After spending some quality time together .  Manik drops her at her home and then moves towards his home.

Here , Nandini goes inside and talks with her family or rather answers their questions . Finally she told them about her plan to visit MALHOTRA’S  tomorrow . After deciding everything, everyone moves towards their rooms to get much needed sleep. 

Nandini comes inside her room and moves towards the washroom to get changed first . She came out and directly moved towards her bed and lay down. Before going into her dream land , She took her phone and dropped a good night  message to her monster.

In MALHOTRA’S house, Manik changes his clothes and neatly folds his dirty clothes and keeps it for laundry. Because the clothes are gifted by his jaan, so it should be kept in a decent manner. After placing clothes in its desired place he checks his phone to see a beautiful message from his lady love. He replied to her message by kissing emoji and went to his dreamland.


Everyone one wakes up early in the morning to go to meet Malhotra’s. They got ready and met in the living room . After glancing at each other they move towards their cars.

There is a casual holiday for all the malhotras. They  are following their daily routine except from one. Miss Malhotra is watching some news related to the fashion industry whereas junior Malhotra is in his dreamland. Senior Malhotra’s are romancing in the kitchen .

MURTHY’S reached Malhotra’s residence. They move inside to see Alya sitting on the sofa and watching the news. Nandini goes and stands behind her. She closes her  eyes with her right hand.

Alya :- who’s this ?

Nan :- ( giggling ) ALLOOOOO ….( She emphasizing on her name )

Al :- ( surprise ) nandu ….

Alya removes Nandini’s hand from her eyes and turns towards her.  She stood up and engulfs her in arms excitedly. 

Al :- tum kab aayi meri baby ( kisses her on cheeks ) ( when did you come ?, baby )

Nan :- I will tell you everything but first tell me where are senior malhotra’s?( Looking for nyo and raj, here and there )

Al :- ( giggling ) as usual in the kitchen, romancing .

Ca :- or my better half ?

Al :- ( confused ) who?

Muk :- he is talking about Manik .

Everyone gives a disbelief look to cabir .

Abhi :- there is no point in asking anything about him, cabir. He must be sleeping.

Ca :- ok….. Then I am going to wake him up .

Mukti, abhi, Alya :- ALL THE BEST !!

Nan :- ( joining hands ) I pray for you bhai, that your soul may rest in peace .

Everyone laughed hearing her, except cabir who made a not interested face. He moves towards manik’s room to wake him up and Nandini goes towards the kitchen to meet senior malhotra’s.


Nyonika stirring something in the pot which is kept on the stove. Raj is disturbing her continuously.

Nyo :- ( getting annoyed with raj ) raj……. Please stop, let me do my work.

Raj :- I am not stopping you MRS. MALHOTRA.

Nyo :- ( dragged him towards the door ) Raj get out! I am coming after preparing breakfast.

Raj freed his hands from her hold and pulled her towards him holding her waist.

Nyo :- ( shocked ) raj what are you doing? Koi aa jayega ( someone will come )

Raj :- ( trying to act cute ) ok, I will go but first give me a kiss.

Saying this he moves towards her lips. But stopped In mid when he heard the throat clearing sound.

Nandini who came into the kitchen and witnessed the adult scene which is just going to happen. She clears her throat knowingly and turns around while covering her eyes. 

Nan :- ( mischievously ) sorry ….. Sorry , you guys have 5 minutes to complete what I disturbed. After that I will turn around.

Nyonika pushes Raj away, making him stumble. She adjusts her clothes properly before saying.

Nyo :- ( stammering ) you can turn around Nandini.

Nandini turns around and glances at both of them to see a shocked raj and blushing nyonika. 

Raj gets shocked when he sees Nandini on the kitchen door. He is not able to voice out his feelings. He rubs his eyes again and again. Seeing his gestures, Nandini moved forward and jumped on them, taking both of them in her arms together. They also engulf her in their arms .

Nan :- ( little emotional ) I miss you both, so much.

Both of them go all aww on her. Raj broke the hug and kissed her forehead.

Raj :- how are you, my princess? When did you come? Did anyone come at Airport to pick you up? And how thin have you become? Don’t you have your meals properly?  ( scolding her ) you become so careless….

Raj continuously asked questions and scolded her without giving her a chance to reply. Seeing the situation, Nyonika came in between.

Nyo :- raj, please stop! At Least give her a chance to say something.

Nandini noads her head cutely.

Nan :- yess…mr.malhotra, at least  let me speak . ( After a slight pause ) I came here a day before yesterday but got some important work that is why I could not come to meet you guys. ( With narrowed eyes ) Last, the most important thing is I didn’t become thin. It’s how I maintained my sexy figure. 

Nyonika pulled her ear .

Nyo :- my sexy figure ( imitating her ) ki bachi. Wait, I will show you your sexy figure.

Raj :- ( pushing nyo’s hand away from nandini’s ear ) nyo…. Uske dard ho raha hai. ( It’s hurting her, nyo )

He caresses Nandini’s ear to lessen her pain. She smiles at his care.

Nyo :- ( disbelief look ) tum dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta. ( You both are hopeless )

Nandini giggles seeing Nyonika’s irritated expressions.

Nan :- ( teasing ) waise ( by the way )  I don’t know that you guys use the kitchen to do this type of stuff, I  thought you would like some privacy .

Raj and nyo got confused but when they came to know that Nandini referring to their almost happening  kiss both got shy and started avoiding her.

Nyo :- ( blushingly, and trying to avoid more teasing ) let’s go out, servants will prepare the remaining  breakfast.

Raj :- ( stammering ) yaa… Everyone must be waiting .

Nan :- ( giggles ) awww you both look so cute while blushing.

Saying this she pulls Raj’s cheeks.

Raj :- mera bhi time aayega. ( My time will also come )  then I will tease you.

Nandini laughs at his statement and moves out. Raj and nyo too follow her.

Whereas Everyone settles in the living room and chit chatting. Navya and Dhruv too are here because Nandini called them here.

Suddenly Raman’s gaze fell on the trio who were coming towards the living room from the kitchen. Seeing them coming this late Raman asked. 

Ram :- why did you guys take so long?

Nan :- nothing dad, just raj uncle and nyo aunty is busy in some stuff .

Raman got confused about what type of stuff.  He is going to ask about it further but stopped in mid listening to Raj’s comment. 

Raj :- don’t pressurize your brain.  Because you don’t have that much brain to understand.

Raman curses him in mind which has no effect on Raj.

Trio got settled together on the sofa and started talking with everyone. Their talks came to a halt when a servant came to tell them about the breakfast .

Everyone moves towards the table and is going to settle down but stops after listening to the loud painful shout.

To be continued ………..

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