Ma :- no aunty………. I am lucky to have her.

Saying this he looked towards Nandini and winked. But to his bad luck someone noticed this. And the someone is none other than his father that’s raj malhotra and his father’s bestest friend Raman murthy. 

Raj and Raman share a suspicious look but for now let the matter go. 

Ish :- ( excited ) Manik at least tells her name.

Nyo :- ( excited ) yes, Manik tells na what’s my daughter in law’s name. 

Raj & Raman :- ( suspicious look ) tell na Manik.

Everyone starts forcing manik to say the girl’s name. 

Ma :- ( rubbing his neck ) ummm…..maa I can’t tell you.

Nyo :- ( narrowed eyes ) why?

Ma :- ( pleading ) maa please. Understand naa.

Al :- but why?

Ca :- ( narrowed eyes ) ok, so just show us her pic. 

Muk :- yes, cabir is right. Show us her pic.

Ma :- please guys don’t force me…….I can’t tell you about her…….

Raj & Raman :- ( suspicious looks ) but why?  

Dhr :- is everything alright buddy? You are not telling her name or not even showing her picture to us.

Ma :- yes, everything is alright buddy. But please trust me when the right time comes I will tell you guys everything about us. And bring her here too. 

Raj & Raman :- ( Sarcastic ) hahaha trust you…………. 

Nyo and Ishita both made bad faces seeing their husbands behaving weirdly. But they ignored it because it’s common for them. 

Ma :- ( pleading ) please maa try to understand me. Wait for some time.

Nyonika melts seeing her son’s pleading. Every mother melts in front of their child so why not she?

Nyo :- ok, right now I am letting this matter go but you must tell me all this as soon as possible. Ok?

Ma :- ok. I promise. 

Manik smiles seeing  THE NYONIKA MANOYING ABHIYAN (mission) successful. He knows that his mother is the easy target to get out from this situation.

Raj gives an irritating look to his wife seeing her melting down in minutes in front of their son. Because if she stays in her angry mood so it became easy for him to make Manik spill all the beans.

Raj :- but nyo..

Nyo :-  ( authoritatively ) raj, I  trust him. I know my manu can’t do anything wrong. If he is not saying anything then there is surely some strong reason behind it. And I don’t want any more discussion on this topic.

Raman makes a bad face and glares Raj as if saying ” why is your wife so sensitive? “. He too knows that if she stays quiet for some more time then Manik will surely spill everything. Raj mouthed a virtual sorry to him. Still he tries to change anyone’s mind which is next to impossible.

Ram :- nyonika listen to m….

But this time Ishita cut him in mid mercilessly. 

Ish :- ( authoritative ) Raman, nyo said right. And I too don’t want any more discussion on this. THE COURT IS ADJOURN .

Raj & Raman :- ( low voice ) do we have any respect?

Nyo :- ( narrowing eyes ) Did you guys say something?

Nandini who is sitting quietly and watching everything heard her father or future father in law’s question and replied to nyo still looking at her fathers.

Nan :- NOO, nyo maa they didn’t say anything.

She emphasizes on NOO as if replying to her father’s question. On which both friends make shocked faces.

Nyo :- ( turn towards Ishita ) ishi let’s go into the kitchen and make some delicious lunch for them because it’s almost lunch time. 

Ca :- ( excitedly ) wohoooo…… Thank you aunty. I am really hungry and need delicious food.  But first tell me the menu first.

Nyo :- ( smiles and ruffles manik’s hair ) today I will cook manik’s favourite dishes.

Ca :- ( bad face ) but why aunty? Why are you giving him special treatment?

Nyo :- because today he gave me the world’s best news telling me about his relationship. Now I don’t have any tension to find a girl for him.

Ca :- ( giving a smirking look to Manik) Thank god aunty at least he tells you about his relationship. Nahi toh he directly came to you by holding  8 years baby’s hand and said maa see he is my baby, you are his grandmother and she is my wife.

Ma :- ( gritting his teeth in anger ) cabir……

Fab4 having smirks on their faces. Abhi and navya hide their giggles. The fathers are in their own world. But among everyone there is one person who is having different emotions. Which is none other than Nandini who is thinking the same and imagining this in real life. First she makes a horrified face and later blushes imagining a beautiful future with manik. She palm her face while biting her nails.

All of her gestures are noticed by Manik and his dad and future dad in law. He bites his lower lip exactly knowing what is running in her mind. Whereas both dads again share a look but this time they are getting some clear picture in mind. 

