A new day with new hope and adventure.  

Manik is working in his cabin when he hears a knock on his door without looking up from the laptop he said in an authoritative tone. 

Ma :- come in.

Manik’s PA came inside to tell him about his schedule for today. Manik looks up from his laptop to see who it is.

Ma :- ( bossy tone ) yes, chetan?

Che :- sir, today you have a meeting with RJ INDUSTRIES and after that you also have 2 line-up meetings. And at last you have your recording too for the next romantic song.

Ma :- ok, I will attend the meeting with RJ INDUSTRIES. Postponed the Rest two meetings for tomorrow I need to leave early for the recording. 

Che :- but sir I can’t postpone it. 

Ma :- ( with lip tight smile ) may I know why?

Che :- sir because you have an album launch and press conference tomorrow.

Ma :- ohh yaa….  I forgot this. Ok so I will attend all the meetings today itself.

Che :- ok sir, I will make the necessary arrangements for the meetings.

Manik gave his answer in a simple noad. After receiving the confirmation Chetan is going  out from the cabin but stops after listening to Manik.

Ma :- chetan , fixed my meeting with ARJUN, today.

Che :- ( with confusion ) who arjun, sir?


Che :- ohh… sir, but today!!…. you don’t have time for this. You have back to back meetings.

Ma :- I don’t know anything, I need to meet him. It’s important. 

Che :- but sir …

He is going to say something but Manik cut him in mid.

Ma :- ( bossy tone ) you can leave now. 

This is the clear indication for Chetan to leave his boss cabin right now and do as he says.

After attending all his meetings Manik came back in his cabin followed by his pa.

Che :- sir now, you have to leave for your recording after that you have a dinner meet with DSP arjun in ABC restaurant.

Ma :- ( confused ) dinner meet …. Why?

Che :- sir because you are free on that time only. 

Ma :- ( understanding ) ok, good work chetan ( gives him little smile )

Che :- thank you sir.

If Manik knows how to behave with employees to get his work done, then he also knows how to appreciate their work. That’s why all his employees respect him from their hearts. This is the quality which he learns from his jaan, his Nandini.

After completing all his important stuff he leaves for his recording. He reached the FAB5 jam room and met Everyone. They discussed their last song and started their practice one last time before recording it.

They completed their recording and discussed tomorrow’s album launch and press conference. After discussing it for about 1 hour they come to a conclusion that they will reveal about alya and Dhruv’s engagement in the press meet. 

After this all goes towards their home. Manik informed Alya that he is going for another meeting and have dinner with his client only.

Manik reached ABC restaurant to have his last meeting of the day. His PA already booked a table for him. When he moves inside, the manager recognises him and leads him the way towards his table. 

Reaching his table he settled down and at the same time ARJUN came and greeted him.

Arjun Baweja

DSP of Mumbai police and a friend of Manik.

Ar :- Good evening Mr. MALHOTRA. Sorry for being late.

Ma :- ( shake hands with him ) Good evening MR. BAWEJA. It’s all right, I too came just now.

Both settled down and ordered their dinner before starting their conversation. After ordering, Manik starts the conversation.

Ma :- Mr. BAWEJA …

But Stop in mid because of Arjun.

Ar :- Don’t be so formal Manik.

Ma :- ( Manik noads his head ) see arjun I don’t like to hide behind the bush. I came here to know about my case. What about it ?  It’s been 7 months you are working on it and till now you don’t have any lead.

Ar :- Manik we are working on it,  but he got underground that’s why we are not able to trace him.

Ma :- how much time it will take?

Ar :- Don’t know …. But I have a plan. So that he will come out of his shell.

Ma :- what’s the plan?

At the same time the waiter came there with their dinner. Seeing him both stopped in mid.  He placed their dinner on the table and left. Both start their dinner while continuing their discussion.

Ma :- so, what’s the plan ? Arjun

Ar :- you have to confess that you are dating someone and are really in love with her.

Manik gave him a confused look.

Ma :- why?

Ar :- see, if you do that, his sister will surely come out and she will try to communicate with him. And we will keep an eye on you so that whenever she comes, we will trace her.

Ma :- but it’s too risky Arjun. What if she will try to kill my love?

Ar :- I know it’s risky. But who told you to enclose her identity.

Ma :- ( after understanding ) ohhh, that means you want me to confess that I am dating someone but her identity should be hidden.

Ar :- yes… but you should be very careful about it. Because no one should know about your girl.

Ma :- I will make sure of that. By the way, nice idea.

Ar :- ( bowing down in dramatic manner ) thank you sir.

Both laugh at this. After completing their dinner both left towards their home. 

Manik reached his home . He parked his car and moved inside. He steps inside to see his parents are sitting in the living room. He smiles knowing why they are here at this late. He moved towards them and laid down keeping his head in his mother’s lap.

Ra :- is this the time to reach home Manik. I already told you to spare some time for your family too.

Ma :- dad it was an urgent meeting. 

Ra :- I know Manik . But you have to learn to keep your personal and professional life separate. You have to give your time to your family too.

Nyo :- Manik, Raj is right. You have to learn to give your time to your family. I know work is important but family is more important than anything. If we lose money, we can earn it again, but if we lose family we can’t get that back.

Manik noads his head in acknowledgement. Raj smiles and kisses his forehead with affection.

Ra :- I know my son would understand. Ok so let’s go to sleep, I am very tired.

Ma :- dad why you stay awake for me? Even mom you too, why you both waste your time while waiting for me.

Nyo :- chup!! How can I sleep when I know my son is not at home?

Ra :- even i am your dad, I too have a heart. I am also worried when you don’t reach home on time.

( I read in many stories that mothers always wait for their kids. Why didn’t father do so? Even fathers love their kids too. But he never shows it.🤗 That’s why I want to show something like this )

Manik thanks Nandini’s aiyappa in mind because he gave him lovely parents. He stood up and hugged both of them.

Ma :- ( cutely ) why you guys are so sweet? I love you so soo much. 

Ra + nyo :- I love you too my baby ……

Ma :- ahhh…. I am not a baby. 

Ra :- you are always our baby, even if  you have your baby in your arms.

Manik became emotional listening to this and kissed Raj’s cheek.

Ra :- ( rubs his cheek where he kissed him ) hey…. You are not that small.

Both mother and son laugh at Raj’s irritated face. Raj smiles too seeing both mother and son duo laughing .

To be continued ……….

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