18. BAD DAY!!

Parking lot

Fab4 is standing there in shock and seeing Manik’s car which is going far away from them.

Muk :- ( angrily ) ek kaam nahi hota is mote se. You are a useless creature on this earth, cabir.

Cabir makes a shocked face not because she is calling him a creature but because she called him MOTA ( fatty ).

Ca :- muku……

Al :- ( angrily ) shut up cabir. mukti is right, you are useless. Can’t you hold him strongly? See…. he ran away naa.

Dhr :- ( angrily ) cabir, if he doesn’t come in our hold na then I will make you eat mukti’s handmade food for the rest of your life.

Ca :- ( scared ) Dhruv, you also ….

Muk :- shut up, let’s go behind him before he goes out of our hold.

Rests gives their consent and moves towards their car and zooms out chasing Manik’s car.

Manik reaches his home and sees a totally different scene which he is n’t even expecting. Seeing the scene he gulps his saliva in nervousness.

Sometime back, Malhotra couple is seating together and watching a live press conference of FAB5. Seeing Manik’s confession both are shocked and waiting for him to come back.

Manik comes inside to see his mom is walking here and there in anger and his dad is trying to calm her down.

Nyo :- shut up raj, you see how easily he confessed his love in front of the media. Then why, WHY…… he can’t tell anything to us.

Before Raj replies, nyo cuts him in mid.

Nyo :- haa…. Kya hum usse mana karte. ( do we deny his choice )  Don’t………. Right?  we will support him. We did support him in his every decision. Then..

Raj :- na…..

She again cut him in mid.

Nyo :- nahi naa. Then why did he hide this from us? And what he said, ” we both have been dating each other for so long”.( imitating him ) Let him come, I will make him….

Nyonika stopped in mid seeing Manik who is all ready to run away from there. She shouts his name on the top of her tone.

Nyo :- MANIK …..

Manik seeing his mother angry, made his mind go back. He moves towards the gate to go out. But stopped in mid hearing nyonika’s shout. He cursed himself because he got caught and smiled sheepishly while turning towards her. Suddenly he received a cushion on his face which was thrown by his father.

Raj :- ( sarcastic ) welcome back my son. We were waiting for you only.

But Raj’s sarcastic comment doesn’t have any effect on him because he is continuously staring at his mother who is standing in front of him with a broomstick in her hand.

Ma :- ( sings ) maa meri maa….. Mumma ohh maaa………….

Manik sings to melt his mom’s anger which always works from childhood but right now it failed miserably.

At the same time fab4 too comes and stands behind Manik. Cabir came forward and kept his right hand on manik’s shoulder.

Ca :- tch tch tch ….. Dhruv woh kounsa gaana tha .

Dhruv makes a confused face and the cabir is acting as if thinking something.

Ca :- ohh haa, yaad aaya. ( And he sings ) allah bachey ISKI jaan ke Razia Gundon Mein Phas Gayi…….

Nyo :- ( angrily ) cabir move back. It’s between me and my son. Raj you too move back. I will deal with him first.

Cabir moves back immediately not wanting the first slap from her.

Raj :- nyo mai toh pahale se hi piche hoo. ( nyo, i am already behind you )

Saying this he looks at nyonika and receives a strong angry glare from her.

Nyo :- it’s not a joke MR. MALHOTRA. Keep your mouth shut until I ask you to talk.

Seeing his wife’s anger, Raj keeps his finger on lips immediately. Seeing angry nyonika fab4 too keeps fingers on their lips.

Nyonika stands in front of his son still holding a broom in her hand. Manik is moving backwards seeing nyonika advancing towards him but stopped in mid seeing her angry glare.

Nyo :- soo, MR. MANIK MALHOTRA is in love. Right ?

Ma :- ( stammers ) aa….ma…

No words are coming out of his mouth.

Nyo :- speak up MR. MALHOTRA.

Ma :- YES……

Nyo :- since when?

Ma :- ( again stammers ) aa….

Nyo :- I swear MR. MALHOTRA if you stammer one more time then, see what i can do with you?

