Cabir came and stood in front of Manik. He gave a strong punch to his left eye making him yell in pain.

Everyone gasps but there’s one girl who has slight tears in her eyes. She is none other than Nandini. She wipes her tears and stands in front of Manik hiding him behind. 

Ma:- ( painfully ) ahhhhhh…… Salle, kutte, Mote, radio ki aulad ( radio’s baby )

Ca:- ( shocked ) kyaa…. Radio…what !!

Nan:- Bhai, stop please. It’s hurting him.

Ca:- ( angrily ) nandu moves aside. 

Nan:- No… Bhai it’s enough. You guys already gave him enough punishment. Now back off!!

Abhi:- Bachi, is right guys.

Everyone agreed with Nandini and Abhi.

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) oh thank you so much guys for understanding me. I wonder, what happens when I will make you guys meet her?

Ca:- ( authoritatively )  Manik say sorry!! 

Ma:- Chal hatt kutey !!! Go away before I beat you.

Nan:- Manik….. Stop it!

Ma:- arey!!! Main toh kab se shant ho tumhara Bhai hi violence Kar Raha hai. ( arey, I am silent for so long……your brother is the one who is violenting )

Al:- leave this topic here only. Don’t forget that we have an engagement function the day after tomorrow and we have to make arrangements for it.

Mu:- oh yaa! It’s my allu’s ( Alya’s ) engagement.

Ca:- ( to Dhruv ) I am so excited about your engagement with my compact powder.

Al + Dhr:- ( angrily ) cabirrrr…

Al:- leave him guys let’s go in my room. 

Everyone moves towards Alya’s room leaving Nandini and Manik behind. Manik too walks towards his room but before going he gestures to Nandini, to come behind him. She nods her head in understanding.

Here, Raj and Raman are still standing in their previous position. They noticed everything about how Nandini came forward to save Manik and the tears in her eyes seeing him in pain. But the last gesture of Manik’s was unnoticed by them much to Manik’s relief. Seeing them leaving they also move towards their room to complete their discussion which they left in mid. 

Manik comes inside his room and closes the door but doesn’t lock it because he knows that Nandini would come anytime. He moves inside the washroom to wash his face and looks at his reflection in the mirror. He shouts as soon as his subconscious mind registered his appearance. 

He has a dark black patch on his left eye. The creation of MR. CABIR MURTHY.

Ma:- ( angrily ) ahh… Cabir I won’t leave you this time. I will make you a beggar.

He removed his shirt and kept it aside and washed his face. After washing he stood straight and started wiping his face cursing the cabir in every breath. 

At the same time, Nandini came inside his room to find the room empty. She directly moves inside the washroom because she knows that he must be in and saw him washing his face. 

Nan:- ( with a disbelieving look ) Sometimes I think that you love cabir Bhai more than me. Because you take his name more than mine. Tell me one thing, are you sure about your sexuality?

Ma:- ( irritated ) yarrr… Nandini not you, please. See what your brother did to my face. ( Complaining her as a child does to his mother )

Nandini moves towards him and checks his eye. Seeing the perfect opportunity he grabbed her waist and pulled her completely towards him.

Nan:- Manik….what are you doing? Let me do my work.  

Ma:- ( not interested ) what I am doing?…. You do your work and I am doing mine. ( Placing  his long fingers on her waist under her top )

Nandini is not able to concentrate on her work. His long fingers creating havoc inside her. Manik looks at her intently and bites his lower lip seeing her getting affected by his touches. He moves his fingers upwards and roams them on her tummy making her shut her eyes in pleasure. Not able to control herself, she moves back. Now, she is stuck between him and the washbasin slab.

Manik moves towards her, decreasing the gap between them. He hands her the towel and commands lovingly. 

Ma:- Nandini, wipe my body. 

Nandini’s eyes shot open. She looks at him in shock. He gives her a cute innocent smile. She knows he is not as innocent as he shows himself but still she took the towel from his hand.

Nandini starts wiping his body with full concentration. Manik is continuously staring at her, making her weak. She moves the towel on his neck avoiding his gaze. He gives her complete access to his neck by tilting his head backward.

Now, she moves the towel on his chest line after wiping his collarbone which has very few water droplets on it. His bare chest made her out of control. She moves her hands on his newly built abs.

Feeling her soft feather-like hands on his body Manik closed his eyes to soak her presence. She doesn’t know how much he missed these types of cozy moments when she was in London.

Not able to control herself anymore she kept the towel aside and nuzzled in his neck making him go crazy with their proximity. She placed a wet open-mouth kiss on his throat.

