Ram:- then listen …. He called and told me to come here urgently. When I reached here….


Raman hurriedly came out of his car and ran towards Raj. He frowned when he saw this side of THE RAJ MALHOTRA. 

Raj is sitting on the uppermost step of the Malhotra house with a gloomy face. One black trouser is there in his hands. 

Cabir gasped seeing THE RAJ MALHOTRA in this state. He immediately takes out his phone and starts clicking his pictures from every angle. He sat in front of him and spoke. 

Ca:- uncle please look at me and say cheese. 

Raj simply ignores him and looks to the Otherside to find Raman standing there and gasping at them. Seeing his best friend he cries dramatically. 

Raj:- ( in a crying tone ) now what should I do? 

Cabir falls down seeing the ongoing crying session of Raj Malhotra. It’s too much for this little boy to take. I mean, who sees THE BILLIONAIRE RAJ MALHOTRA crying over a PANT. He became serious and sat in front of Raj with shivering hands.

Ca:- don’t worry uncle….. I will handle Nyo aunty. I will make her understand that now you are sorry for all your mistakes. I will tell her you really love her no matter how many affairs you have. I will ask sorry from aunty and make sure that she will let you stay in the house again. 

Raman palmed his face seeing his son’s judgemental behavior.

Ram:- ( to cabir ) I think now I have to ask sorry from Raj for not murdering you. 

Cabir frowned but his confusion suddenly turned into a painful squeal. He rolled down from the last 2-3 stairs because THE RAJ MALHOTRA kicked him hard on his cute-cute bum. 

The kick is really strong and for some time Cabir feels immense pain. But who cares he is CABIR MURTHY. He never takes anything serious except food and his sister. 

Ca:- oh……… so this is how Nyo aunty threw you out of the house. ( Ask like a baby ) it must be painful till now, na? 

Raman gasped at his stupid son’s audacity to say all this in front of a damaged husband like Raj. Suddenly he feels that the temperature is getting high around him. That’s why he looks around and finds a raging Raj who is spitting fire. 

Ram:- ( thought ) naaa naaaa…… actually no!! He is not spitting fire, he is burning. Yesterday I saw a movie in which the hero burns himself but he didn’t die ….ohhhh what’s the name of that movie…… Ummm……. GHOST RIDER (excitedly squealing like a teenager ) Yes…. MY BEST FRIEND IS A GHOST RIDER….

Ca:- ( in a fearful voice ) dad, praise your friend later. First, save me from becoming a ghost and definitely not a rider …… ( to himself ) I hate bikes. 

Raman rolls his eyes at his son’s another stupid comment. He looks at Raj who is standing on Cabir’s head while holding a flower pot and is ready to smash it on his head.

Ca:- dad, please save me ……. I promise that I will not spy on you, no matter what. 

Raman grinned hearing this. He knows that it’s become difficult for him to hide anything from Ishita if Cabir is present around. He is famous for keeping an eye on each matter. He is like a neighbor aunty who has all the details about what’s happening within the 1000metre range. 

He quickly moved towards Raj and pulled him back with force. The flower pot fell and broke into a thousand pieces a few millimeters away from the Cabir. 

Ram:- what are you doing? ( He asked this from Raj with serious expressions and for a moment Cabir became emotional seeing his father’s concern for him but his all emotions went in the drain when he heard his further statement )  Have you ever thought where you will hide his dead body after murdering him? I don’t want you to spend your remaining days in jail. ( Raj looks at him with so much respect and love ) Moreover, you have a few days left. So live your life fully. 

Raj becomes confused that he is showing concern towards him or insulting him by calling him old indirectly. Whereas Cabir is sure that his father clearly insulted him. But it’s nothing new, he is habitual. 

Ram:- Now tell me, why are you tense? And why are you sitting here like a roadside majnu ( Romeo ) whose Laila ( Juliet ) ran away with another boy? 

Ca:- what !!!!!! Nyo aunty ran away but with whom!!!  And why?? Don’t you keep her happy? 

After this, all the guests witness the running show between Raj and Cabir. 

Ram:- ( while rolling his eyes ) now…. I can finally say that “YAMRAJ’S IS CALLING CABIR”.

Raj is running behind the Cabir to get him and strangle him till death. 

