Everyone moves towards the table and is going to settle down but stops after listening to the loud painful shouts. They all came towards the stairs from where the sounds came and what they saw made their eyes wide. Because the ongoing scene is not less than a wrestling match. They came out from their shocked zone after listening to one more painful shout.

The voice is of none other than manik’s, who received a punch on his left cheek from cabir.

Ma :- auchhh……….. 

He too punched him on his stomach as revenge.

Ca :- ahhh……… Main tujhe chodunga nahi ( i will not leave you )

Saying that he grabbed his collar, Manik too grabbed his collar, angrily. And both start fighting like cat and dog but it’s really difficult to know who is the dog and who is the cat among them.

Ca :- leave me …. You…….

Ma :- you leave my collar first………

Ca :- ( angrily ) you…..

Again they started their fight. Downstairs everyone is looking at them continuously. Youngsters are enjoying the fight whereas elders give disbelief looks to each other. Because this is a regular scene for them. 

Ma :- I curse you, wherever you go to eat burger or pizza the store will close in front of your eyes. And you will die starving. 

Ca :- you are not any Saint Malhotra, that whatever you say will become true.

Ma :- ( angrily ) you….. Leave my collar murthy.

Ca :- you first leave my collar Malhotra. 

Ma :- ( glaring him ) murthy

Ca :- ( glares him too ) Malhotra

Downstairs the people who are watching this drama are getting bored with their continuous murthy Malhotra game. They want some more dialogues and punches.

Nan :- ( getting annoyed ) improve your dialogues, guys…. The drama is getting boring.

Ishita smacked her head because she is encouraging them to fight more instead of stopping them.

Nan :- ( winced in pain ) mumma….. Everyone wants this, not only me. 

Saying this she looks at the younger gang who nods while agreeing with her. 

Ra :- are they 2 years old?

Ram :- they both are stupid,  is this their age to fight. Look at them, is this the way to fight?

Ish :- ( mockingly ) look who’s saying? The one who fights just like this.

Raj and Raman both narrowed their eyes on her but she ignored it. Younger gang tries hard to stop their giggles but fails miserably.

While upstairs the fight took a very nasty step. Manik lifts a flower vase from the side table and just goes to throw it on the cabir.

Ca :- ( scared ) oye…… Kya kar raha h pagal ho gaya hai kya? ( What are you doing ? Have you gone mad ? ) This vase will destroy my pretty face, then how will I face chintu, mintu or pinky?

Ma :- ( confused ) who are they? Chintu, mintu, pinky. 

Ca :- mere hone wale bache. ( my soon to be kids )

Hearing this everyone looks at navya with different emotions. Seeing their looks she gritted her teeth in annoyance and said to manik which he ignores royally.

Nav :- manik, bang this vase on his head. 

Ma :- ( angrily, to cabir ) tu toh gaya… ( you are gone…..) 

Having enough of the fight, Nyonika shouts, bringing both of them to earth. 

Nyo :- ( angry )  mr. Malhotra and mr. Murthy if you two want to have food then go and come back within 5 minutes after washing your not so handsome faces. And not to forget to clear this mess which you guys created.  Remember this clearly only 5 minutes after that no food for the whole day.

Both of them nodded like obedient students and ran inside the room to get fresh after placing the flower vase neatly on its previous place. Rest moves towards the dining table because angry nyonika is too dangerous to handle and they don’t want any kind of scolding from her.

After 4 minutes and 54 seconds, Manik and cabir come towards the dining table and settle down beside each other.  Both of them were huffing badly because of running.

Ma :- ( looking towards Nandini and trying to act surprised ) hey…., Nandini what a pleasant surprise. When did you come ?

Nan :- ( sarcastically )  when you both are fighting. I thought that today only one will stay alive either you or bhai. ( Fake sadness )  But my bad luck.

Ra :- awww ….. My princess no problem, better luck next time .

Manik and cabir make horrified faces listening to the dangerous duo of the family. Everyone laughs at their expressions.

Everyone stops laughing after seeing nyo and Ishita. Who is coming from the kitchen holding a bowl.

Nyonika came towards Manik and took one ice cube from the bowl and rubbed it on his left cheek which got a little swollen. Ishita too did the same with cabir .

Ca :- auch…. Maa, slowly it’s painful. 

Is :- ( slaps on the same cheek ) where will this pain go before? when you both were fighting like mad bulls. 

Ca :- maa , I didn’t do anything. It’s him who first punched me.

Ma :- ohh…. Ya…. really cabir? Who kicked my ass first? 

Ca :- So what should I do? you are not getting up.

Ma :- so this is the way to wake up anyone from his slumber. 

Ca :-  ( sarcastically ) so what should I do, kiss your lips to wake you up from your sleep.( Acting like a girl ) ohh, baby get up how much you will sleep it’s too late. ( Coming back to his usual self )  Dude , if you are thinking this then you are highly wrong. I have a girlfriend, if I want to kiss then I would kiss her not you.

Ma :- ha ha ha ha ha , is it a joke?

Nyonika and Ishita got irritated with their fights. Both slap them hard and give the ice in their hands.

Nyo + is :- do it yourself. You both are not worth it. 

Everyone giggles seeing these two big babies who get slapped by their mothers. All of them start having their breakfast with their normal talks. In between eating Manik wants one more paratha which is kept away from him so he asks the cabir to pass it.

Ma :- cabir give me the parantha.

Cabir, who is eating his breakfast, hears Manik’s words.  But instead of giving him paratha he placed that plate more far. After placing the plate far he smirks and Manik shoots daggers at him in return.

Suddenly cabir’s gaze fell on his mother who noticed his every action. He gulped his saliva seeing his mother’s angry eyes and tried to smile but failed miserably.

Ca :- ( pass his plate to Manik aree…….Manik you are my brother, my soulmate why would you eat from another plate, have it from my plate.

This time Manik smirks knowing exactly why he is doing this. Cabir cursed him in mind seeing him smirking. 

After having a lovely breakfast everyone moves towards the living area to sit and to spend some family time.

In between Manik met Nandini formally and hugged her. For everyone this hug is just a normal thing but the intensity of the hug is only felt by Nandini. Manik quietly pressed her waist before breaking the hug. But to his dismay, Raj saw them.


Is there something between them? Something more than friendship.  The way Manik hugs her is something different from some casual friends hugs. Should I tell Raman about it? Naaa….. He would make a joke of me. 

Now, I have to keep my eye on him. What are you hiding Manik malhotra?

Raj pov. end

Everyone is sitting in the living room while chit chatting. Manik and cabir applying ice packs to each other.  

Ma :- Say sorry……….

Ca :- ( narrowed eyes ) you can also say sorry na…

Ma :- ( caressing his cheek where he gave a punch ) did it hurt?

Ca :- naa …. All is fine, it’s just a small swelling that will go away tomorrow. 

Both smiles and hugs each other. Everyone smiles seeing their friendship. This is how they behave with each other. First, they gave pain to each other and after soothe it too while pampering each other. 

To be continued ………

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