gives them a confusing look. 

Ma:- please Nandini keep him ( attendee ) away from this room. He is like a TRIGONOMETRY for us. 

Nan:- hai??? 

Abhi:- He means HARMFUL. 

Nan:- ( glaring Manik ) you need a psychologist. 

Ma:- aai shapath Nandini. ( I swear, Nandini ) I will meet whomever you want me to meet. But right now please take him away.

Abhi:- yup!! Take this uncle away. He is eye-rapeing my brother’s towel. 

Ma:- ( slapping Abhi’s shoulder ) you are caring for this ( pointing towards towel ) not for me. 

Abhi:- right now this towel is the only one who is hiding your self-respect. 

Nandini pushes the attender against the wall and scares him with her big doe eyes. 

Nan:- if I ever see you again checking out my boyfriend then I will break your bones. My name is NANDINI MURTHY daughter of Raman Murthy and the one and only girlfriend of MANIK MALHOTRA. Remember this name and this face till your last breath. Is that clear?

Attender:- ( scared like hell ) sorry mam, I will never forget this day. If you want I will put your photo frame in my house and will worship you every day. 

Ma:- ( coming from behind ) you are indirectly asking for my girlfriend’s picture. 

Attender:- No..no… sir I don’t have any interest in mam. You know that I am interested in you….

Manik widened his eyes and Nandini giggled whereas the attendee corrected himself. 

Attender:- sir I mean… you know what I mean….. actually….

Nan:- nevermind you go and send the doctor immediately. 

Attender:- yes mam, and I won’t come to this ward ever again. 

Saying this he runs away. 

Abhi:- ( while looking at Manik ) Manik, you definitely have something that’s why not only girls, even boys, fall in love with you. 

Nan:- Bhai, but this time this is not love, this is for pleasure. 

Whereas Manik is seriously thinking about Abhi’s words. He is finding something unique in himself which attracts not only girls but even boys too. 

Reading his thoughts both the Murthy’s laugh again. Hearing their laughter, Manik comes out from his thinking land and glares at them for making fun of him. 

To be continued…

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