Whereas Cabir is running because he knows that this time he really called yamraj. ( god of death ) And the yamraj is waiting outside on his bullet to take him back. He knows that if his legs stop in front of Raj then within seconds he would become LATE CABIR MURTHY. 

Ca:- ( breathing heavily ) dad…… save me, please……. 

Ram:- you call it for yourself my son…. Now bear it. 

Ca:- why…god why? Everyone disowned me when I needed them the most. 

Ram shrugged his shoulders simply whereas Raj was breathing heavily because of continuous running. He stopped and took a rest while bending down towards his knees. He is still giving glares to cabir as if murdering him by his piercing gaze. 

Seeing the perfect opportunity Cabir ran inside the house saving himself from Raj. 

Ram:- ( passing the water bottle to Raj ) drink this you will feel better. 


Raman slumped down when he understood his words. The only word which comes out of his mouth is “HOW”?

Raj:- ( rudely ) Now, will I show you HOW to wear a towel? ( emphasizing the word “HOW”? ) 

Ram:- you are not joking, right? 

Raj simply gives him a stern look. 

Ram:- Now what? 

Raj:- I am going to the hospital. Wanna come? 

Ram:- ( uncertainly ) umm yes! But I don’t think you need any treatment. I mean yes you are a little weird but still this time it’s your son who needs some treatment for his mental stability. Few electric shocks will be good for him. What do you say? 

Raj:- ( with lip tight smile ) you know what… My son did only two good jobs… The first is choosing Nandini as his life partner and the second is purchasing a private plane. 

Ram:- I agree with the first one but, what is good in purchasing a private plane?

Raj:- ( with an extra sweet smile )  I will take you and Cabir on that plane for a vacation. 

Ram:- ( excitedly ) where? 

Raj:- ( in a dangerous voice )  IN HELL 

Ram:- ( casually ) oh….. Does HELL have an airport? 

Not wanting to give answers to his stupid questions Raj dragged him by his collar and push him inside the car in anger. 

Raj:- we are going to the hospital because everyone is there. 

Raman opened his mouth to say something but Raj cut him off. 

Raj:- don’t even dare to ask any questions. Just put one thing in your head “if he is Manik Malhotra then I am his dad Raj Malhotra”……. Understood? 

Ram:- ( weakly ) yes caption !! 


“Rest you already knew. The hospital adventure” said Raman. 

Hearing all this Manik starts laughing historically. Whereas Raj palmed his face in pure embarrassment. 

Ma:- ohh dad, you are so sweet. Now give me my pants. I will change it here itself. 

He quickly changed and stood in front of his both fathers. Seeing him fully clothed Raj claps with slight tears. Actually, he is seeing him in full clothes after almost 5 hours so he becomes a little emotional.

Manik rolls his eyes on his father’s dramatic nature. 

Ma + Ram:- dad/ you are too much…. 

Leaving Raj behind, the other two moves inside. Seeing Manik back, Cabir comes towards him and engulfs him in a bear hug. 

Ca:- How are you, My brother?

Manik feels something fishy in his behavior.

Ma:- why are you asking? I am absolutely fine and standing in front of you on my legs. 

Ca:- ( frowning ) but, why are you not in your towel? I want to see you in that. 

Manik gasped hearing him. The only question which is running in his mind is “HOW HE GOT TO KNOW?”. He suddenly looks at Raj and passes him his famous glare.

Raj:- I swear on your towel ( keeping the towel in front of his eyes ) I didn’t tell anyone anything about you roaming in Mumbai streets only in that ( pointing towards towel ) except Raman because he is exceptional in every matter. 

Ca:- why are you blaming uncle, Manik? Your towel theory is running in every news channel. Look! 

He said and pointed towards the TV which was showing his picture in a towel outside the restaurant. 

Manik sulks and turns into a tomato due to embarrassment. The others are laughing at his expense. But there is only Nandini who looks at him with a sympathetic look. She feels bad for him. Not wanting to make him more embarrassed she turned off the TV. 

Seeing no entertainment, Cabir tries to snatch the TV controller from Nandini but she pushes him back and says in her normal tone. 

Nan:- No, bhai it’s enough. We have a function, let’s focus on that. 

Raman and Raj both smile seeing her concern for Manik. They know that Manik feels embarrassed and she comes in front of them to save him from more entertainment. 

Yup! Nandini indeed is the only one who always plays pranks on him and teases him to no end. But she can’t see him getting insulted when there are guests. 

To be continued…

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