Ma :- ( scared ) from last 5 to 7………

Everyone thinks that he is talking about days or months.

Nyo :- I need a proper answer.

Ma :- ( gulps his saliva and says in a low voice ) from the last 8 years.

Everyone gasped listening to him. Nyonika went into her shocked zone.

Raj :- ( coughs ) what??…. 8 years. E.I.G.H.T. Wala 8 !! ( He spells each alphabet clearly )

Manik simply noads and everyone gasps again. 

When the cabir hears his confession he faints and falls down in a very dramatic way. But no one noticed him falling down because everyone is in their own land.

Everyone comes out in their senses hearing Navya’s loud shout. Who comes inside with Murthys after watching Manik’s interview. She comes inside and kneels down beside Cabir and pats his cheeks to wake him up. Seeing navya patting his cheeks, only then everyone noticed cabir’s fainted body lie there. Everyone moves towards him to check him.

Na :- hey… Matarani!!!  What happened to my cabir?

Abhi :- calm down navya he just fainted nothing serious. Manik helped me to carry him.

Manik and Dhruv too come forward to lift him. They lifted him and laid him down on the sofa. Alya goes inside the kitchen to bring water to sprinkle on him.

When here Everyone is tensed seeing cabir’s fainted figure. But our very own Manik malhotra is talking to his girlfriend through eyes and making baby faces to melt her.

Ma :- baby please , save me from them. Please they all make my bharta.

Nan :- how can I help you Manik? I am helpless.

Ma :- please don’t say like that you are my last hope Nandini. You just need to stop fab4 from beating me. Rest I will see. Please save me from these dusht prani.

Nan :- ok….i will try.

Manik smiles brightly.

Alia sprinkles water on cabir’s face. Cabir comes to his senses and sees everyone hovering over him.

Nan :- at least gives him space to breathe.

Listening to her, everyone moves back.

Ish :- are you fine cabir?

Ca :- yes … Mom, don’t take tension. I am fine.

Nyo :- this happened only because of one person. ( Seeing Manik through narrowing eyes )

Ma :- ( hawed face ) mom, what I did?

Nyo :- ( sarcastically ) no you did nothing. You are my saint son.

Nyonika moves towards him and Manik hides himself behind Nandini because right now she is the only one who can save him.

Ma :- please Nandini save me.

Nyo :- Nandini you move aside.

Nan :- nyo maa please calm down. Let’s sit first, then we will talk about this.

Ca :- yes, Nandini is saying right. And I want many answers from him.

Everyone Settles down and makes Manik seats in the middle.

Ram :- so, devi aur sajjano. Shuru karte h Manik malhotra’s question answered round one.

Raj :- ( bad face ) abe yr….. Iska actor ka bhoot kab uttrega. Nyo give me this broom. I need to teach Raman a good acting lesson.

Nyo :- Raj for some time, will you stay quiet?

Raj noads still glaring Raman. Raman raised his eyebrows asking ” what?”

Raj :- I will see you later, but first focus here.

Cabir starts his questionnaire.

Ca :- question no.1…. MR. MALHOTRA. You said that you have been dating a girl for the last 8 years. Is it really true?

Manik feels like he is sitting in the hot seat of kaun banega crorepati. Because they are asking questions from him and all their focus is only on him.

Nyo :- we have no problem from that but why don’t you tell us before?

Manik kneels down in front of nyonika and holds her both hands.

Ma :- mom, I have no intention to hide anything from you. But at that time she was too small for these types of things. I want to give us some time to understand each other. I don’t want to become a hurdle in her career that is why I kept it a secret from everyone. I love her a lot. If you know her na then you will also love her.

Everyone saw a different kind of emotion when he was talking about his girl. Nandini is seeing him with love filled eyes.

Ish :- ( kept her hand on his head ) Manik, the girl to whom you love is truly lucky.

Ma :- no aunty I am lucky to have her in my life.

Saying this he looked towards Nandini and winked. But to his bad luck someone noticed this.

To be continued ………..

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