Nyo :- ( to Manik ) what cabir?…..haa …… He is saying right…… 

Ma :- maa why are you taking his talks seriously. This won’t happen ever. you are going to be the first person who gets to know about my baby.

Nyo :- ( excited ) really. 

Al :- maa he is not married yet and you are dreaming about him having a child. 

Ca :- so, what? A man can have a baby before marriage and a woman can get pregnant before marriage. So Manik too can make his girl pregnant before marriage there is no doubt.

Nandini widened her eyes on his brother’s adult talks. Manik smiles brightly seeing her blushing. She is continuously looking down and is not able to make eye contact with him. 

Ma :- ( smirking ) you are gonna regret it cabir. 

Manik bites his lower lip and gives a smirk to the cabir. Whereas cabir is clueless about everything. He doesn’t know that the girl he is talking about is his sister only. Abhimanyu hit Cabir’s head and shot glares at him. 

Abhi :- don’t you know bachhi is sitting here. She is small to understand all these things. Keep your mouth shut infront of her. 

Ca :- ohh yaa, sorry bhai. Nandini closes your ears.

Nandini pouts while listening to them. Whereas manik makes a bad face hearing possessive yet very protective brothers of his love. He rolled his eyes and wanted to grab their heads and banged it in the wall but controlled himself.

Ma :- ( irritated ) Abhi I know that cabir has nothing in his head except some shit but you have a brain. Then, why don’t you use it and understand that your bachhi is not a bachhi anymore. 

Ish :- yaa, manik is right, abhi. She is a 21 years old girl and a doctor too. She knows all about these biological facts. 

Ca :- is it true Nandini?

Nandini noads her head in yes and pouts cutely. 

Abhi :- tch….. Why did you choose science ?

Ram :- shut up you both it’s her choice. And the most important thing is she is not a baby she is 21 years old but still she is a baby. 

Ishita murthy who is celebrating some time before like finally her husband understood that their daughter is not a child anymore but frowns again hearing her husband’s further statement. She gives him a ” he can’t change ”  look. 

Muk :- ( confused ) what’s this means dad ?

Manik rolls his eyes again knowing that this is gonna be a difficult task for him to manofy her family about their relationship. He looks towards Nandini who gives him a sympathetic look. 

Nav :- guys, we are here to discuss manik’s love life.

Ish :- ( irritated )  you guys do whatever you want to do. I am going to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Nyo too accompanied her. Raj and Raman too move towards raj and nyo’s bedroom to discuss their suspicions or doubts. Leaving Manik in between hungry wolves who are ready to pounce on him.

Younger gang smirks towards Manik who gulps his saliva and wipes his sweat from his forehead. Nandini is standing behind Manik and biting her nails out of tension. She knows that it’s manik’s punishment and she can’t do anything. 

Before Manik could do anything he received a slap on his right cheek from abhi. 

Ma :- ouch!!  It hurts yr.

Abhi :- ohh really?  ( Manik noads and abhi gives him sarcastic grin ) isliye hi toh mara.

Before Manik recovers from this slap, he again receives a slap from Dhruv which shocks him to the core. 

Ma :- ( shocked ) buddy you?

Dhr :- yes me, Manik.

Mukti, navya and Alya come forward and pull his hair, making him yell in pain. 

Ma :- ahhhh……. Chodo ….. leave me you chudails ….

Listening to chudail mukti pulls his hair more strongly. Much to his relief Nandini comes forward to save him from these three dabang girls who’re in their lady chulbul Pandey’s Avatar.

Nan :- ( worriedly ) guys leave him. It’s hurting him.

Na :- noo Nandini it’s his punishment for keeping his relationship secret. 

Nan :- ( worriedly ) but you guys would make him bald.

Nandini’s worried eyes and concern for Manik is noticed by Raj and Raman who are standing upstairs and noticing everything.

Ma :- ( yelling in pain ) ahhh…. Please leave me sisters. 

Seeing him pleading, girls leave him and move aside to give a way to cabir.

Cabir moves forward towards Manik. Whenever Cabir takes a step towards Manik, he also takes a step backwards.

Cabir comes forward and stands in front of Manik while rubbing his both hands together excitedly and giving him a smirk.

Ma :- cabirrrrrr….. You are my soul brother naaa……You are my soulmate. You know how much I love you. 

Ca :- naa naa I don’t know how much you love me?  But I know one thing, how much do you want to kill me?

Ma :- ( low voice ) right !!

Ca :- awww apne kuch kaha mere jay, mere arjun, mere samba.

Everyone makes a bad face seeing his drama but Nandini is biting her nails and prays for Manik’s well being. 

To be continued…………..

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