Then she moved downwards and placed her lips on his collarbone and gave a nice dark hickey there. He tightens his hold on her waist feeling her soft lips on his body while a soft moan escapes from his mouth. 

Ma:- ahhhh… Nandini……….

Listening to her name from his mouth Nandini comes out from her romantic zone and starts blushing. Seeing her blush, Manik kisses her cheeks tightly making her cheeks redder.

When they both are romancing here, their fathers are sitting in an adjacent room. Raj is royally relaxing on one of the rocking chairs with closed eyes. Whereas Raman is moving here and there with a tensed look and blabbering one thing again and again. 

Ram:- ( back facing raj ) I am sure there is something between Manik and Nandini. Don’t you notice that wink and Nandini’s concern for Manik?

Getting no reply he turns towards raj to see him relaxing. 

Ram:- ( angrily ) Here I am tense and you are relaxing. Great!! ……. Kaisa dost hai tu.

Raj:- Why are you reacting like that? I am happy for them. I like my son’s choice. Don’t take tension. I will keep Nandini like my daughter, not like my daughter-in-law. ( dreamily ) They both look so good together. No.?

Ram:- ( still angry ) here, I am thinking why they are hiding their relationship from us and you are seeing dreams with open eyes. 

Raj:- ( lost in his dreamland ) Don’t take tension. I am ready for this alliance. Miya biwi Razi to kya karega Kazi. When Nyonika will get to know this…… she will be the most excited soul among us. She loves Nandini a lot. I am happy that my son chose her as his wife. They are like matches made in heaven. Hai na samdhi Ji …..

He is continuously blabbering not knowing what effects this is having on Raman. 

Ram:- ( sarcastically ) Haan Ji samdhi Ji…

Raman held his hand and dragged him towards Manik’s room.

Raj:- Why are you taking me to Manik’s room?

Ram:- to get the answers to our questions. 

Without knocking he dragged him inside to find the empty room. Both frowned but suddenly heard Manik’s moan from inside the washroom. They gasped hearing a moan. Raj held his hand this time and dragged him towards a corner from where no one could see them. Raman is in a shocked zone and his both hands are on his mouth imagining the situation inside the washroom. He composed himself and yelled at raj but in a low voice so that no one could hear him except raj. 

Ram:- what is your son doing with my daughter inside the washroom?

Raj:- ( proudly ) romancing.

Ram:- ( shocked seeing him saying this proudly ) really?? For god’s sake, your son is inside the washroom with my daughter alone. 

Raj:- So what are you expecting? He should take you inside too.

Ram:- ( frustrated ) If he does anything to my daughter then mark my words, Malhotra. I won’t spare him.

He doesn’t know that this time Manik is nowhere at fault. His daughter is the one who lost her control.

Raj:- I am not scared of you. 

Ram:- I won’t accept this alliance. 

Raj:- ( coolly ) ok, no problem. I will kidnap your daughter and make her marry Manik. I have one more idea: why not help them in running away? Or the last one, I exchange the groom on Nandini’s wedding day and make her marry Manik. Cool naa??

Before Raman beat him both heard the door opening sound and they hid. They see Manik coming out bare chest while carrying Nandini in bridal style. Nandini’s face is not visible because she hides her face in Manik’s neck out of shyness on the stunt she pulled sometime back. 

Manik makes her sit on the bed and he too sits beside her. Without saying anything Nandini picked up the ice bag which she bought with herself and started giving him a nice ice pack on his left eye.

Manik holds her waist again and pulls her towards himself unaware of the two pairs of eyes which are witnessing all this. One is seeing this with adoration in his eyes and the other is seeing them shockingly.

They come out of their zone after hearing Nandini’s giggles. Raj pulls Raman and takes him out of the room without creating any noise. 

Raj:- I know they are looking too adorable together but it’s wrong to see anyone’s romance live.

Ram:- ( mockingly ) so we can see the highlight version of romance like cricket matches?

Raj:- tch… Why are you going on my words? Just try to feel my emotions. 

Ram:- emotions my foot!!  Move aside, I want to go inside. 

Raj pulls him again and takes him inside his room. 

Raj:- I won’t let you ruin my son’s romantic life.

Raman sits on the bed tiredly.

Ram:- this is confirmed that they are in a relationship. Now we have to know the reason behind this secret relationship. 

Both the friends nod in determination to know the truth behind all this. Now, they are ready to turn Manik’s peaceful life upside down. 

To be continued ……..

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